Headcovering/Headband From Rosi’s Boutique – A Giveaway!

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

Last year I did a review and giveaway for a headcovering from my dear friend’s Etsy shop – Rosi’s Boutique.  Recently Rosi asked us if we would like to do another review and host a giveaway as well!  If I were you ladies, I would jump at this chance!  The winner of our giveaway gets a headband/covering of her choice from Rosi’s Boutique!

Rosi’s coverings are amazing!  They are feminine, stylish and so comfortable – I just love wearing them!  Her products are very reasonably priced so even if you do not win the giveaway, I would highly recommend that you head over to her shop and making a purchase.  These are just a few of the many different styles and colors available!

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

One thing that I REALLY love about Rosi’s coverings is that they are convertible … you can wear them as a full covering or you can wear them as a headband!  I normally wear them as headbands but sometimes I wear them as a full covering too.

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

Rosi also sews and sells beautiful flags and tzitzits (tassels).  Sometimes she carries little purses/pouches too.

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

If you would like a chance to win a headcovering of your choice from Rosi’s Boutique, enter through the rafflecopter below!  Also please considering following her on Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you ladies!  Have a blessed week, rejoicing and the goodness and grace He has shown us!

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Free Spirit Farm – Review And Giveaway!

Hey y’all!

I’m so excited to tell you about a brand new business my dear friends have just started up! It’s called Free Spirit Farm, which offers homemade lotions, soaps, lip balms and more!

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

About The Shop

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

I became friends with Heather and Rachel less than two years ago but it seems like it’s been much longer! They are two sisters living on a small farm in North Dakota with their parents and brother, and have goats, sheep, angora rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, kitties and dogs! They try to live a more natural and self-sufficient lifestyle than some, and enjoy gardening, raising animals and many other things:). We hit it off from the very beginning, and I am so thankful for their wonderful friendship! When they told me about their hopes of starting a small business I was so excited, and after trying out their products I really wanted to do a review for them!

The Products

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

Coming from someone who used to highly dislike “wet lotions,” it may sound funny to say that the lotion may be my favorite product, but it’s true! I’ve had such a time with lotions in the past that I almost gave the bottle to one of my sisters to enjoy without even trying it (I never told Heather and Rachel this part and feel bad for being so ungracious with their gift!) but I guess my manners got the better of me, so I puckered up in preparation for some nasty strong-smelling liquid (I am very sensitive to smells!) and squirted the stuff into my hands. To my surprise it smelled really really good, and made my hands so soft and moist! I soon got into the habit of using it nightly when I went to bed, and now it’s my favorite lotion! It sure is funny how things change over time! Lydia is also extremely fond of it, and may use it even more often than me:). I got it for a friend’s birthday, and she loves it too!

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

They also make such darling soaps that come in three different shapes and scents – bar soaps, flower soaps, and little heart shaped soaps (probably my favorite!). I’ve always liked soap and have even made a few batches before so I admire good soaping, and am very impressed with theirs! It is smooth and soft for more sensitive skin, but is sturdy and long-lasting (from my experience so far).

Their chocolate lip balm is very moisturizing and smells so delicious! They offer a peppermint flavor also, but I haven’t tried it.

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!They gave me a pink lip tint to try, and at first I was a bit skeptical about it – I’ve never worn lipstick before – not because it has been outlawed in my family, but simply because we felt no need to change our natural color. I don’t have a problem with people who wear lipstick and don’t think of it as sinful … it’s just not what I prefer to do! But I was very pleasantly surprised with this tint … my lips often get chapped and blotchy, and this tint brings them back to look “normal,” with a little color. It enhances the natural coloring in your lips, so if you’re looking for “lip paint” you’ll be disappointed, but I am so pleased with this stuff, and we girls regularly use it! They also offer a red lip tint, although I haven’t tried it.

The Giveaway

There will be three winners … one will receive a Citrus Blast lotion (my favorite!), one will receive a pack of Peppermint Breeze flowers soaps, and one will receive the Chocolate lip balm! All you have to do is go down to the bottom of the page and enter into the giveaway!

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

I love supporting small businesses and try to do so whenever I can! It’s super easy and convenient to run to Walmart and buy mass-produced, perfectly packaged skincare goodies, isn’t it? But have you ever thought about all the junk and chemicals those seemingly innocent little things might have in them?

