Dead Sea Facial Care Giveaway!

dead sea products

I have had difficulties with acne for many years.  I have tried so many different remedies, everything from natural cleansers and creams, to food products and essential oils.  I have even tried products that were advertised as being effective when other products aren’t!

Certain products have helped but not to the extent that I feel justified in paying the expensive price for them.  But I recently came across Jenny Send and the products from Radiantly You. Jenny sent me some samples of the products and I have noticed an improvement in my skin.  I can’t say that they’ve worked miracles and all my troubles are over!  After all, I’ve dealt with this problem for years and I don’t expect it to disappear overnight.  But I have seen improvement and I can appreciate the fact that the products are affordable – more affordable than most I have found. Read more

We’re Giving Away A Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip And Headband!


Most of our readers are aware of how much we enjoy our Lilla Rose products.  Some of you enjoy them too, and some of you are probably skeptical about whether or not they’re worth the fuss.  I have spoken to many people who are hesitant to purchase them without actually seeing them in person and trying them out.  This is definitely understandable.

With that in mind, we would like to give one of our readers a chance to win some of these products!  We would love to give all of you a set but unfortunately finances don’t permit that right now.  Maybe we will be able to one day when our business grows a bit 😉

In the meantime, we would like to give one of you lovely ladies a flexi clip and matching headband!  The winner will be able to choose one of these sets, including the flexi-clip size of your choice.

Freestyle Tiara Flexi-clip and HeadbandFreestyle Tiara

Turquoise Tranquility Flexi-clip and HeadbandTurquoise Tranquility

Tree Of Life/Lovely Pearls Flexi-clip and HeadbandTree Of Life

Flora/Mixed Metals Flexi-clip and HeadbandFlora Metals

Hues Of Blues Flexi-clip and HeadbandHues Of Blues

Would you like a chance to win one of these sets?  All you need to do is enter through the rafflecopter below!  If you’re the winner, we will contact you to find out which set you would like and which size flexi you need.

Happy entering!

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P.S. Remember how I mentioned that some people are hesitant about ordering the products without trying them out in person?  Lilla Rose has a 30 day money back guarantee, meaning that if you don’t like the product you order, you can return it and they’ll give you your money back.  Just something to keep in mind 🙂

Shining Stars 2015 Calendar Giveaway!

Sorry it has been a little quiet around here lately!  We hope to post more in the upcoming weeks and months but for now I wanted to share a little giveaway.

We created a 2015 calendar to help raise funds for the magazine and we will be giving away one of them to a Radical Femininity reader!  Will that be you? 🙂

2015 CalendarThe Shining Stars 2015 calendar features 13 months (January 2015-January 2016) of beautiful photographs complimented by inspirational quotes and Scripture verses. Professionally designed and printed, this hanging calendar can be a wonderful and practical way to brighten up your wall!  It can make a great gift for a friend too!

Barring the unexpected, the calendar will be available on December 19th.  We are taking orders now and are currently running two promotions:

  • Pre Order … use the code “earlybird” to take 10% off your calendar purchase.  Offer expires December 14th.
  • Buy Three, Get One Free … add four calendars to your cart and you will only be charged for three.  No coupon code needed.

Would you like a preview of some of the pages? 🙂  All of them can be viewed on this page.




For a chance to win one of these calendars, enter through the rafflecopter below.  If you would like to make sure you secure one before they all sell out, you can order now on this page and if you end up winning the giveaway, we will refund your payment!

Have fun!!

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Rosi & Co Giveaway and Lilla Rose Sale


I would like to introduce you to Rosi & Co Design Studio – a home business that is run by a dear friend of mine.  Rosi is the young lady who does the layout and design for Shining Stars Magazine, she also designed the SSM website and is always available when I call her with questions about operating this site!

aboutrosiHello everyone!  My name is Rosi Rodriguez and I am a 20 year old daughter of the King of Kings!  My family of 4 and I live on a beautiful farm in the Arizona desert. We currently have 2 dogs, 1 bull calf, 3 sheep and 20 plus chickens… so you can imagine life is definitely not boring!  I’m a creative and aspiring photographer and seeking out the beauty in the ordinary.  As a believer in Messiah, my utmost desire and delight is to serve my Savior in everything I do!

As an avid entrepreneur, my brain is constantly thinking of ways to be of help to my family, so I am often inspired to start new business endeavors.  Graphic design is something that has always interested me, and after several years of learning HTML and CSS, bothering friends with design questions, and some prayer, I decided to launch Rosi & Co Design Studio where I offer custom Blogger and WordPress designs.

