Finding A Spouse – A Discount On The Newest Shining Stars Magazine!

We are about to send the upcoming issue of Shining Stars Magazine off to the printers!  The theme is Finding A Spouse and there are so many wonderful articles being featured.  Below are excerpts of a few of them!

Finding A Spouse - A Discount On The Newest Shining Stars Magazine!On the last day of the Festival, my family went back to the house for a break and Mama and Daddy said they wanted to talk to me on the back veranda.  “What did I do?” I wondered.  Daddy said we should sit down and then he said, “I’ll get right to the point. Joshua Williams asked to marry you.”  I was completely taken aback.  I had no idea that anything like that was going on.  Read more

Shining Stars Magazine Volume9 Number1 – A Giveaway

Shining Stars Magazine Volume9 Number1 - A Giveaway

Several weeks ago we published our 25th issue of Shining Stars Magazine!  It is amazing to me how the Father has continued to bless our efforts with this ministry!  The newest issue’s theme is Testimonies and here are snippets from a few of the articles:

Shining Stars Magazine Volume9 Number1 - A Giveaway

“The life and death conversations never stopped. YHWH was stretching our understanding of life and death. Whose life is this? Are we living it for ourselves? Or are we living it for Him no matter what? What if He takes this baby or me? What then? Do we still trust and shine His light?  Although we felt confident in our decisions, we also knew that many of our friends and loved ones do not hold to the same understanding. We often felt the weight of their fear on our shoulders. Fear lurked outside, just waiting for the door to crack open to invite itself in.”
– Andrea Eaton, The Birth Testimony Of Rennah Selah.

“I remember being hungry and my baby sister, age one, being hungry and sneaking food for her along with my twin sister. One time we were caught by my birth father. He shook me over a lit cook-stove and warned me never to do it again. He also tried to kill me by trying to put me in the microwave. I was locked in a boarded-up house, rarely leaving the house and it was filthy. I was a very wild thing, having been forsaken by my birth parents and never learning right from wrong.”
– Hope King, Forsaken But Not Forgotten.

“I had no doubts of His capabilities: I had seen him heal my mother who was dying from loss of blood. I knew He took away my brother’s hernia that “needed” surgery. As a little girl, I saw a lady set free and rise from her sick-chair to a new life (thirteen years later, I still sleep with one of the pillows she made for each of us children). I had played with a little boy who was brought back to life after drowning. I had seen Yahweh provide financially just when it was needed.  I just did not know why He wasn’t healing me all the way.”
– Ruth Washburn, Sick As A Dog, Having The Time Of My Life.

“When I backed down from my feminist attitudes, my husband became the leader God wanted him to be and gave him incredible vision for our family. Miraculously, I immediately loved being at home. I did not want to escape anymore. I prayed that God would give me contentment using my gifts and talents within our home and He did!”
– Katie Hignight, Rejecting Feminism: Embracing My Role.

“In areas such as whom they marry or whether or not they tell the truth, etc., we tell our children that they need to control their desires and learn to desire things that are wise and pleasing to our Heavenly Father. But when it comes to physical food, often times people let their desires rule their lives instead of letting wisdom rule their desires … and by example, they teach their children to do the same.”
– Clinton and Sharon Cauthen, Are You Choosing Life?

Shining Stars Magazine Volume9 Number1 - A Giveaway

This issue contains many more testimonies and other encouraging articles.  It is actually a 28 page issue, instead of the normal 24 page length, and we are very excited to be able to make it available to you!  For those of you who are not subscribers, we want to give you a chance to win a sample copy of this issue!  You can enter through the rafflecopter below.

P.S.  If you don’t want to wait until the giveaway is over to see this issue, you can go ahead and order a sample copy now – if you’re the winner, we’ll refund you!

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Masculine Perspectives On Godly Womanhood


In a few days, we will be receiving the copies of Shining Stars Magazine Volume8 Number4 from the printers.  This issue is a special edition, featuring articles from men who shared their perspectives on femininity and Biblical womanhood!  Here are excerpts from a few articles …

To put this in an analogy, Christ is like the knight in shining armor and we (the church) are the damsel. We weren’t always in distress. We were at one time perfect but then we spurned our knight and this led to our kidnapping by Satan. Our rebellion and treason allowed Satan to take over our entire world. We were trapped, completely unable to free ourselves, though we have often tried. Even worse, we have also turned and embraced our captor! We are in so much peril and “distress” that we often do not even know we are in danger!  – Reagan Ramm, The Husband: The Shepherd

