Two Years With Lilla Rose – A Giveaway!


Yesterday marked our two year anniversary as Lilla Rose consultants!  If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably discovered how much we enjoy our Lilla Rose products.

150146_10204827896724825_4417663609497509068_n copy

It isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme by any means … and I certainly wouldn’t want it to be!  But it has been a great opportunity to learn more about running your own business, to connect with other lovely ladies, and to provide a little income.  If you are looking for a business opportunity, I would definitely encourage you to consider this one.  The company is so easy to work with and you can completely choose your own pace.  There is no pressure to sell a certain amount or to sign up such-and-such amount of people.  Plus, the products are wonderful!

Every day I reach for a flexi-clip almost as soon as I wake up, and twist my hair up out of the way. (The bad part is, sometimes I forget to take it down and brush my hair out!)  Flexi-clips and bobby pins probably get the most use in this household, although some of us also enjoy the headbands, you-pins and hair sticks as well.  I like how versatile the clips are.  If I’m in a hurry, it takes me about 20 seconds to twist my hair into my clip, and then I can cover it with a tichel and be done for the day.  If I have time and feel like “styling” my hair, I will sometimes braid it and then twist up into the bun and wrap the tichel around it so that you can still see the flexi-clip – and of course it’s color coordinated! 😉

This is my sort of half-up twist/bun … for when I want to wear one of our medium sized clips, especially this one! 2015-11-28 18.14.04

Ruthie’s hair is very thick and long so she often uses two smaller clips rather than one mega! 20151227_110446

This is Sarah’s go-to style, although she has several that she alternates between!20150909_082048

Lydia usually wears her hair like this …  20151005_175319

… and she almost always wears bobby pins! 20151129_124509


Many people wonder about how to determine the size they need, especially if they don’t have the opportunity to try them on.  This is a handy little chart but also keep in mind that if you order the wrong size, the company will replace it with the one you need.


To celebrate our anniversary, we will be giving away a flexi-clip!  The winner can choose her size out of the inventory that we have on hand!  Please enter through the rafflecopter below!

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Announcing Aliyah’s Aprons And A Giveaway!

“You should really sell those things!”

I’ve heard it for a long time, but always laughed it off.

“Me, sell aprons??!  You’ve got to be kidding me!”

The story of my first apron – 

Years ago I decided that I wanted to make an apron.  I had no idea how to, but I pulled out some fabric and asked my seamstress friend who was visiting  for some pointers.  She gladly told me a few things, and I set to work cutting and sewing.  People, this thing was going to be just amazing!!! 

But when I excitedly showed my friend the “finished product” her eyes widened, and I don’t think she knew quite what to say!!!  She finally mentioned something about how it might be good to sew in the raw edges, but graciously told me that it was nice! 

Guys, this apron was just plain pathetic!  I don’t know if it could even be considered an apron, and I admire my friend for being so sweet about it … I could think of a dozen things she could have said, but she just encouraged me to keep practicing!

I knew I had done a terrible job, but after a while I decided to try making another … and another … and another.  Being a perfectionist has its advantages, and this was one time I’m so thankful that that side of me kicked in!  I wanted the perfect apron, the perfect style and a perfect job done on it! Before long, my family and friends started commenting on them, which encouraged me to keep getting better! 

So with all that being said, you might understand why the idea of starting an apron business would be so laughable to me a couple years ago!  However, after many hours of practice, work and prayer, I’ve decided to start this little business with the hope of blessing others.


My goal –

My desire is to offer the highest quality aprons for the most affordable price.  I was a teenager before I brought myself to buy an apron … call me silly, call me a penny-pincher, call me whatever you want to, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay a lot of money for something I didn’t really need!  And even when I did buy one, I bought it half-priced!

So if you’re like me, and love pretty feminine things but aren’t willing to pay a fortune for them, I really hope I can help you!  And if you’re just looking for a pretty apron for you or your friend, I hope I can help you too!

I am still in the very beginning stages of this, and the website and shop aren’t even set up yet, but as I’m working on it I thought I’d share my plans with my dear “radical family” (Oh that sounds really bad, doesn’t it??! Maybe I should come up with a different name for you all!) and get your advice on things!