A couple months ago my mother suggested I take a shampoo that I’ve used and look up every single ingredient in it … it took a while and most of the words I still can’t pronounce, but to say the least I was very disappointed with the outcome and won’t be buying that again! Lotions, lip balms, soap and other products are like that. In order for them to last so long and sell at such a good price, many of them are chocked full of unhealthy and potentially harmful ingredients, so I try to buy natural products – even if it’s a little more trouble and a bit more expensive I consider it worthwhile! Not only am I happy with what I’m putting on my skin, but I’m often supporting little business who are working very hard to offer people healthy alternatives!

Over time my sisters and I have ordered many things from many different businesses and shops, and whenever we want to buy something the question comes up, “where to buy from.” Now I know where to buy buy my lotions, soaps and lip balm! Free Spirit Farms is a business that I will definitely be supporting, and I’d strongly encourage you to do so also! I know from experience that they do a wonderful job with their products, use very healthy natural ingredients, and are extremely affordable! Give their products a try and let me know what you think!

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

On a side note, we were finally able to meet each other face to face recently, which was such a treat! They are such sweet friends and I can hardly wait till the next time we can see each other! Blessings!

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LuLaRoe – A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

Several months back, I was contacted by Jennie Allison who is a consultant for LuLaRoe clothing company!  She offered to send us some items to review and we happily agreed.  Who doesn’t want to try out new outfits? 🙂

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

I think it is interesting that LuLaRoe was started by a mother of seven children, and the name of the company contains syllables from her daughters’ names!  They are also a direct sales company and while I am not familiar with their business opportunity (I’m not interested in taking on another project at this time!), I know that Jennie would be more than happy to provide info for anyone who may be wanting to start their own home-based business.

Back to the clothing though, we chose an Ana dress, a Lucy skirt, a Perfect T and a pair of leggings!  Below are pictures and our review of each item:

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

This is one of the Ana dresses.  It comes in seven sizes and many different pattern/styles.  And I just realized – I didn’t take any pictures of it without the sweater!  Sorry!  The sleeves are almost elbow length and so I have been wearing a sweater with it on the cooler days.  Also, the neckline is barely too low for my comfort level if I am being active.  For standing or sitting still, it’s fine … but for bending over or moving around a lot, the sweater provides the perfect coverage.  Plus it matches!  (I borrowed it from Abigail!)

The Ana is a floor length, knit maxi dress.  I pretty much stopped wearing dresses in my early teen years because I couldn’t find ones that I liked but I like the style of this one.  We were also pleasantly surprised to find that it was too long!  Since most of us wear our skirts/dresses ankle length, it is uncommon to find clothing items that are too long but Abigail actually shortened the hemline a couple inches on this dress.  I like that it is fitted but not skintight.

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

And I know this isn’t really a picture of the dress but they took it while I was wearing the dress and it was too cute not to share!  I absolutely love the expression on Rennah’s face!  We are certainly blessed to have friends with cute babies 🙂

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

This is the Lucy skirt.  It comes in seven sizes and a variety of colors/styles.  It has an elastic waistband and this one has lace drapes over a built in slip.  There are others styles that are solid prints – chiffon.

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

As you can see, it is also floor length.  It is very comfortable and the lace adds an elegant touch.

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

I only have one picture of the leggings but they are the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn!  I generally avoid leggings in the wintertime because they are so uncomfortable and prefer to wear pants under my skirts whenever possible.  But these fit so nicely!  I have seen so many different colors and styles of LuLaRoe leggings … I do believe they have hundreds to choose from!

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

The Perfect T – it comes in eight sizes and numerous colors/styles.  I especially liked the sleeve length … I prefer to have sleeves come almost to the elbow and so many t-shirts are shorter than that.  I also like that the Perfect T is longer and flowing, making it a good option to pair with skirts/pants with a tight-fitting waistband.

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

While it is not advertised as a maternity shirt, it would make a good one!  We like that although it is very “roomy” … it doesn’t feel bulky, or like you’re wearing a potato sack!

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

And what would a photo shoot with Abigail be without a goofy picture?  I honestly don’t know what she was doing here but it was amusing nonetheless!

LuLaRoe - A Modest Clothing Review and Discount!

My overall assessment: I like the styles and quality of LuLaRoe clothing.  It seems to be a good investment.  The only drawback, personally, is that much of their clothing is made with polyester fabric and our family tries to avoid synthetic fabric as much as possible.  So obviously, this would prevent me from filling my closet with LuLaRoe 🙁

But if you don’t have a problem with synthetic fabrics, I would highly recommend checking into this company as a source for modest clothing.  And Jennie is offering all of our readers a 10% discount if you choose to purchase anything, and any orders over $100 will receive a free pair of leggings!  You need to contact her personally to take advantage of this offer … send an email to lularoejennieallison[at]gmail[dot]com and tell her that you found her through our blog!  You can also view the available clothing that she has by joining her Facebook group.