Can you imagine the matriarch Sarah bopping around in a short skirt and sleeveless, V-neck top? It does get hot over there! Or can you picture the humble mother of our Savior laying out on the beach of the Mediterranean in a two-piece swimsuit? Of course not! But we’re in the 21st century and that’s the style today—so it’s OK?!  Do we really think our Master is going to accept that line of reasoning?  – Clinton Cauthen, Hidden Treasures

God has called you as His daughters to exemplify true beauty and true power. This calling demands courage, wisdom, grace and faith. It is the godly woman who is truly empowered to live life to its fullest, because only she is fully surrendered to God.  This is the paradox of Christianity.  – Andrew Eddy, Modern Feminism vs. Godly Womanhood

This is a picture that is hard for us to grasp. The Lord chose to explain the picture to us by establishing marriage between a man and a woman. One of the two must take the leading role – the dominant role, if you will permit me to use that term. It is the correct image, for in our relationship with our God, He alone must take the lead and be dominant. If not, then He is not God and His creation falls into chaos.  – Al McCarn, Overturning The Covenant With Death

So what is Emunah? In my understanding of Hebrew, we do not have a single word in English that can explain it. What it means is that you are putting all of your hope, all of your trust, all of your faith, every thing that is within you, all day, every day, in every situation, in every thought, in every word we speak, in every action we take … we are putting it all in YHWH. It is not just a belief but our belief is shown through our actions. That is Emunah. That is our calling. That is your calling. Are you going to walk in Emunah?  – Tom Washburn, What Is Emuna?

Would you like a copy of this issue and read all these articles yourself?  You can order a sample or subscription by clicking here.  We will also be giving away three sample copies so if you’d like a chance to win one, enter through the rafflecopter below!

Grace-Goals-paperback-coverI would also like to mention a powerful resource that I have recently discovered.  Grace Goals Course is a Scripture-saturated process to setting goals and achieving change.  The steps in this Book + Printable Bundle can be completed in a couple hours.  With the goal setting worksheets, you will come away with your own personal plan for accomplishing what God is stirring in your spirit, whether it be to stop yelling at your kids or training for a half-marathon.  This bundle includes the Grace Goals book, 5 mini workshops, and the accompanying Printable Pack.  The topics include:

Workshop One: It Starts with Desire
Workshop Two: Getting God’s Approval
Workshop Three: Refining Your Vision
Workshop Four: Finding Long Term Motivation
Workshop Five: Appropriating Grace in the Grit

You can purchase this course by clicking here!

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Volume8 Number3 Is Available (And On Sale!)


We recently published Shining Stars Volume8 Number3 and we have some copies available for anyone who would like to order them!  Here are excerpts of just a few of the articles in this issue:

Are We A Dinah Or Rebekah?

As we have seen in both daughters, they both were on a mission as they left their home. Contrasted with Dinah was Rebekah; busy serving her family in their daily needs. But as she was performing her daily tasks, a need came running up to her and she was willing to do more than what she was asked. It is so easy to sit back and live off of the great efforts of our parents and what they have striven to obtain. But is this really how we want to spend our time? We need to strive to be dynamic daughters, as we live our lives from day to day.

Rahab – A Woman Of Faith

Rahab’s story is one of those unusual, amazing, almost unbelievable, beautiful stories we find throughout the Bible. She was a harlot. A sinner. She was also a Canaanite—someone of whom God had clearly warned against marrying or making any kind of a covenant (Deuteronomy 7:3). The amazing thing about her story is that God accepted her!

Joseph and Miriam

The angel came to Miriam telling her that she would have a son by the Holy Spirit who shall reign over the house of Jacob. I tried to imagine what it could have been like for Miriam. She was young, God-fearing, expecting to be married and probably waiting for her fiancé to come and take her with him. Maybe she was preparing everything for her wedding and life with her husband like some of the Shining Stars readers? I guess she kept herself pure and did not indulge in godless things.

Herbal Blessings

Let’s take the common herb dandelion. Pick the young leaves in the early spring and add them to your salad. You can use the roots for tea. Dig the roots before the flower starts flowering. Wash them very well, cut into small pieces and dry them on screens. Keep them out of the direct sunlight and make sure that the room is well ventilated and not too humid, as this spoils them. Or you can dry them in the oven on a low temperature. Once dried, they can be stored and labeled in jars or airtight containers.

The Hope Chest Of The Heart

So much of the time we (including myself) put so much focus on the things we can gather and the keepsakes we can put in our hope chests, that we lose focus of what is truly important. It is so, so, so important for us to remember that Yahweh has a plan for our lives and that we need to prepare for it, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

To read the rest of these articles (and many more!) you can order a sample or subscription!  And if you order within the next five days, you can take 10% off your order!  Use the code V8N3SALE.  This offer expires the 18th.  Have a lovely week, y’all!