Would you take a minute to fill out this short survey?  Your input and suggestions would be so helpful!

Create your own user feedback survey

I will be announcing the new website when it is up and running!


Also, I’ve been buying bits of material here and there when it goes on sale, so I sewed a few aprons and am listing them here for $15 a piece (including shipping) to help with the startup cost, since starting a business on your own is quite expensive!  Unfortunately $15 won’t even cover the cost of material at full price and shipping, much less the labor, but since I was able to get the fabric for cheaper than usual, I wanted to offer these to y’all at a discounted price.

Summer at sea (only one available, size medium)IMG_0074

Butterfly beauty (two available, size medium)IMG_0137

Pink blossom (five available, sizes small, medium and large)
Purple blossom (five available, sizes small, medium and large)  IMG_0158



If you would like to purchase one of these, drop me an email or leave a comment on this post.

And lastly, I’m giving away one of these aprons (winner’s choice) so be sure to enter yourself in the giveaway below!

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Masculine Perspectives On Godly Womanhood


In a few days, we will be receiving the copies of Shining Stars Magazine Volume8 Number4 from the printers.  This issue is a special edition, featuring articles from men who shared their perspectives on femininity and Biblical womanhood!  Here are excerpts from a few articles …

To put this in an analogy, Christ is like the knight in shining armor and we (the church) are the damsel. We weren’t always in distress. We were at one time perfect but then we spurned our knight and this led to our kidnapping by Satan. Our rebellion and treason allowed Satan to take over our entire world. We were trapped, completely unable to free ourselves, though we have often tried. Even worse, we have also turned and embraced our captor! We are in so much peril and “distress” that we often do not even know we are in danger!  – Reagan Ramm, The Husband: The Shepherd

Can you imagine the matriarch Sarah bopping around in a short skirt and sleeveless, V-neck top? It does get hot over there! Or can you picture the humble mother of our Savior laying out on the beach of the Mediterranean in a two-piece swimsuit? Of course not! But we’re in the 21st century and that’s the style today—so it’s OK?!  Do we really think our Master is going to accept that line of reasoning?  – Clinton Cauthen, Hidden Treasures

God has called you as His daughters to exemplify true beauty and true power. This calling demands courage, wisdom, grace and faith. It is the godly woman who is truly empowered to live life to its fullest, because only she is fully surrendered to God.  This is the paradox of Christianity.  – Andrew Eddy, Modern Feminism vs. Godly Womanhood

This is a picture that is hard for us to grasp. The Lord chose to explain the picture to us by establishing marriage between a man and a woman. One of the two must take the leading role – the dominant role, if you will permit me to use that term. It is the correct image, for in our relationship with our God, He alone must take the lead and be dominant. If not, then He is not God and His creation falls into chaos.  – Al McCarn, Overturning The Covenant With Death

So what is Emunah? In my understanding of Hebrew, we do not have a single word in English that can explain it. What it means is that you are putting all of your hope, all of your trust, all of your faith, every thing that is within you, all day, every day, in every situation, in every thought, in every word we speak, in every action we take … we are putting it all in YHWH. It is not just a belief but our belief is shown through our actions. That is Emunah. That is our calling. That is your calling. Are you going to walk in Emunah?  – Tom Washburn, What Is Emuna?

Would you like a copy of this issue and read all these articles yourself?  You can order a sample or subscription by clicking here.  We will also be giving away three sample copies so if you’d like a chance to win one, enter through the rafflecopter below!

Grace-Goals-paperback-coverI would also like to mention a powerful resource that I have recently discovered.  Grace Goals Course is a Scripture-saturated process to setting goals and achieving change.  The steps in this Book + Printable Bundle can be completed in a couple hours.  With the goal setting worksheets, you will come away with your own personal plan for accomplishing what God is stirring in your spirit, whether it be to stop yelling at your kids or training for a half-marathon.  This bundle includes the Grace Goals book, 5 mini workshops, and the accompanying Printable Pack.  The topics include:

Workshop One: It Starts with Desire
Workshop Two: Getting God’s Approval
Workshop Three: Refining Your Vision
Workshop Four: Finding Long Term Motivation
Workshop Five: Appropriating Grace in the Grit

You can purchase this course by clicking here!

