A Giveaway – Citrus Fresh Essential Oils

A Giveaway - Citrus Fresh Essential Oils

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy essential oils? ūüôā

And to be completely honest, I really like Young Living essential oils because I have found them to be far more effective than the cheaper brands. ¬†One of the perks of being an Essential Rewards member is that I often receive free oils (as well as earning¬†points for free products) … and I want to give away one of those oils to a reader! ¬†In fact, I have 2 bottles so I can choose 2 winners!

Each winner will receive a 5ml bottle of Citrus Fresh Vitality essential oil. ¬†Why is the word “vitality” in that phrase? ¬†Because Young Living’s Vitality essential oils are¬†intended for dietary supplement and culinary use. ¬†So not only can you use Citrus Fresh for aromatic benefits (like running it in a diffuser, or placing a few drops somewhere to freshen the air), but you can also ingest it for health benefits. Read more

A Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is one of¬†my favorite days of the year, outside of the Biblical festivals! ¬†It’s a wonderful time to gather with friends and family and the food is always outstanding! ¬†But the most important aspect of Thanksgiving is simply that … giving thanks. ¬†We have so much to be thankful for and so often we get caught up in the busy-ness of life that we forget to count our blessings.

A Thanksgiving Giveaway!

For the past several years I have really put an emphasis on¬†Thanksgiving/giving thanks on the blogs. ¬†This year I have had no¬†opportunity to do so. ¬†My days have been so full and blogging has been put on the back burner. ¬†I apologize to those of you who have contacted us with questions or suggestions for posts. ¬†We hope to be able to catch up soon but even if we can’t, I know that it will be okay and the world won’t stop spinning simply because we’re not keeping up with our schedule! ¬†It seems like I’m learning that a lot lately … to let go and not stress over a to do list!

In spite of all the craziness over the past month or so, I didn’t want to let Thanksgiving slip by without an acknowledgement so here goes –

I want to hear what you are thankful for!

Please leave a comment on this post sharing one or more things for which you can give thanks.  Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into the drawing to win a Lilla Rose flexi-clip of your choice!

Have you visited the website lately?  There are MANY new and beautiful styles to choose from!

A Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Black Friday is always the big Lilla Rose event of the year!  If you have been on the fence about whether or not Lilla Rose is as great as it sounds, this is a good time to try out the products, since some will be up to 60% off!

A Thanksgiving Giveaway!

And remember, if you order the wrong size … or if you just can’t seem to get the products to work for you … the company has a great money-back guarantee.

A Thanksgiving Giveaway!

So if you have been thinking about placing an order with Lilla Rose, you may want to do so sometime between early Friday and late Monday!  If you have any questions or need any sizing help, feel free to contact us.

In the meantime, I would love to hear about the things that you’re thankful for! ¬†Please do leave a comment and share them. ¬†All comments that are submitted between now and Sunday afternoon/evening will be entered into the drawing for a flexi-clip. ¬†If you’re not interested in a hair clip, feel free to share your thankful thoughts anyways … if you win, you can always give it to someone else!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a beautiful rest of the week!

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi’s Boutique – A Giveaway!

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

Last year I did a review and giveaway for a headcovering from my dear friend’s Etsy shop – Rosi’s Boutique.¬† Recently Rosi asked us if we would like to do another review and host a¬†giveaway as well!¬† If I were you ladies, I would jump at this chance!¬† The¬†winner of our giveaway gets a headband/covering of her choice from¬†Rosi‚Äôs Boutique!

Rosi’s coverings are amazing!¬† They are feminine, stylish and¬†so comfortable – I just love wearing them! ¬†Her¬†products are very reasonably priced so even if you do not win the giveaway, I would highly recommend that you head over to her shop and making a purchase. ¬†These are just a few of the many different styles and colors available!

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

One thing that I REALLY love about Rosi’s coverings is that they are convertible … you can wear them as a full covering or you can wear them as a headband!  I normally wear them as headbands but sometimes I wear them as a full covering too.

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

Rosi also sews and sells beautiful flags and tzitzits (tassels).  Sometimes she carries little purses/pouches too.

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

If you would like a chance to win a headcovering of your choice from Rosi’s Boutique, enter through the rafflecopter below!  Also please considering following her on Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you ladies!  Have a blessed week, rejoicing and the goodness and grace He has shown us!

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Free Spirit Farm – Review And Giveaway!

Hey y’all!

I’m so excited to tell you about a brand new business my dear friends have just started up!¬†It’s called Free Spirit Farm, which¬†offers¬†homemade lotions, soaps, lip balms¬†and more!

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

About The Shop

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

I became friends with Heather and Rachel less than two years ago but it seems like it’s been much longer!¬†They are two sisters living on a small farm in North Dakota¬†with their parents and brother,¬†and have¬†goats, sheep, angora rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, kitties and dogs! They try to live a more natural and self-sufficient¬†lifestyle than some, and enjoy gardening, raising animals and many other things:). We hit it off from the very beginning, and I am so thankful for their wonderful friendship!¬†When they told me about their hopes of starting a small business I was so excited, and after trying out their products I really wanted to do a review for them!