My favorite part in designing a website is coordinating colors, finding the perfect fonts, tweaking the structure of a code to finally get the look I envisioned!  It is oftentimes challenging but the end result is extremely satisfying!  If you are in need of any design services, I’d love to work with you! Also, feel free to visit my site and please spread the word!  May YHWH bless you!

If you’re looking for someone to do website/blog design, look no further!  She does an EXCELLENT job and is SUCH a pleasure to work with!  I have been very blessed to get to know her on a personal and professional level, and I hope that you will be able to support her new cottage industry and share with anyone who may be interested in her services.

Rosi is giving away a basic package design to one winner!  This package can be for a Blogger site and includes:
– Custom Header
– Background
– Post Signature
– Standard Navigation Bar
– Custom HTML/CSS Template
– Design Installation

For a chance to win this package, enter through the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post!


Lilla Rose has a three day sale happening right now!  They have added new flexi-clips, bobby pins, you-pins and a headband to their inventory and they’re all 10% off!  There is also a 20% off discount on their retiring styles.

I was recently able to try out the bobby pins and wow, are they nice!  They are very comfortable and well-made, and they work great for helping to keep a headcovering from sliding off!  I have also been wearing the you-pins … I find they work best when my hair has just been washed and is still wet – even dripping wet.  If I twist it into a bun and secure it with you-pins, it will hold all day and feels very comfortable.  However if I try to use them when my hair is dry, they do not hold so well.  So there’s my honest opinion on the you-pins 🙂

This is a long, rectangle tichel … I put my hair into a bun using a large flexi, folded the tichel in half lengthwise, tied it once underneath, wrapped it around my bun, but the remaining ends were too much to keep wrapping around, so I secured them with an extra-small flexi 🙂  The bobby pins helped to hold it all in place.
three LR

Also, some good news for overseas readers … Lilla Rose now offers international shipping options and can take Paypal for payment!

If you are a new customer, you can also take advantage of our “buy three, get one free” offer. Note: the fourth clip must be ordered separately so please do not put it in your cart.  It will not be free!  Once you have ordered your three items, email me the item number of the fourth item and I will take care of it from there.  This sale ends midnight (PDT) August 23rd.  Thank you for your business!

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How To Build A Strong Christian Home – Review and Giveaway!

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.17.41 AMI recently had the opportunity to read and review an ebook titled How To Build A Strong Christian Home by June Fuentes. Before sharing my thoughts, I would like to share a quote that every woman ought to consider –

The woman who makes a sweet, beautiful home, filling it with love and prayer and purity, is doing something better than anything else her hands could find to do beneath the skies.
~ J.R. Miller

Have you ever visited someone in their house and it just didn’t feel like a home?  Maybe there was a nervous tension in the atmosphere that made you feel unwelcome.  Maybe the hosts were welcoming but the house was cluttered and untidy, making you feel like you couldn’t really relax.

A home is one of the most influential places on this earth.  And I think most people would agree that the wife/mother is the most influential person in the home!  Most of the responsibility for “setting the tone” falls on her.  You are probably familiar with the old adage – “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”, and you would probably agree that it is very true!

In How To Build A Strong Christian Home, Mrs. Fuentes provides wonderful inspiration for those who would like to do just that!  While this book is geared toward married women, I very much enjoyed reading it and would highly recommend it for any woman, married or unmarried.


Mrs. Fuentes begins the book by sharing a glimpse into a typical American home today, complete with statistics that show the deterioration of family home life.  She then proceeds to share some ways that we can avoid these statistics by making our homes into places that reflect the fruits of the Holy Spirit that should permeate our lives.  She discusses things like education in the home, the husband/wife relationship, discipling children and shepherding their hearts, leaving a legacy, making memories and gracious hospitality, ministering as a family, how not to tear down your home, and much more!

Woven throughout the book are lovely inspirational quotes, applicable Scripture passages, and personal experiences of the author.  I appreciate that the content is appropriate for ladies of all ages and that younger girls can be easily understood and comprehend the wisdom that is shared.  At the end of each chapter are several “challenge questions” that can be used on a personal level, or even in a group study setting.  And speaking of group studies, Mrs. Fuentes offers discount bundles for studies – you can find out more information on the website.  On a practical note, this ebook is 90 pages long and typed in fairly large font that is easy to read.