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How I Use Essential Oils – And A Giveaway!

This past spring we children wanted to purchase a diffuser and some essential oils for my mother as a birthday gift.  After researching our options, we ended up signing up with Young Living and buying a premium starter kit that included a diffuser, eleven different essential oils and other samples.  One of the main reasons we signed up was because we were interested in stocking up on some oils and this way we could get the 24% off discount, but at the time I was a little skeptical.

I had often heard people talk about the benefits of essential oils but I hadn’t experienced them myself.  Once we received the oils, I quickly learned the difference between inexpensive essential oils (many of which are watered down,  diluted with other oils or come from synthetic sources) and the pure, high-quality, therapeutic-grade oils that come from Young Living.  I have mentioned briefly in previous posts how much the oils have been a blessing to us but I thought it would be fun to share all the different ways that we use some of the oils we currently have in our possession!

raindrop oils

These six oils are part of the Raindrop Technique … a massage treatment that I found to be very helpful.  A friend of mine did it for me when I had injured myself and I was amazed at how effective it was.  It definitely provided more relief than other creams, salves, rubs, etc.  I decided to get the oils to have on hand and I now need to teach my sisters how to do it 😉  We have also used some of these in cooking.

citrus oils

Citrus Fresh is a blend of grapefruit, lemon, orange, tangerine and spearmint.  We like to diffuse it to help cleanse the air.  It’s good in drinking water too.  The same goes for lemon and orange.  I like to include lemon in my facial oils for its cleansing properties, or in drinking water along with orange.  I also diffuse it to freshen up the room.

pain relief oils

When my horse threw me the other day and I landed on my neck/shoulders, I was in a lot of pain!  And it happened to be the afternoon before Thanksgiving Day, so our chiropractor wasn’t open for visits.  I had just ordered Deep Relief but it had not arrived in the mail yet, so I used Valor II and Stress Away.  Personally, I like the smell of Valor better than Valor II but sometimes it isn’t in stock and the II version seems to work well.  I rubbed the Valor II into the bottoms of my feet and my neck and shoulders, and then I rubbed the Stress Away into my neck and shoulders too.  I planned to layer PanAway also but I experienced so much relief from the first two, that I held off on the PanAway and just used it when I was going to bed, since laying down was really painful!  These three really helped for a couple days but then the pain started to return so a friend of mine recommended another oil … I’ll share about that in a minute!

My sisters and I have used Valor when we were feeling out of alignment and in need of a chiropractic adjustment, and had great success.  I have just received the Deep Relief so haven’t used it much but a friend of mine told me that she has found it very helpful with menstrual cramping, and also for contractions in labor.

I believe that 3548Frankincense is the oil that has proved most remarkable to me!  I had heard that it provides oxygenation but was (again!) a little skeptical.  Then one of my dogs had a litter of puppies and she has a bad habit of squishing them.  I try to monitor as closely as a I can but there were two times that I found half-dead puppies from where she had apparently smothered them.  The one was still breathing but obviously struggling … I applied some frankincense to her chest and within a couple minutes she was breathing normally and nursing vigorously.  The second puppy was further gone – we could barely see any breath and I was quite sure we would lose him.  But with frankincense, helichrysum and prayer, he revived!  It took a little longer for him – probably 10 to 15 minutes before he was breathing normally, but he is now a healthy, active little guy and you’d never know anything had happened!

I mentioned that my friend had suggested another oil when my neck was in pain … it was frankincense.  It isn’t typically known as a pain relief oil but she was praying for me and that’s what came to mind, so I tried applying it to the back of my neck.  Within about 30 minutes, the pain and stiffness had lessened considerably and I was able to move my neck normally!

