Going Green? – A Modest Outfit Post

How many of you know the 3 word definition of “Go Green”?  For those of you who don’t, they are, “reduce, reuse and recycle.”  I am NOT a go green, save the planet, earthy type of person … but at the same time, like with any thing (good or bad), there are some good points to consider.

I am not a huge recycling person … we do save our cans and recycle them, and we save our egg cartons and give them to neighbors, who kindly fill them with eggs 🙂

Reusing?!  I think that is what we do when we shop at thrift stores 🙂  But for your info … I think it is very inconsiderate for people to give their old raggy clothes to thrift stores!  If something is old and has holes or is stained … just throw it away!  It saves people a lot of time!  When I go to thrift stores, I like to find used, LIKE NEW clothes … sometimes they even have the store tags still on them!

But the most important of the 3 “R’s” that I want to talk about is … reducing!  No, I am not a minimalist … I like to live comfortably, but my family can also tell you that I don’t keep a lot of extra stuff!  Extra things just clutter and cause more work!  Several times I have helped my siblings clear out their rooms and I will ask them, piece by piece, “Is there sentimental attachment to this —?  When is the last time you used it?  When are you planning on using it?”

Each item may require a different time frame … but most likely if you haven’t used something for months or years, you’re probably not going to need it for a long time.  If it is not an expensive item, go ahead and get rid of it!  If you need it in two years, or whatever the number is, you can probably get another!  Now, I do have to clarify … there are most definitely exceptions to this “rule”!  There are some things that are very useful but you don’t use every day, week or month!

We Americans are very spoiled.  It is the truth.  We (for the most part) love the easy, comfortable life with lots of things to keep us entertained!  Awhile back a friend posted a statistics quote on her blog and while I don’t know that it is completely accurate … there is a lot of truth for us to chew on!

Go Green - A Modest Outfit Post

And please replace the word “luckier” with “blessed”!  I do not believe in luck … we serve a big God and His love reaches to the Heavens.

Reducing and downsizing looks different for each person but as we prayerfully consider what He would have us to do, let’s remember Matthew 6:19-21, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

By the way, do you want to know what made me talk about the “go green” topic?  Ruthie’s outfit 🙂  Haha!  Every time I saw her … that’s all I could think of! 🙂

So, without any further ado!

Go Green - A Modest Outfit Post

Ruthie got this green blouse from the thrift store for $2. She has had the undershirt for a long time. Go Green - A Modest Outfit Post

She made this skirt from leftover scraps of fabric years ago.  She’s very thrifty with fabric and does a lot of sewing – you can visit her site Virginia Ann Sewing.Go Green - A Modest Outfit Post

Her green headcovering came from Israel.  You can find similar ones here. Go Green - A Modest Outfit Post

Mama’s Tex-Mex Dip Recipe

Have you ever been invited to a picnic, party, friend’s house or other gathering and wondered “what in the world should I take?”

Mama's Tex-Mex Dip Recipe

Not only is this recipe super easy to make, it tastes DELICIOUS and very rarely are there any leftovers!

Tex Mex Dip

Makes a 10″ x 14″ casserole dish

3, 16 ounce cans refried beans (if you make your own refried beans, be sure to add as little water as possible to the final mixture … you want the beans THICK!)
16 ounces sour cream
24 ounce jar mild or medium salsa (we usually use medium)
1 pound colby jack cheese, grated
1 bunch green onions, chopped
1 or 2 cans black olives, sliced
tomatoes (the amount varies on the size, maybe 1 large or 3 romas), diced

Spread refried beans across the bottom of the casserole dish.  Spoon the sour cream on top and carefully spread evenly.  Do the same with the salsa.  Spread cheese.  Sprinkle the olives, tomatoes and green onions artistically, to top off your yummy dip.  Serve with tortilla chips.

We usually eat this recipe cold but when we were at a meeting one time someone placed it in the oven and served it hot!  It was also tasty that way so you may want to experiment to see which way you prefer.

Mama's Tex-Mex Dip Recipe

A Call To Prayer And Fasting

A Call To Prayer And Fasting - Temple Mount Ascension

Many people have heard this simple child’s prayer at some point in their life.  Few seriously give much thought about a child dying in their sleep.  For Hallel Ariel, a 13 year old Israeli girl, this prayer became a reality.

A Call To Prayer And Fasting - Temple Mount Ascension

On Thursday June 30th, she was brutally stabbed to death in her sleep, by a 17 year old Palestinian  man, who jumped the fence that encircled her Israeli community.  On a side note, after living in Israel we noticed how the Israeli communities had fences around them and the Arab communities did not.  Why?  Israelis generally don’t go into Arab areas to murder innocent people. Read more

Gluten Free Pancakes And A Lilla Rose Sale!

