Last Chance! Car Seat Baby Blankets Shop Is Closing!

I am finally about to close the Virginia Ann shop this Friday (December 30th, 4 pm) !


Use the code VirginaAnnCloseout30 and receive 30% off your ENTIRE order!

There are still a number of car seat baby blankets, little girls skirts and drawstring baby gowns available (a majority of the products are the last one in stock)!

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Aliyah’s Aprons Summer Sale!

There is a sale going on right now at Aliyah’s Aprons … everything is 30% off with the code: SUMMERSALE2016!  The sale started today and ends next Thursday (August 25th), so be sure to pop over and check them out before then!

Aliyah's Aprons Summer Sale!

Here are a few of my favorite aprons that are in stock right now … Read more

Announcing Aliyah’s Aprons And A Giveaway!

“You should really sell those things!”

I’ve heard it for a long time, but always laughed it off.

“Me, sell aprons??!  You’ve got to be kidding me!”

The story of my first apron – 

Years ago I decided that I wanted to make an apron.  I had no idea how to, but I pulled out some fabric and asked my seamstress friend who was visiting  for some pointers.  She gladly told me a few things, and I set to work cutting and sewing.  People, this thing was going to be just amazing!!! 

But when I excitedly showed my friend the “finished product” her eyes widened, and I don’t think she knew quite what to say!!!  She finally mentioned something about how it might be good to sew in the raw edges, but graciously told me that it was nice! 

Guys, this apron was just plain pathetic!  I don’t know if it could even be considered an apron, and I admire my friend for being so sweet about it … I could think of a dozen things she could have said, but she just encouraged me to keep practicing!

I knew I had done a terrible job, but after a while I decided to try making another … and another … and another.  Being a perfectionist has its advantages, and this was one time I’m so thankful that that side of me kicked in!  I wanted the perfect apron, the perfect style and a perfect job done on it! Before long, my family and friends started commenting on them, which encouraged me to keep getting better! 

So with all that being said, you might understand why the idea of starting an apron business would be so laughable to me a couple years ago!  However, after many hours of practice, work and prayer, I’ve decided to start this little business with the hope of blessing others.


My goal –

My desire is to offer the highest quality aprons for the most affordable price.  I was a teenager before I brought myself to buy an apron … call me silly, call me a penny-pincher, call me whatever you want to, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay a lot of money for something I didn’t really need!  And even when I did buy one, I bought it half-priced!

So if you’re like me, and love pretty feminine things but aren’t willing to pay a fortune for them, I really hope I can help you!  And if you’re just looking for a pretty apron for you or your friend, I hope I can help you too!

I am still in the very beginning stages of this, and the website and shop aren’t even set up yet, but as I’m working on it I thought I’d share my plans with my dear “radical family” (Oh that sounds really bad, doesn’t it??! Maybe I should come up with a different name for you all!) and get your advice on things!

Would you take a minute to fill out this short survey?  Your input and suggestions would be so helpful!

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I will be announcing the new website when it is up and running!


Also, I’ve been buying bits of material here and there when it goes on sale, so I sewed a few aprons and am listing them here for $15 a piece (including shipping) to help with the startup cost, since starting a business on your own is quite expensive!  Unfortunately $15 won’t even cover the cost of material at full price and shipping, much less the labor, but since I was able to get the fabric for cheaper than usual, I wanted to offer these to y’all at a discounted price.

Summer at sea (only one available, size medium)IMG_0074

Butterfly beauty (two available, size medium)IMG_0137

Pink blossom (five available, sizes small, medium and large)
Purple blossom (five available, sizes small, medium and large)  IMG_0158



If you would like to purchase one of these, drop me an email or leave a comment on this post.

And lastly, I’m giving away one of these aprons (winner’s choice) so be sure to enter yourself in the giveaway below!

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Car Seat Baby Blankets – Win One!

Have you seen a car seat baby blanket before?


Picture winter time … cold, windy, freezing … and you are trying to go somewhere in a vehicle. You want to keep your baby warm, but you’re having a difficult time maneuvering the car seat straps around the fuzzy warm blanket in which you have wrapped your sweetie-pie!