3563Helichrysum is the most expensive oil we currently have.  We became aware of its benefits when we had a litter of puppies that had umbilical cords that wouldn’t stop bleeding.  We normally tie them off with dental floss but it wasn’t working in this situation so a visiting friend let us use her helichrysum.  I was overseas when this happened but my sisters were so impressed with how well it worked and stopped the bleeding, so I suggested we all pitch together and get a bottle to have on hand.  We have used it several times with the dogs on bleeding cords or dewclaws, or even for ourselves.  Just this morning my sister Sarah came and showed me where she had cut her hand and it was still bleeding after applying a band-aid for awhile.  She put a drop of helichrysum on and it stopped bleeding!

lavender peppermint

This combination was my introduction to “oils that work”!  I have struggled with a certain type of “discomfort” in my head for years and I had heard people say that lavender and peppermint essential oils are helpful.  I had tried it, with the cheap ones, and there was no relief.  Just after we got our starter kit I had this “discomfort” and decided to give it a try.  It worked so well and I was thrilled!

Lavender has been my mother’s go-to oil for years.  She usually has a bottle in her purse and likes to put it on regularly.  It has so many wonderful qualities.  Among other things, I have had it relieve burns and painful finger callouses.  We use a lot of peppermint too – we put it in our toothpaste, diffuse it, put it in drinking water, etc.

peacecalming progessence

Peace & Calming is probably my favorite oil to just smell!  I love to wear it or diffuse it.  I have also used it to calm down our mother dogs sometimes and it can work the same way for people too!  The Progessence Plus is very helpful in balancing hormones and some of us girls use it to prevent normally painful cycles.  My mother also discovered that it helped relieve her hot flashes.  It has definitely been a blessing!


We purchased Lemongrass this past summer to help one of our dogs that had a skin issue, and quickly discovered that it prevents flies!  On a farm, this is a necessity and we much prefer using an all-natural resource rather than chemical products!  When we went camping for Sukkot a couple months ago, we had a lot of flies around the camp kitchen and we found that when we sprinkled lemongrass on a cloth or napkin and wiped down the tables, the flies disappeared.

We like to diffuse Purification, or put it in our laundry detergent.  I have also used it on bee/wasp stings … it provided a lot of relief and minimizes swelling.  I use Tea Tree for cleaning and fungal issues.  It has been very helpful when we’ve had several issues with our dog’s skin and I also use it with facial oils.

Thieves might be my second favorite blend.  We diffuse it often, especially this time of year.  We also use it in cleaning sprays and toothpaste.  If someone isn’t feeling well, especially cold/flu related, I have found it beneficial to apply it.

Do you use essential oils regularly?  Which are your favorites?

We will be giving away a 15ml bottle of Orange Essential Oil to one winner!  Everyone is welcome to enter in the rafflecopter below.

If you would like to sign up with Young Living to get your own discount, I have a special offer for anyone who joins our team!


If you sign up with a premium starter kit by December 15th, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a bottle of the Thieves Household Cleaner!

If you have any questions about the oils or signing up, please feel free to contact us.  In the meantime, happy entering and I hope you win 🙂

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Counting Your Blessings – And A Linkup Party!

counting your blessings

What are you thankful for?

It’s a common topic around this time of year.  There are so many Scripture references to giving thanks and we all know that we have so much to be thankful for.  Even when things seem like they can’t get any worse, we can always find at least one thing for which we can give thanks!

This year we want you to take part in a challenge to see how many things we can be thankful for!  Please leave a comment on this post and list as many things as you would like.  You can always come back and leave another comment if you think of more things!  We just ask one thing – we want to number each “thanksgiving” so that we can see how many we came up with, so please list yours on separate lines like this:

Warm Home
More Chocolate …

You get the idea! 🙂

Can we find 1,000 things to be thankful for?  We need your help to do it!   And to make this challenge a little more special, we will be drawing two winners for a little giveaway to say thank you for participating.  Everyone who leaves a comment on this post, sharing what she’s thankful for, will be entered into the drawing!  My sister Abigail will be in charge of choosing the gifts and sending them out … she’s really good at that 🙂

So what are you waiting for?!  Start typing out your “thanksgivings”!

But that’s not the only excitement in this post …


We decided to host a linkup party along this same theme and are so blessed and excited to have several other bloggers join us!  Have you ever written a blog post along the lines of giving thanks?  Or even something related to the Thanksgiving holiday?  If so, please link it up below.