The Products

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

Coming from someone who used to highly dislike “wet lotions,” it may sound funny to say that the lotion may be my favorite product, but it’s true! I’ve had such a time with lotions in the past that I almost gave¬†the bottle¬†to one of my sisters to enjoy without even trying it (I never told Heather and Rachel¬†this part and feel bad for being so ungracious with their gift!) but I guess my manners got the better of me, so I puckered up in preparation for some nasty strong-smelling liquid (I am very sensitive to smells!)¬†and squirted the stuff into my hands. To my surprise it smelled really really good, and made my hands so soft and moist! I soon got into the habit of using it nightly¬†when I went to bed, and now it’s my favorite lotion! It sure is funny how things change over time! Lydia is also extremely fond of it, and may use it even more often than me:). I got it for a friend’s birthday, and she loves it too!

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

They also make such darling soaps that come in three different shapes and scents – bar soaps, flower soaps, and little heart shaped soaps (probably my favorite!). I’ve always liked soap and have even made a few batches before so I admire good soaping, and am very impressed with theirs! It is smooth and soft for more sensitive skin, but is sturdy and long-lasting (from my experience so far).

Their chocolate lip balm is very moisturizing¬†and smells so¬†delicious! They offer a peppermint flavor also, but I haven’t tried it.

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!They gave me a pink lip tint to try, and at first I was a bit skeptical about it – I’ve never worn lipstick before – not¬†because it has been outlawed in my family, but simply because we felt no need to change our natural color. I don’t have a problem with people who wear lipstick and don’t think of it as sinful … it’s just not what I prefer to do! But I was very pleasantly surprised with this tint … my lips often get chapped and blotchy, and this tint brings them back to look “normal,” with a little color. It enhances the natural coloring in¬†your¬†lips, so if you’re looking for “lip paint” you’ll be disappointed, but I am so pleased with this stuff, and we girls regularly use it! They also offer a red lip tint, although I haven’t tried it.

The Giveaway

There will be three winners … one will receive a Citrus Blast lotion (my favorite!), one will receive a pack of Peppermint Breeze flowers soaps, and one will receive the Chocolate lip balm! All you have to do¬†is go down to the bottom of the page and enter into the giveaway!

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

I love supporting small businesses and try to do so whenever I can! It’s super easy and convenient to run to Walmart and buy¬†mass-produced, perfectly packaged skincare goodies, isn’t it? But have you ever thought about all the junk and chemicals those seemingly innocent little things might have in them?

A couple months ago my mother suggested I take a shampoo that I’ve used and look up every single ingredient in it … it took a while and most of the words I still can’t pronounce, but to say the least I was very disappointed with the outcome and won’t be buying that again! Lotions, lip balms, soap and other products are like that. In order for them to last so long and sell at such a good price, many of them are chocked full of unhealthy and potentially harmful¬†ingredients, so I try to buy natural products – even if it’s a little more trouble and a bit more expensive I consider it worthwhile! Not only am I happy with what I’m putting on my skin, but I’m often supporting little business who are working very hard to offer people healthy alternatives!

Over time my sisters and I have ordered many things from many different businesses and shops, and whenever we want to buy something the question comes up, “where to buy from.” Now I know where to¬†buy buy my lotions, soaps and lip balm!¬†Free Spirit Farms is a business that I will definitely be supporting, and I’d strongly encourage you to do so also!¬†I know from experience that they do a wonderful job with their products, use very healthy natural ingredients, and are extremely affordable! Give their products a try and let me know what you think!

Free Spirit Farm - Review And Giveaway!

On a side note, we were finally able to meet each other face to face recently, which was such a treat! They are such sweet friends and I can hardly wait till the next time we can see each other! Blessings!

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We’re Giving Away A Bottle Of Joy!

I have shared before how much we love our essential oils!

They have truly been a blessing to our family and many other people I know.  It has been over one year now since we signed up as distributors with Young Living and started acquiring a collection of oils, and I have absolutely no regrets!

We're Giving Away A Bottle Of Joy!

I wrote about some of my favorite ways to use essential oils several months ago, but in the past year it has become very complicated to talk about oils, due to FDA restrictions.¬† Isn’t it unfortunate that I’m not even “allowed” to tell you about my personal experiences?!¬† With that being said, just know that essential oils can be far more effective and beneficial than we’re allowed to tell you about, and there are ways for you to discover this type of information through resources/people that aren’t company representatives! ūüėČ

We are giving away a 5ml bottle of the Joy blend!¬† It contains Bergamot, Ylang ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman chamomile, Palmarosa and Rose oils.¬† As its name indicates, Joy is designed to provide a sense of … joy!¬† A blissful atmosphere!¬† Many people have found it helpful to wear it as perfume.¬† I like to¬† diffuse it, especially with an additional citrus oil like lemon!¬† You can enter for a chance to win through the rafflecopter below!

