Entering Into Sabbath – Hebrew Worship Music

Ruthie was going to share a modest outfit post today but this week has been a little busy!  My father has been working around the house, accomplishing some of the remodeling projects, and we have been tackling one of the rooms that never got any attention when we first moved in!  We’ll have to share pictures once it’s finished.

We also took a day to go out on the lake with a friend … it had been a long time since we did that and it was a very nice time.  Pictures coming soon!  All the children (except me) also spent the majority of yesterday splunking in a nearby cave!  Now we have several dogs that are about to whelp and one that had a litter of 8 this morning.  Altogether, it has been a very full week and we are looking forward to Shabbat!

The Sabbath.

Entering Into Sabbath - Hebrew Worship Music

I know that among readers, there are both some people who observe the seventh-day Sabbath and some people who don’t.  Our family has been keeping the sabbath for over 20 years and it has always been such a great blessing.  I don’t know what we would do without it! Read more

Should Christians Celebrate Passover?

It is sad to discover how many Bible believers have never celebrated the Biblical feast of Passover.

Should Christians Celebrate Passover?

The title of this post is a question: should Christians celebrate Passover?  I would love to hear how you answer it but I also want to share my answer!

One of the most common and accepted definitions of the word “Christian” is “follower of Christ”.  If we call ourselves Christians, it means that we are following in His example to the best of our abilities.  Right?

Well … did you know that He celebrated Passover? Read more

Celebrating National Shabbat

Last summer, a friend of ours in Georgia started organizing a once a month gathering called B’ney Yosef (Sons of Joseph) National Shabbat.  The vision is for Believers, especially those who believe they are grafted in and part of Israel through Yeshua (Jesus), to come together and share a meal, fellowship with one another and sing and dance together!

Celebrating National Shabbat

Psalm 133:1 says, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”  This is the foundation for these meetings.  There are so many churches, congregations, denominations, etc, out there and there is so much division over religious beliefs, etc.  The National Shabbats are organized so that people can come and fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Messiah, and not focus on our differences but rather on the thing that ties us all together …. and that is Yeshua!

Last August we were blessed to have friends from Israel, James and Liz Block, join us.  James has some beautiful worship music – there are a few videos below and you can find more information on his website.  We highly recommend his CDs … they are a blessing! Celebrating National Shabbat

We have attended almost every meeting in Georgia since that first one last summer, and they have been such a blessing!  People come from hours away … many different states and the fellowship is so sweet!

The meetings have not been limited to Georgia though – people have hosted gatherings in South Carolina, Texas and Arizona … and there are other locations being planned and scheduled across the United States.

With the Rambo family from South Carolina – it has been a blessing to get to know them!Celebrating National Shabbat

Our family was actually asked to lead worship at the gathering in South Carolina on Shabbat two weeks ago!  It was so awesome to see a couple hundred people get up and dance together around the building!  It was also a miracle that we were able to participate, since many of us were getting over the flu and we certainly were not feeling up to par!

If you would like to see more videos, please visit my YouTube channel.

I just wanted to give you a little taste of what we do once a month, and I also wanted to invite any of you who are in the area to come join us sometime!  If you aren’t local, you can check out the website to see if there will be any events in your area.

Celebrating National Shabbat

The National Shabbats are an awesome time of worship and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Messiah and we would love for you to join us.  Even if you don’t believe “like us” … that is okay!  The Father has us all in different walks of life … but we are all His children and we want to come together and worship His Holy Name!

For more information regarding upcoming gatherings and locations, or if you are interested in possibly hosting one in your area, please visit the B’ney Yosef National Shabbat website.

Have a blessed rest of the week!