Personally, this book inspired me to consider various aspects of what it means to be a successful keeper of the home.  Not only did it give me ideas for when I have my own home one day, but I also found practical advice and suggestions that can be useful even to unmarried women.  After all, each of us have homes right now!  Some of us may have our own home and others may live with their families, but all of us can learn how to invest into our homes and the people that live in them.  All of us should take responsibility for the entertainment that influences our lives.  All of us can learn how to prepare tasty meals and decorate a home.  We may not have children to train, but many of us have younger siblings whom we can teach and for whom we should be setting a good example.  We may not have husbands yet, but we can learn respect and submission in our relationships with our Fathers, as well as our spiritual Bridegroom – our Savior.  Each of us is leaving a legacy … it is up to us to make it a blessing or a curse.

How To Build A Strong Christian Home is available via PDF, Kindle and Nook!  Mrs. Fuentes has offered to give away a PDF copy to one of our readers!  If you would like a chance to win it, please enter through the rafflecopter below.


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Black Walnut Giveaway and the Best Banana Muffin Recipe!

Last fall, in an effort to raise funds for our family to go overseas for six weeks this spring, we decided to gather nearly every black walnut on our farm and a lot from the surrounding area.

These nuts are naturally grown, with no chemicals or sprays. They are gathered, cracked and preserved by hand, from the hills and hollers of Tennessee. Thanks to resealable bags, these black walnut pieces can now be stored unopened in a cool, dry location for years! They do need to be kept in the refrigerator or freezer once opened.

Black walnuts have a strong rich flavor, are absolutely delicious and very nutritious. They can be eaten as a snack, in hot or cold cereal, fruit or vegetable salads, your favorite muffins, breads, cakes, cookies and desserts. Just add them to your favorite recipes and enjoy the delightful flavor.

We are giving away an 8 ounce package to one winner.  If you would like to enter the drawing, please enter through this rafflecopter.

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You can also purchase them on this page.  Measurements from “weight to cup” can vary from one package to the next. Below is an approximate estimate of the amount you will receive.

4 ounces = 1 cup
8 ounces = 2 cups
16 ounces = 4 cups

Here is the best Banana muffin recipe I have ever made.  They are very soft, moist and tasty … and just a little better with some homegrown black walnuts 🙂IMG_1517

Banana Muffins

2/3 c. Butter, softened
3 Eggs
1 c. Sucanat
2/3 c. Buttermilk
2½ c. Pastry Flour
1 ¼ t. Baking Powder
1 ¼ t. Baking Soda
1 t. Salt
6 Bananas, mashed
Black Walnuts to your desire

Banana MuffinsPreheat oven to 350° F. Mix dry ingredients. Beat butter and eggs together. Add all the remaining ingredients. Mix well with a beater or spoon. Spoon the batter into muffin pans. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until the tester comes out clean.

P.S. Remember the MadeOn Hard Lotion that my sister Abigail reviewed several weeks ago? They’re having a special President’s Day promotion: get free shipping on orders over $17.76. Just use the coupon code “1776” when ordering on their website!

Review and Giveaway: Lilla Rose Flexi Clips

Do you own any Lilla Rose Flexi-clips?  If you don’t … let me introduce you to them!


A few years back I won a giveaway for two flexi-clips.  I was extremely thrilled when I received them and started wearing them.  They are very comfortable and so feminine, and we soon found ourselves purchasing more.


Lilla Rose has so many different colors and sizes and it is so much fun to match them up with different outfits!  How do you know which size is right for you?  You can watch sizing and styling videos by clicking here.  They also have other hair accessories, including the Flexi Oh!, Hair Bands, Hair Sticks, Bobby Pins and You-Pins!


They can be worn in all types and lengths of hair, and my sisters and I especially like that you can wear them either with or without a headcovering.  Personally, I wear them with headcoverings and there are so many different hairstyles you can do with them as well!

flexi with headcoverings

We have recently signed up to be Lilla Rose consultants and in an effort to spread the word about our new business venture, we are hosting a giveaway in which we will be giving away one flexi-clip, up to $16 value, to a random winner!  However, the winner must be a brand new customer who has not ordered through another consultant’s website.  I apologize if this excludes some of you but as we are just starting our business and are somewhat financially strapped, we have to use a certain method for giveaways right now which can only be redeemed by new customers.  Hopefully once we make some profit we can host some giveaways that are open to everyone!  Also, this giveaway is only open to readers in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

So, if you have never purchased a flexi-clip and would like a chance to try out one of these fantastic creations, please enter in the rafflecopter below.  Also, please help us by spreading the word to your friends and invite them to come over and enter for the giveaway as well.

And finally, we have a special promotion to offer new customers …


The picture says it all!  If you are a new customer and you order three items, we will happily send you a fourth one of your choice free!

Are you wanting to win one of these beauties?  Ready, set, enter!

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