After the linkup closes (November 25th) we will be sharing a featured post from one these entries.  I asked my sisters to help me read all the posts and pick out their favorites, and then we would decide together which one to feature.

Did I ever mention we are all quite opinionated? 🙂

I’m not quite sure how we’ll all decide on one post!  Maybe we’ll just have to choose several instead.  One for each of us!  Please check back on Friday November 27th to see which post was featured and who won the giveaway!

One more thing: please visit each of these lovely ladies who are co-hostessing the event and leave a comment on their Thanksgiving post!  They would love for you to connect with them on social media too.

April @ A Simple Life Too

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Hannah @ Shining Stars Magazine

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Naomi @ What Joy Is Mine

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The Ladies @ Radical Femininity

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We would love for you to participate … whether by sharing a blog post or if you aren’t a blogger, by sharing what you’re thankful for in the comment section.  Please also grab our button and place it on your website/blog so that others can join too.  Let’s be thankful together!

grab button for Radical Femininity

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Car Seat Baby Blankets – Win One!

Have you seen a car seat baby blanket before?


Picture winter time … cold, windy, freezing … and you are trying to go somewhere in a vehicle. You want to keep your baby warm, but you’re having a difficult time maneuvering the car seat straps around the fuzzy warm blanket in which you have wrapped your sweetie-pie!

I have the perfect solution for you!!! It makes life comfortable for the baby and more simple for the parents.


This blanket with feet is made from soft fleece fabric and is specially designed to use with a car-seat.  It also has snaps to form a hood. As you can see in the color options, several of these blankets have 100% Cotton Flannel Linings.


This innovative design can stay with the baby while lifting in and out … it adapts to different baby slings, backpacks, strollers, joggers, carriers and swings … and it makes a wonderful blanket to swaddle your baby at any time!

These blankets are extremely simple to use in or out of a car seat:

Slide your baby inside the blanket and buckle in like normal … it’s that simple!1

If desired, tuck the “arms” around your cutie to keep him or her warm and cozy.


​You can also form a hood by attaching the snaps on the “head” to the ones on the “arms”.


And there you have it!  Simply perfect!


With the hope that many of you will get to try this blanket out yourself, I will be giving away one of these blankets (of the $26 or less variations), as well as five $15 coupons to be used on anything in my Etsy shop!

That’s a total of six winners!!

You can enter through the rafflecopter below. There are twenty delightful blankets from which to choose and if you would like something different, you can have that too! Just send me the material and I will sew a custom blanket for you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Rosi’s Boutique Review and Giveaway


Five years ago, a friend of mine arranged a gift swap for different girls.  My swap partner was Rosi and after swapping our first gifts, we became pen-pals and then good friends.  Rosi has been a sweet encouragement and inspiration in my life!

A few weeks back she was restocking her shop (Rosi’s Boutique) and said she wanted to send me a headcovering.  Her offer was so sweet and I picked out one covering, along with two others that I purchased since the Feasts were just around the corner and I wanted something special to add to my collection of tichels 🙂

One of my brothers thought it was funny that I ordered headcoverings from Rosi, when I own a headcovering shop with my sister, but I explained that hers are a different kind, and I love variety (plus I like supporting other believers with home businesses)!

Since I LOVE sparkles, I ordered her Sparkly Pink Long Stretch Knit Headcovering and Sparkly Oceans Long Stretch Knit Headcovering.


One thing that I REALLY love about Rosi’s coverings is that they are convertible … you can wear them as a full covering, or you can wear them as a headband!  I do both 🙂


I asked Rosi if I could do a review for her products and she agreed and also offered to host a giveaway.  The winner gets a headcovering of her choice from Rosi’s Boutique!  But whether you are the winner or not, I would highly encourage you all to stop by her shop and make a purchase – she has many different colors available and her prices are so reasonable.  Also, feel free to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like a chance to win a headcovering from Rosi’s Boutique, enter through the rafflecopter below!

By the way, Lilla Rose is having a sale … they have just released some new items and they’re all 15% off!  The orange one, called Embrace, is my favorite!  Plus they are offering free shipping on any orders over $50.  You can click here to order.  And if you’re a new customer and you purchase three items, we will send you a fourth one for free – contact us for details.



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