13239928_895161857258886_7529223467470668323_n copy

How’s that for a random title? 🙂

If I had to choose one season of the year to use my flexi clips, it would be summer.  On these hot muggy days, it’s so nice to be able to get my long thick hair off my neck!

Lilla Rose is having a sale right now.  It’s been awhile since they had one!  There are a whole bunch of items that are 20-30% off.  The sale ends Wednesday June 22nd, at midnight pacific time. Read more

A Day On The Lake (Modest Swimsuit Pictures)

I have been wanting to share a post with pictures of our modest swimsuits and it just so happened that we were provided with the perfect opportunity to get some photos recently!

A Day On The Lake (Modest Swimsuit Pictures)

Our friend Silas has been visiting from Maine to work here in Tennessee during the winter/spring months and before heading back home this week, he wanted to take us to spend a day on the nearby lake.  It has been a long time since our family went out on the water and we had an absolutely wonderful time! Read more

Some Ways To Lose Your Child’s Heart

It seems that many parents are concerned about winning their child’s heart. I believe parents need to be more concerned about not losing their child’s heart.

Some Ways To Lose Your Child's Heart

A child is born with the natural instinct to see his parents as “good” and to trust them. I am sure you have noticed that when a baby is in unfamiliar or uncomfortable surroundings, his instinct is to find his parents – or to cry until he is safely in their arms. In a young child’s mind, his parents are his entire world …

The rest of this post can be found at Faith Along The Way!

Read more

Free Books On Kindle – Louisa May Alcott & Gene-Stratton Porter

Free Books On Kindle - Louisa May Alcott & Gene-Stratton Porter

It has been awhile since my last post about free Kindle books.  I had fully intended to write much sooner than this but sometimes I feel like that’s the story of my life!

I actually haven’t been reading very much lately and it has been awhile since I read these particular books, so you’re not going to get a detailed review!  After all, they’re free!!  You can delete them if you don’t like them!  But these were ones that I enjoyed reading …

An Old-Fashioned Girl – this might be my favorite Louisa May Alcott book!  It’s a story about a sweet young lady from the country who went to visit her fashionable city friends, and helped make some very positive changes in their lives and characters.  My mother is actually reading this aloud to my younger siblings right now and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed the book when I first read it!

Eight Cousins – another favorite … this one is about an orphaned girl (Rose) who came to live with her extended family, which included seven cousins who were all boys with no sisters.  The book begins with her avowal that she hated boys but she quickly learned to accept her family and became a good influence on her new friends.  This was an enjoyable read.

Rose in Bloom – this is a sequel to Eight Cousins and tells about Rose once she grows up.  It’s a good story and deals with the positive and negative aspects of character building.  And yes, she does end up getting married but I won’t tell you to whom 😉

Little Women – most people are familiar with this book, as I believe it was the author’s most widely-read publication.  I enjoyed the story but I dislike the amount of fantasy that is involved.  As I recently addressed in my Disney post, we avoid reading material that involves witches and fairies and the like, and I recall some of this content – especially when it came to plays and performances.  In a read-aloud setting, I would find it necessary to avoid these sections and I would have to read the story again to know whether it was worthwhile enough to deal with the inconvenience of “skipping parts”!

Little Men – I think I actually enjoyed this one more than Little Women!  It was an easier read and I liked the concept of providing children in need with a loving home.  The story was full of life and fun.  There was some fantasy stuff that I didn’t want to read but not nearly as much as the other book.

There are many more free books by Louisa May Alcott on Kindle but some of them I have not read and for others, I don’t remember the story line very well!  But if you search her name in the Kindle Store, you can download them for yourself.

Free Books On Kindle - Louisa May Alcott & Gene-Stratton Porter

I stumbled across Gene Stratton-Porter’s books last year, I believe, and have read a few of them.  There are multiple free ones on Kindle but some of them I didn’t care for so much, or haven’t read yet.  Here are my favorites:

A Girl of the Limberlost – this was a good story about a young lady who was fatherless and didn’t have a very good mother.  It’s a story of determination and overcoming, of love and forgiveness.

Laddie; A True Blue Story – this one is written as of from the perspective of a young girl who was maybe 10 years old?  Laddie is her older brother, of whom she is very fond, but she is the youngest of many children of a family on a farm.  The book is full of stories centered around the life of a Christian farming family in the 1800s.

Michael O’Halloran – Michael is a newspaper boy who has had to make his way in the world.  In spite of very little means, he takes in an orphaned invalid girl who was practically left to die, and this is the story of how he helped to give her a good life.  It’s an interesting and heartwarming read.

That will be all for today.  Have you read any of these books?  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!