I have one other important announcement.  To celebrate 500 likes on our Facebook page, we are giving away an item from Lilla Rose!  It ends today so hurry and enter to win by clicking here!

Rosi’s Boutique Review and Giveaway


Five years ago, a friend of mine arranged a gift swap for different girls.  My swap partner was Rosi and after swapping our first gifts, we became pen-pals and then good friends.  Rosi has been a sweet encouragement and inspiration in my life!

A few weeks back she was restocking her shop (Rosi’s Boutique) and said she wanted to send me a headcovering.  Her offer was so sweet and I picked out one covering, along with two others that I purchased since the Feasts were just around the corner and I wanted something special to add to my collection of tichels 🙂

One of my brothers thought it was funny that I ordered headcoverings from Rosi, when I own a headcovering shop with my sister, but I explained that hers are a different kind, and I love variety (plus I like supporting other believers with home businesses)!

Since I LOVE sparkles, I ordered her Sparkly Pink Long Stretch Knit Headcovering and Sparkly Oceans Long Stretch Knit Headcovering.


One thing that I REALLY love about Rosi’s coverings is that they are convertible … you can wear them as a full covering, or you can wear them as a headband!  I do both 🙂


I asked Rosi if I could do a review for her products and she agreed and also offered to host a giveaway.  The winner gets a headcovering of her choice from Rosi’s Boutique!  But whether you are the winner or not, I would highly encourage you all to stop by her shop and make a purchase – she has many different colors available and her prices are so reasonable.  Also, feel free to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like a chance to win a headcovering from Rosi’s Boutique, enter through the rafflecopter below!

By the way, Lilla Rose is having a sale … they have just released some new items and they’re all 15% off!  The orange one, called Embrace, is my favorite!  Plus they are offering free shipping on any orders over $50.  You can click here to order.  And if you’re a new customer and you purchase three items, we will send you a fourth one for free – contact us for details.



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Protecting Your Family – A Free Trial Of Covenant Eyes!

The Internet is a wonderful resource.  It has opened up a world of opportunity that would have otherwise been inaccessible to many.  Personally, I find the Internet invaluable for running several home businesses, a magazine ministry and staying in touch with friends around the globe.

But the Internet also presents incredible dangers.  Here are just a few statistics of which you may or may not be aware …

  • The largest consumers of Internet pornography are children ages 12 to 17.
  • 90% of children ages 8 to 16 have viewed pornography online, most while doing homework. 
  • 80% of teens ages 15 to 17 have had multiple exposures to hardcore pornography.
  • 67% of children admit to clearing their browser history to hide Internet use from their parents. 


Even children and adults who are not actively searching for inappropriate content, can be exposed to it accidentally.  For years, our family has been taking advantage of the technology provided by Covenant Eyes, a company that provides Internet accountability and filtering.  Covenant Eyes can be installed on computers and mobile devices in your household, it monitors the use of the Internet and sends you reports of the websites that have been visited.  This service is $9.99/month.

The Covenant Eyes filter blocks sites based on age-appropriateness, offering six different ratings: Everyone, Youth, Teen, Mature Teen, Mature, Highly Mature.  The filter blocks sites in real time, unlike other filters that are based on a static “block list” that is only updated periodically.  The filter also allows you to restrict the times of day and the amount of time per day each of your children may use the Internet.

thanksgiving_banners_v2-02There are several different options for using the filter.  Our family has a personal account $9.99/month and have added filtering at $1.50/month, for a total of $11.49/month.  This means that all of our computers use the same rating (Mature Teen) and we all have the same access settings to websites.  If you want to have different settings for your different family members, I recommend the family plan for $13.99/month.  You can add unlimited users and all users get Internet Accountability, making it easy to see where each person went online.  Plus you can add Filtering to any username at no extra cost.

Are you interested in the services, but not sure if it will be useful and beneficial to your family? Covenant Eyes offers new users a one month free membership so that you can try it out and see how it works for your family!  Even if you do not have family members who are purposely viewing inappropriate content, this service is great for websites that may contain it, or even inappropriate advertisements.  Our email service  (and a main website where we sell puppies) was constantly bombarding us with inappropriate images, advertising dating sites.  Covenant Eyes to the rescue … I just logged into our account and added the dating websites to our block list.  No more yucky ads!

I strongly encourage you to check our Covenant Eyes for your own family.  You can sign up through this link to start your free month today!


How To Build A Strong Christian Home – Review and Giveaway!

