Pink Floral And Denim (and 50% off at Lilla Rose!)

11742980_10206176137754358_138150119744732619_nHey Ladies,

Before I share the outfit pictures for today, I thought you all might like to know about this Lilla Rose sale.  I know we have shared about Lilla Rose products on this site before but for any of our new readers who are not familiar with them … we LOVE these products!  They come in handy all the time, but are especially nice right now when the weather is so hot and you don’t want your hair on your neck!  These days, my sisters and I pretty much wear the flexi-clips from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed and they are so comfortable.

So about this sale – they are offering 50% off clearance items.  I have never seen a Lilla Rose sale with such a large discount!  This is a great time to stock up for yourself and even to order gifts for friends!

If you place your order through this party link, you will be entered to win the party hostess rewards!  Plus, if you are a new customer and you buy 3 items, we will send you a 4th one of your choice ($16 value or less) absolutely free!

This sale has started now but only lasts 24 hours 36 hours – it will end at 8am 8pm PST Wednesday July 15th.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Now on to other things …

Today I am sharing another casual outfit that I put together this spring.  I hope you enjoy!


My skirt was sewn by Ruthie from Virginia Ann Sewing, and I borrowed the shoes from Abigail.


The top was a hand-me-down from Hannah and she got it from the thrift store for $1.  Since it is see-through, I wore a plain white tee underneath.


I wore a headcovering/snood made by my dear friend Rosi from Rosi’s Boutique.  And my earrings are from HFE Jewelry.


To break up the “solid” pink covering, I added a blue lace band that I had bought in Israel last year along with a ribbon of white lace to tie the whole outfit together.  I also wore a pair of Lilla Rose Princess Tiara bobby pins.


Oh, Hannah wanted me to share this collage with you!  The camera was on a burst setting and the family thought the middle picture was funny 🙂


Okay, that’s all for this post!  See you next time 🙂

A Family Hike, A Sale, And New Stuff Coming Up!

This past Sabbath, our whole family decided to hike down to the cave that is a few miles from our house.  It is called the Espy Cave and I believe my brother said it is the largest unincorporated cave in Tennessee.  Something like 16 miles have been mapped and it still goes further!  We have gone exploring there in the past, but this time we decided just to hike down the hill to the big creek that comes out of the mouth of the cave.  Since we raise Labradors, we decided to take all of them along with us … that is, the 7 adults and young adults that we’re keeping that is – we didn’t take along the 8 young puppies that we had!

Since the cave is several miles from our house, we drove the truck to get there.  5 children + 7 very excited Labs + Chevy pickup = CHAOS!!  It was a crazy ride 🙂IMG_4766 copy

Abigail and Nutella, one of the young ones that we’re keeping.IMG-20150421-WA0001 copy

The hike down to the cave (and unfortunately, back up!) is really a chore.  It’s very steep and gravely in places.IMG_4774 copy

One of the mouths of the cave – that’s Sarah standing in front of it.IMG-20150421-WA0002 copy

Abigail with her Bichon – Yalili.  I forgot to mention that she came along too!IMG_4794 copy

TommyIMG_4800 copy

Ruthie and her Lab – Zoey … with Jasmine in the background.IMG_4832 copy

Me with my two – Ruger and her pup Remi.  Ruger has a litter right now, hence the hair loss :/IMG_4856 copy

See those people up there on the side of the hill?IMG_4843 copy

See them now? 🙂
IMG_4844 copy

Abba and Nutella … with Sam and a few other canine photo bombers! IMG_4830 copy

This is what Lydia looks like when a wet puppy climbs onto her lap!IMG_4817 copy

Our wonderful parents!
IMG_4852 copy

The creek is so beautiful!  Some of the children took off the shoes and went wading … IMG-20150421-WA0019 copy

Apparently Abigail forgot to look out for the slick rocks and got a little more wet than she had planned!IMG_4802 copy

And the splash from her fall got Sarah wet too!IMG_4804 copy

Enjoying the water – Lydia, Abigail and Sarah.
IMG-20150421-WA0014 copy

Lydia, Sam and Abigail – also known as “the three musketeers”!IMG-20150421-WA0026 copy

A boy, his dogs and his truck … what more can you ask for?  This was after the climb back up the hill – I’m not sure who was the most tired out of these three!
IMG_4861 copy

I have been talking with my sisters about Radical Femininity and they want to start blogging on a more regular basis, which I am very happy about!  I have discovered that I am really too busy to spend all my time and energy on this site. I enjoy blogging but it’s usually on spur of the moment inspiration, when a thought comes to me and I am free to expound on it without feeling pressure of deadlines.  To be responsible for regular posts and upkeep is just a little too much right now – which is why we sometimes go for weeks without any new posts!

But with the girls getting more involved, we plan to add some new features like tutorials, modest outfit posts and more.  I know there are a lot of modesty bloggers out there (which is great!) but what we want to do is share how we put together outfits on a budget 🙂  It’s one thing to dress modestly when you can afford $50/piece of clothing!  But when you shop thrift stores and fabric sales, it’s a little more challenging.  So we plan to start sharing some of the ways that we create outfits that are pretty and modest at the same time!