Shining Stars 2015 Calendar Giveaway!

Sorry it has been a little quiet around here lately!  We hope to post more in the upcoming weeks and months but for now I wanted to share a little giveaway.

We created a 2015 calendar to help raise funds for the magazine and we will be giving away one of them to a Radical Femininity reader!  Will that be you? 🙂

2015 CalendarThe Shining Stars 2015 calendar features 13 months (January 2015-January 2016) of beautiful photographs complimented by inspirational quotes and Scripture verses. Professionally designed and printed, this hanging calendar can be a wonderful and practical way to brighten up your wall!  It can make a great gift for a friend too!

Barring the unexpected, the calendar will be available on December 19th.  We are taking orders now and are currently running two promotions:

  • Pre Order … use the code “earlybird” to take 10% off your calendar purchase.  Offer expires December 14th.
  • Buy Three, Get One Free … add four calendars to your cart and you will only be charged for three.  No coupon code needed.

Would you like a preview of some of the pages? 🙂  All of them can be viewed on this page.




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Have fun!!

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Fundraiser For Baby With Cleft Palate And Lip (and a sale!)

unnamedAs most of you probably know, my sisters and I sell Lilla Rose products and we are doing a fundraiser for some friends of ours who just had their first baby.  He was born with cleft lip and palate, and will be undergoing some repair surgeries.  We would like to help out Brian and Susanna and their new son – we actually met her family through Shining Stars and they have been a great blessing in our lives!  75% of the profits generated through this fundraising event will go toward Adna’s medical expenses.

Not only that, but this event is set up as a party and whoever places an order through this party link will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the hostess rewards, consisting of free and half-priced items!  So to put it all into perspective: you can get some beautiful, functional, high-quality products for yourself, you can help out a family in need, and you can possibly win free and half-priced products 🙂 And if you are a new customer and order three items, you can get a fourth one (up to $16 value) for free.  (Note: I have to order the fourth item for you, please do not place it in the cart with the rest of your order!)

One of the great things about Lilla Rose products is that those of us who wear headcoverings can use them, even though that is not what they were originally designed for.  Here are some of my sister’s and my favorite styles:


Their headbands make excellent accessories for headcoverings and so do their bobby pins. Lilla Rose has really nice guarantee and return policies for their products – we have used their flexi-clips for years and they still work great!  They also have products for all different styles and lengths of hair.

hairband-bobby pins

Lilla Rose just announced a surprise one day sale, with all of their products 20% off.  This sale ends at 2pm PDT (3pm MDT, 4pm CDT, 5pm EDT) today, Sept 18th.  You can take advantage of the sale prices AND help raise funds for Adna by ordering through this link

If you have any questions or need help with sizing information, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you would like to donate to the cause without purchasing anything, that is welcome also – please email me for details.  And even if you are not able to order anything, please pass this on to anyone and everyone whom you think may be interested in helping out!

unnamedI also wanted to let you all know that Shining Stars Magazine Volume7 Number3 is now available and subscriptions can be purchased on this page.  We have extra copies of this issue so if you would like to see a sample before subscribing, there is an option to do so on the same page.  This issue contains some wonderful, encouraging articles discussing various aspects of keeping the home and our responsibilities in doing so.

We are also preparing the material for our next issue, Volume7 Number4, so if you are interested in sharing anything for this issue, please visit the Current Issue page for information on what material we need.

The Magazine Is Finished!

vol7 no2 finished

Many thanks to my sisters who worked hard this afternoon to get all the magazines addressed, stamped and sealed.  They should be in the mail tomorrow morning, YHWH willing!  If you aren’t a subscriber and would like to receive a copy, you can sign up for a subscription or request a sample.  This theme for this issue is “Modest, Pure, Sensible and Self-Controlled” … I am very excited about all the material that was submitted and the thoughts and insights that were shared, and I hope that it will be a blessing to all of our readers!  The design was done by my friend Rosi at Rosi & Co Design … she is such a blessing and does amazing work!

On a side note, have you seen the June Flexi-of-the-month?  I think it’s beautiful!  They also have matching hair sticks this month!  If you would like to get one of these beauties, you can find them here.


And on another note … I have been preparing a short series that I hope to begin posting in a few days or first thing next week.  Stay tuned!

And one more thing … if you haven’t entered our giveaway for the ebook “How To Build A Strong Christian Home”, you might want to do it soon – it will be ending in two days!

That’s all 🙂