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.17.41 AMI recently had the opportunity to read and review an ebook titled How To Build A Strong Christian Home by June Fuentes. Before sharing my thoughts, I would like to share a quote that every woman ought to consider –

The woman who makes a sweet, beautiful home, filling it with love and prayer and purity, is doing something better than anything else her hands could find to do beneath the skies.
~ J.R. Miller

Have you ever visited someone in their house and it just didn’t feel like a home?  Maybe there was a nervous tension in the atmosphere that made you feel unwelcome.  Maybe the hosts were welcoming but the house was cluttered and untidy, making you feel like you couldn’t really relax.

A home is one of the most influential places on this earth.  And I think most people would agree that the wife/mother is the most influential person in the home!  Most of the responsibility for “setting the tone” falls on her.  You are probably familiar with the old adage – “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”, and you would probably agree that it is very true!

In How To Build A Strong Christian Home, Mrs. Fuentes provides wonderful inspiration for those who would like to do just that!  While this book is geared toward married women, I very much enjoyed reading it and would highly recommend it for any woman, married or unmarried.


Mrs. Fuentes begins the book by sharing a glimpse into a typical American home today, complete with statistics that show the deterioration of family home life.  She then proceeds to share some ways that we can avoid these statistics by making our homes into places that reflect the fruits of the Holy Spirit that should permeate our lives.  She discusses things like education in the home, the husband/wife relationship, discipling children and shepherding their hearts, leaving a legacy, making memories and gracious hospitality, ministering as a family, how not to tear down your home, and much more!

Woven throughout the book are lovely inspirational quotes, applicable Scripture passages, and personal experiences of the author.  I appreciate that the content is appropriate for ladies of all ages and that younger girls can be easily understood and comprehend the wisdom that is shared.  At the end of each chapter are several “challenge questions” that can be used on a personal level, or even in a group study setting.  And speaking of group studies, Mrs. Fuentes offers discount bundles for studies – you can find out more information on the website.  On a practical note, this ebook is 90 pages long and typed in fairly large font that is easy to read.


Personally, this book inspired me to consider various aspects of what it means to be a successful keeper of the home.  Not only did it give me ideas for when I have my own home one day, but I also found practical advice and suggestions that can be useful even to unmarried women.  After all, each of us have homes right now!  Some of us may have our own home and others may live with their families, but all of us can learn how to invest into our homes and the people that live in them.  All of us should take responsibility for the entertainment that influences our lives.  All of us can learn how to prepare tasty meals and decorate a home.  We may not have children to train, but many of us have younger siblings whom we can teach and for whom we should be setting a good example.  We may not have husbands yet, but we can learn respect and submission in our relationships with our Fathers, as well as our spiritual Bridegroom – our Savior.  Each of us is leaving a legacy … it is up to us to make it a blessing or a curse.

How To Build A Strong Christian Home is available via PDF, Kindle and Nook!  Mrs. Fuentes has offered to give away a PDF copy to one of our readers!  If you would like a chance to win it, please enter through the rafflecopter below.


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How I Got 2 Pounds Of Organic Coffee For $10.51

I like coffee.

Partly because it reduces the low blood pressure headaches that I started having on a regular basis several years ago.

Partly because it tastes good 🙂

But did you know that coffee is one of the most chemically-treated crops in the world?  Within the past year or so, we began making an effort to only buy organic coffee.  Unfortunately, if you’re buying organic coffee from a regular grocery store, you’re probably paying and arm and a leg for it.

That’s why we were so happy to find Cameron’s Organic French Roast Whole Bean Coffee on Amazon!  It is a 32oz bag of fresh coffee beans that smell absolutely delicious!  And it’s amazing how I notice a difference in the way I feel after drinking it compared to some non-organic coffees.

Usually we pay about $20 for a 2lb bag but the last time I ordered, I only paid $10.51!  Want to know how?  I used the two amazon gift cards that I had purchased with my Swagbucks points!  If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks, you might enjoy reading this post.  I earn most of my points while searching the web, but another great way to earn them is through online shopping.  There are many websites that will give you points if you order through your Swagbucks account.

Are you the type of person who likes to order flowers online for Mother’s Day?  You can earn 750 points on a ProFlowers order.

Do you order office supplies online?  You can earn 6 points per dollar that you spend at Staples.

There are hundreds of online companies that partner with Swagbucks to give you back a portion of what you spend when shopping with them.  The way I figure, if I’m going to be placing an order anyway … why not take advantage of some points that I can turn into gift cards and then into organic coffee beans? 🙂  You can find out more by signing up here!

Do you like coffee?
Do you drink organic or non-organic?