Also, my mother and I were talking the other day and she shared an idea for the blog: she explained that when she was a young mother, she often wished there was an older woman whom she could talk to and ask questions – to be able to learn from someone else’s experience. So she came up with a column idea for this blog … Ask Annie 🙂

The idea is to extend an invitation to any of you out there who have questions that you want to ask a wife of 25 years and a mother of 7 (4 of whom are adults).  She can then take your questions and share the answers with everyone in blog post format.  So if you have any questions, please send them our way!  You can either leave a comment or send us an email.

Speaking of mothers, I’ll close this post with a few words about a Mother’s Day Sale that is happening right now.


Anyone who has been reading this blog long is aware of the fact we really enjoy the Lilla Rose product line!  Of course, we differ in our preferences on favorite items, colors and styles … but more days than not, we girls usually have something from this company in our hair.  It may be a quick twist in the morning to get our hair out of the way while we’re feeding dogs … a braided bun wrapped by a headcovering once we have put some effort into dressing for the day … a headband whose colors compliment the covering … you-pins or hair sticks to put up a “wet hair” bun after getting out of the shower … or just some simple bobby pins to help hold a tichel in place.

hairband-bobby pins

Lilla Rose is currently hosting a 3 day sale, with 10% off their new items, including Grace – the May flexi-of-the-month and the Elegant Flower flexi, as well as 20% off some other select items. There are also some of the Tulip Field clips (the April flexi-of-the-month) which you can purchase until the end of April (or it sells out!).  I really love the colors on that one and plan to order it (and the new Star of David clip!) as soon as I finish typing this 🙂

If you would like to order, please use this party link and we will draw a hostess from the customers for the party rewards!  If you are a new customer and you order 3 items, email me after placing your order and tell me what item you would like to get for free!  *Must be up to $16 value.  Available for USA residents only.*

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

Discounts, Free Gifts And Free Shipping Offers!

Greetings everyone!  I hope all of you have enjoyed a wonderful day of food and joyful fellowship with friends and family.

Are you a black-friday shopper?  Personally I don’t care for the thought of getting up crazy early to stand behind who-knows-how-many people in lines that are who-knows-how-long!  I took my sisters to Hancocks Fabric last year … and I’m not convinced that the discounts fully compensated us standing in line and sitting in traffic!  But I do love sales so I get pretty excited about online deals and that’s what I want to tell you about 🙂

black friday

We are holding a one day sale at Hannah’s Headcoverings with 20% off all the tichels in our store, along with free shipping on orders over $40.  It begins Friday morning at 12 am CST.  Please be aware: we have limited quantities of certain varieties and we cannot do back orders since our source for tichels varies from time to time.  So if there’s something you want, I advise you to go ahead and order, because there are no guarantees you’ll be able to get it once they’re all gone!  To take 20% off your order, use the code blackfriday20 and to get free shipping, use the code blackfridayship.


made on

Abigail wrote a review for MadeOn Hard Lotion last year that you can read here but the gist of it is that we have found it to be really good stuff!  Most of us girls have a trouble with rough and dry hands during the winter, but the MadeOn Lotion is really helpful.  Their lip balm is really nice too.  They will have several sales happening tomorrow so this may be a great time to order if you’re wanting to try out the products.  Here are a few of the specials …




Lilla Rose is having their biggest sale of the year, with 20% off everything, 50% off select items and free shipping on orders over $50!  This sale will last three days, beginning 12am (PST) Friday November 28th, and ending at midnight on Sunday November 30th.  One of the exciting things about this sale is that they have brought back all of the 2014 flexis-of-the-month, including the favorite Colors On Parade set … they will all be 20% off and available Friday morning.  Based on past experience, these items will probably not last very long and they will not do back orders. So again, if you want them – order early!


Do you know how much I enjoy the flexi-clips while we’re traveling?  We’ve been doing a lot of traveling this past week and I love how they hold my hair comfortably without giving me a headache, plus the fact that I can lean back against the headrest in the vehicle and take a nap without being uncomfortable or needing to fix my hair and headcovering whenever we stop and get out!  They also work great in the pool 🙂


I have set up a mystery hostess party for this sale so if you want to take advantage of these specials, order through this link:  Everyone who orders through that party link will have a chance to win the hostess rewards, which include free and half-priced items!  And if you are a new Lilla Rose customer and you order three items, we will be happy to send you a fourth one of your choice up to $16 value.  Please note: the fourth item must be ordered separately so please do not place it in your cart … contact us with the item number after you have placed your order and we will process it for you.

And as always, if you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Happy shopping y’all!!

Happy Summer and How To Get Free Shipping With Lilla Rose!

Hello Ladies!

Sarah here.  Yesterday was officially the first day of summer … are you feeling it yet?!?  I sure am!  I love the warm weather … but I’m not very fond of my long hair making the back of my neck all sweaty … is anyone with me on that? 🙂


I have found a cure for that problem!!!


I can put my hair up in bun and it will hold it there all day.  Actually to tell the truth, because we have a dog business, I don’t like to dress nicely or do my hair until after I feed and take care of my dogs.  So in the morning, I throw my hair in a flexi clip so it doesn’t get into everything and get dirty … and then doggies here I come!