Celebrating Sukkot … With The Dance (And A Linky Party!)

sukkot linky big

Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, is probably my favorite Biblical festival.  The Scriptures instruct us to dwell in booths, or temporary dwellings, for seven days to remember what the children of Israel experienced when they lived forty years in the desert.  This is also a rehearsal, so to speak, of when the Messiah returns and the whole world will be celebrating Sukkot:

And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, YHWH of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles.  And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, YHWH of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain. – Zechariah 14:16,17

For our family, Sukkot usually means a nine or ten day camping trip at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Pikeville, TN.  We love to join other friends, brothers and sisters in Messiah, for a week of camping, fellowshipping and feasting.

Next week we will be celebrating the feast and we are definitely looking forward to it.  But since it is time to host another linky party, and we haven’t experienced this year’s Sukkot yet, I wanted to share a bit from previous years.

I could post so many beautiful pictures and wonderful stories (we shared some about last year’s experience here) but since I’m short on time and want to get this scheduled before I meet several puppy buyers and continue unpacking and setting up here at our new house … I will just share some videos of praise and worship dancing 🙂  These are a few from last  year and if you want to see more, you can visit Sarah’s youtube channel.

This song is totally in Hebrew but the lyrics are very beautiful and meaningful:

I believe with complete faith in the coming of the Messiah.  And even though He may tarry, nonetheless I will wait for Him.

May that be the prayer of all of our hearts!

Now, you are invited to join the linky party!  Please share any posts that are related to the Feast of Tabernacles in the linkup below.  If you don’t have a blog, please share a comment about what you and your family do for the feast!  Please also visit the other hosts to read their posts!

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Yom Kippur – The Fast And The Feast (And A Linky Party!)

fast and feast

Next week we will be observing the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.  The Bible speaks of this day as being one on which we are to afflict our souls.  The Hebrew word that is used for “soul” is nefesh, and one of the meanings of this word is “seat of appetite, emotions, passions”.  Traditionally, it is understood that to “afflict your soul” means to fast.

Our family always tries to fast on Yom Kippur.  When we children were younger, or my mother was pregnant or nursing, we would not completely fast from food but would only eat something very simple and plain.

We usually refrain from doing hobby-like activities, or things that we enjoy to do.  It is a time of prayer, meditation and self-reflection.  It is also a time to celebrate the gift of salvation through our Messiah, and that we no longer have to sacrifice animals to atone for our sins …

“… but we also joy in God through our Lord Yeshua Messiah, by whom we have now received the atonement.” – Romans 5:11

Once the day is over, we like to celebrate with a festive meal.  Last year my mother had been in Delaware caring for her mother and her flight was scheduled to come home on Yom Kippur.  Normally we would try not to travel on this day but it had already been scheduled and could not be changed.  So my siblings and I planned the menu and prepared the food – and had a great time doing it!

I would like to follow a similar menu this year … it is still tentative but this is what I’m thinking of:


Salmon and Cod – my father found some on sale so I asked him to get it for next week.  I usually bake salmon fillets with butter and lots of spices on top.  I have done something similar for cod but I may want to try something new this time.  Do you have a favorite salmon or cod recipe?  If so, please share it!


Green Bean Casserole – I made this recipe last year and it was yummy!  I am looking forward to making it again because I have been on a candida cleanse/diet for over a month, which has been strictly no-dairy.  This recipe includes a little cheese and this will be my first time to have any in quite awhile!


Roasted Potatoes or Baked Sweet Potatoes – one of our favorite ways to cook white potatoes is to cut them into small chunks and toss them with olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.  Then bake them in the oven until they’re tender and crispy.  But we may end up baking sweet potatoes instead!


Homemade Sauerkraut – have you ever made your own sauerkraut?  We do!  It is very easy, very tasty, and very good for you.  I will try to post the recipe soon.


Coconut Cream Pie – I would like to try out this recipe.  I have been using a lot of coconut on the diet since it helps fight candida, and this looks like a good and healthy option!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie – my father doesn’t care for coconut, so I plan to make this recipe for him since chocolate and peanut butter is one of his favorite combinations!