I have the perfect solution for you!!! It makes life comfortable for the baby and more simple for the parents.


This blanket with feet is made from soft fleece fabric and is specially designed to use with a car-seat.  It also has snaps to form a hood. As you can see in the color options, several of these blankets have 100% Cotton Flannel Linings.


This innovative design can stay with the baby while lifting in and out … it adapts to different baby slings, backpacks, strollers, joggers, carriers and swings … and it makes a wonderful blanket to swaddle your baby at any time!

These blankets are extremely simple to use in or out of a car seat:

Slide your baby inside the blanket and buckle in like normal … it’s that simple!1

If desired, tuck the “arms” around your cutie to keep him or her warm and cozy.


​You can also form a hood by attaching the snaps on the “head” to the ones on the “arms”.


And there you have it!  Simply perfect!


With the hope that many of you will get to try this blanket out yourself, I will be giving away one of these blankets (of the $26 or less variations), as well as five $15 coupons to be used on anything in my Etsy shop!

That’s a total of six winners!!

You can enter through the rafflecopter below. There are twenty delightful blankets from which to choose and if you would like something different, you can have that too! Just send me the material and I will sew a custom blanket for you!

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Car Seat Baby Blankets Are Ready For You!

ruthHannah just asked me if I was going to write something about my new Teddy Toes business.  My reply was something to the extent of, “Well … I have not gotten the inspiration of what to write exactly …”

Her loving reply was, “Uh … Car Seat Baby Blankets for sale … it is winter time. .. are you waiting till …”

“Summer time?”  Ha ha!

So here I am … announcing to every mother and father, brother and sister, grandmother and grandfather, aunt and uncle, cousin, boss, employee, friend and foe (did I get everyone?) … that you need one of these!

P1120638 - Copy (2)The Teddy Toes is not just an ordinary blanket … this blanket with feet is made from soft fleece fabric and is specially designed to use with a car-seat.  It also has snaps to form a hood.  As you can see in the color options, we offer several of the Teddy Toes with 100% Cotton Flannel Linings.

This innovative design results in a blanket that can stay with the baby while lifting in and out … it adapts to different baby slings, backpacks, strollers, joggers, carriers and swings … and it makes a wonderful blanket to swaddle your baby at any time!

Want to see the available colors?

Group  1

Group 2Group 3Group 4To order one of the special Teddy Toes blankets, just click here.

If you would like more pictures of a certain material, just email me.

There is a limited quantity so if you like a certain color, you might want to go ahead and get it 🙂

Be blessed and have a great day!

Spring Into Summer With Some Hot Sales!!!

Shalom everyone!  As some of you know, for many years now I have enjoyed sewing.  Doing a quality job is important to me and seeing a modestly-gorgeous outfit on someone makes the work so rewarding!  Most of my work has been for myself or family, but recently I have started offering my services to anyone.  If you are interested, click here to learn more.

Today I wanted to announce 40% off all the skirts in my tiny shop!

Ladies Rainbow Glow Tier Skirt
Was: $84.99 Now: $50.99
Size: 35.5 inches long. Custom Waist size.  Click here for more info or to order.

Only 1 Available!
Only 1 Available!

Girl’s Long Tier Skirt
Was: $27.99 Now: $16.79
Size: 25.5 inches long. 23 inch waist. Click here for more info or to order.
Girls Long Tier Skirt

Girl’s Birdie Blue Skirt
Was: $24.99 Now: $14.99
Size: 28.5 inches long. Custom waist size. Click here for more info or to order.
Girls Birdie Blue Skirt

If you would like a different skirt or anything else sewn for you, feel free to visit my website or contact me at

P.S. Lilla Rose is having a site-wide sale … EVERYTHING is 10% off until midnight tonight (pacific time) AND you can get free shipping on orders $40 or more!  Order through this link for a chance to win the mystery hostess rewards:  They have also released the July Flexi-of-the-month early so it can be ordered in time for Independence Day!