After my doggies are taken care of, I normally change my work clothes for something a little more girly and feminine, which often includes a matching flexi … I love matching flexis with my outfits!


But the main reason for this post is to let you all know that we have a Lilla Rose mystery hostess party going on right now!  This means that whoever makes a purchase through this party will have the chance of winning the hostess rewards.  You can view the hostess rewards by clicking here.  And to make this special deal a little more special, we are have two promotional offers!

  • Free shipping on Lilla Rose orders over $40.  Once your order is placed, we will refund your shipping costs.  Contact us for details once you have ordered.
  • Buy 3, Get One Free!  For new customers only: if you order three items, you can get a fourth one (up to $16 value) for free.  Note: the fourth item must be ordered separately so contact me after you place your order.

By the way …


… and they’re durable!


To take advantage of these specials, and be entered into the drawing for the mystery hostess rewards, order through this link:

One of the things we love about the flexi-clips is that they can be worn with headcoverings. Here are a couple different ways that my sister Hannah wore hers recently.  In the first picture you don’t actually see the clip, but it was still such a comfortable way to keep a bun.  No headaches! In the second picture, she lifted her tichel to show the bun.  Third and fourth pictures – we actually have a tutorial on how to wear a tichel in this style … she added the clip as an accessory, and also to keep her hair from going everywhere!

purple and green

Want to see some more tutorials on how to utilize the flexi-clips with headcoverings?  Check out Gibson Tuck with Lilla Rose Flexi Clip and Braided Bun With Flexi Clip.

Not sure what size is best for you?  Here’s a chart:


You can also watch sizing videos here:


Happy shopping!

We’re Back … And Check Out This Sale!!

Shalom Y’all!

I know it’s a been awhile since we posted anything … we had hoped to keep up with it while we were overseas, but we found ourselves in a whirlwind of activity and very little computer time.  Now we’re back in Tennessee and trying to get settled in, unpacked and organized!

We had fun taking “flexi pictures” in the different areas of Israel that we visited 🙂



Since we wear headcoverings most of the time, my sisters and I enjoy experimenting with different styles and using the Lilla Rose products to “dress up” our coverings.  I also love to use them to put up my hair in a ponytail or bun first thing in the morning when I haven’t had time to “do my hair” yet 🙂 .  My sister Sarah even wore one of her clips while swimming in the Mediterranean – unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that 🙁 .  Abigail likes to wear her hairband over a matching tichel like this –

IMG_8981 copy

We plan to post more in the near future when we have more time, but for now I wanted to write a quick post to let you all know about a Lilla Rose sale that is happening RIGHT NOW!  All items are 10% off and several styles are 20% off!!  Plus, you can get free shipping on orders over $40!!


Not only that, but the May Flexi-of-the-Month has just been released and it is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!  I love the “Faith, Hope and Love” theme and the little “Mom” charm that can be removable 🙂


NOTE: unfortunately the hairband is already sold out and does not allow backordering, but the company has ordered more and will be restocking as soon as possible.

I have created a mystery hostess party for any of you who would like to take advantage of these special deals!  If you order by midnight (pacific time) May 2nd through this party link, you will have a chance to win the mystery hostess rewards!  If you haven’t worn a flexi clip and are not sure what size you need, you can watch this video to find out!  And the wonderful thing about Lilla Rose is that if you order the wrong size, you can return it for the right size.

Happy shopping!

It’s A Mystery Hostess Party!

mystery hostess

Thank you all for your participation in our recent giveaway – we want to congratulate Theresa C who won the free item! Since so many of you expressed interest in the flexi-clips, we thought it would fun to have a mystery hostess party! This means that whoever makes a purchase through this party will have their name entered into a drawing for a chance to win the hostess rewards. Here is a list of the rewards: The mystery hostess can earn up to $150 in free products, 6 half-priced items and a special gift!

So here’s what you do … order through this link: anytime between now and 12:00am CST, February 20th. When you order, your name will automatically be entered into the contest and the winner will be drawn Friday, February 21st.

You will also notice that Lilla Rose is offering a two-day only 10% sale on select items, including the February 2013 flexi-of-the-month: Rosey Heart! To view all the available sale items, type the word heart into the search window. Keep in mind, this sale expires midnight PST, February 8th.

Last but not least, we are offering a prize to the person who invites the most customers to this party! Do you have any friends who would be interested in Lilla Rose products? This would be the perfect time to send them this link and ask them to consider ordering through this party: Then you can send me the names and email addresses of whomever you have invited … I will not contact them or share their information with anyone, this is just a way for me to see who has invited the most customers. This person will receive a $10 gift certificate to Lilla Rose!

There has been some inquiry about the fact that many of the flexi-clips are currently out of stock.  HQ has announced that nearly all of these items will be back in stock by mid-February so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, check back in a few days!

*Please Note: Lilla Rose does not send emails verifying your order through party links but I would be happy to confirm your order if you email me after finishing it. The party will stay open until Thursday night, and then once it is closed all orders will ship. Please remember to select the “Ship to Customer” option so that it ships to you instead of the hostess!*