How does that sound? 🙂

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Yom Terurah – A Call To Repentance? (And A Linky Party!)

yom terurah

Our family has been celebrating the Biblical festivals for nearly 25 years now.  It has always been a blessing to learn so many lessons during these “appointed times” that the Heavenly Father has created so that He can meet with His people.  Next week will be Yom Terurah, or the Feast of Trumpets.  It is also sometimes called Rosh Hashanah.  There are many different aspects to this feast, one of them being that many people believe this is the time at which the Messiah will return.  I shared a post about this last year.

But I want to share a slightly different viewpoint in this post.  When you look up the word “trumpet” (or shofar) in the Scriptures, it is used many different times to call people together – sometimes for worship, sometimes for war and sometimes for repentance.

Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins. – Isaiah 58:1

As we approach this feast of YHWH, I believe each of us ought to prayerfully consider if we have anything for which we need to repent.  We also need to prayerfully consider “sounding the trumpet” to call others to repentance, just as the verse says.  It seems that each day we are faced with blatant sin, and it is becoming more and more blatant.  It is our job to warn people of their need for repentance, in love and humility.  They may not appreciate it, they may scorn or mock, but if it’s just for the one person, is that not worth everything?  I encourage each of you to prayerfully consider this as we approach this time of the fall festivals.

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Read The Bible In A Year – A Special Program!

bible in one year

I love the idea of reading through the Scriptures in one year.  Honestly, I love the idea of reading through the Bible several times in one year but unfortunately some of us have schedules that do not permit this.  But most people can dedicate at least 30-45 minutes of each day to Scripture reading.

There are many different programs and reading schedules available but I decided to create one that suited my preferences and schedule … and today I am sharing it with you!

Most of our readers who are familiar with the Hebraic roots of the faith are aware of the weekly Torah portions.  For anyone who is not aware of them, here is a little explanation:

“Torah” is the Hebrew term for the first five books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy).  Since before the time of our Messiah, the Jewish people have been reading through the Torah each year.  The books are divided into sections, a portion for each week, so that they can all be read in one year.  The cycle begins during Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) which is usually in September/October.

Ezra is traditionally credited with instituting this public reading of the Torah.  We hear of it in the New Testament when Yeshua (Jesus) told his listeners to do what the scribes and Pharisees said when they sat in Moses’ seat (Matthew 23:2,3).  We know from history that the term “Moses’ seat” referred to when the congregational leader would ascend the Bimah (elevated platform) to read from the Torah portion.  He would then come down to expound on the words and give his own interpretations.  So Yeshua’s instructions to His followers were to follow what they heard from the Torah, but not necessarily what the rabbinical leaders added to it.

We also know that the first-century believers practiced this reading cycle because in Acts 15, when the spiritual leaders listed the four things that the new believers from the Gentiles must practice in order to fellowship with the other believers, they added that this was because Moses is preached in the synagogue every Sabbath … in other words, the new believers were to start with the four things and would learn each week from the Torah portion what commandments they were to obey.

Personally, I like the idea of joining the millions of people who are reading through the Torah portions each week and try to do so whenever possible, so I knew that schedule was to form a part of my new reading program.  I then took the remaining 34 books in the Old Testament and calculated how-many-verses-there-are-divided-by-weeks-in-one-year, which is about 314 verses per week, and then split them into weekly portions.  I did the same thing with the New Testament books; they divide into about 144 verses per week.  Of course, some weeks have more verses and some weeks have less, but all are manageable portions to be read in one week.

My preference is definitely weekly portions over daily portions!  I have tried daily portions in the past but it seemed that if I missed a reading, I could never catch up!  With this program, I have listed the chapters to be accomplished within each week but it can be done at your own pace.  I used this method once before and enjoyed it very much, but I did not have the portions calculated evenly.  This time I spent quite some time with an online Bible program, a word document and two calculators … and have it portioned as equally as possible (without splitting up chapters!).

So without further ado, if any of you would like to use this reading schedule, you are more than welcome to it!  Just click on the PDF file below and it will take you to a page where you can download and/or print it.  I am definitely looking forward to going through it again and I’d love to hear if you plan to do it too!