On a slightly different note, if you would like to try out some of the essential oils at wholesale (discount) price, without needing to pay the membership fee, please contact me!  I would be happy to help you out!

Speaking of essential oils, have you looked at the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle yet?


One of the ebooks in the bundle is Homestead Simplicity: Natural Clean by Lisa Barthuly, and includes natural, simple recipes and methods for healthy cleaning techniques.  She also teaches you how to use essential oils in cleaning!

This bundle contains 70 ebooks, 14 printables, 9 ecourses & audio files, plus free items from 9 businesses!¬† The value is over $1000 and today is the last day to get it for $29.97!¬† I have already started to go through it and am excited about all the helpful books, plus the free items from the different companies!¬† I’m not going to fill this post with all the details about what you’ll receive in the bundle, but you can find everything by clicking here!¬† And everyone who purchases the bundle through this special link will be entered into a drawing to receive one of these thank you gifts from us!

A free flexi clip from Lilla Rose!10609661_658731110901133_5702038611926307227_n

A $15 gift certificate from Aliyah’s Apron!Aliyah's Aprons Version 2 Sample 2

A $15 gift certificate from Hannah’s Headcoverings!HannahsHeadcoveringsAnimatedButton

A $15 gift certificate from Virginia Ann Sewing!Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.29.26 AM

Just remember, email us once you order the bundle so that we can add you to the drawing!

Now you can enter for a chance to win the bottle of Joy! ūüėČ

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Shining Stars Magazine Volume9 Number1 – A Giveaway

Shining Stars Magazine Volume9 Number1 - A Giveaway

Several weeks ago we published our 25th issue of Shining Stars Magazine!¬† It is amazing to me how the Father has continued to bless our efforts with this ministry!¬† The newest issue’s theme is Testimonies and here are snippets from a few of the articles:

Shining Stars Magazine Volume9 Number1 - A Giveaway

“The life and death conversations never stopped. YHWH was stretching our understanding of life and death. Whose life is this? Are we living it for ourselves? Or are we living it for Him no matter what? What if He takes this baby or me? What then? Do we still trust and shine His light?¬† Although we felt confident in our decisions, we also knew that many of our friends and loved ones do not hold to the same understanding. We often felt the weight of their fear on our shoulders. Fear lurked outside, just waiting for the door to crack open to invite itself in.”
– Andrea Eaton, The Birth Testimony Of Rennah Selah.

“I remember being hungry and my baby sister, age one, being hungry and sneaking food for her along with my twin sister. One time we were caught by my birth father. He shook me over a lit cook-stove and warned me never to do it again. He also tried to kill me by trying to put me in the microwave. I was locked in a boarded-up house, rarely leaving the house and it was filthy. I was a very wild thing, having been forsaken by my birth parents and never learning right from wrong.”
– Hope King, Forsaken But Not Forgotten.

“I had no doubts of His capabilities: I had seen him heal my mother who was dying from loss of blood. I knew He took away my brother‚Äôs hernia that ‚Äúneeded‚ÄĚ surgery. As a little girl, I saw a lady set free and rise from her sick-chair to a new life (thirteen years later, I still sleep with one of the pillows she made for each of us children). I had played with a little boy who was brought back to life after drowning. I had seen Yahweh provide financially just when it was needed.¬† I just did not know why He wasn’t healing me all the way.”
– Ruth Washburn, Sick As A Dog, Having The Time Of My Life.

“When I backed down from my feminist attitudes, my husband became the leader God wanted him to be and gave him incredible vision for our family. Miraculously, I immediately loved being at home. I did not want to escape anymore. I prayed that God would give me contentment using my gifts and talents within our home and He did!”
–¬†Katie Hignight, Rejecting Feminism: Embracing My Role.

“In areas such as whom they marry or whether or not they tell the truth, etc., we tell our children that they need to control their desires and learn to desire things that are wise and pleasing to our Heavenly Father. But when it comes to physical food, often times people let their desires rule their lives instead of letting wisdom rule their desires … and by example, they teach their children to do the same.”
– Clinton and Sharon Cauthen, Are You Choosing Life?

Shining Stars Magazine Volume9 Number1 - A Giveaway

This issue contains many more testimonies and other encouraging articles.  It is actually a 28 page issue, instead of the normal 24 page length, and we are very excited to be able to make it available to you!  For those of you who are not subscribers, we want to give you a chance to win a sample copy of this issue!  You can enter through the rafflecopter below.

P.S.¬† If you don’t want to wait until the giveaway is over to see this issue, you can go ahead and order a sample copy now – if you’re the winner, we’ll refund you!

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King’s Blooming Rose Giveaway and Joyful Daughters Conference


About seven years ago, I discovered the King’s Blooming Rose magazine … a publication with a similar purpose to Shining Stars, namely that of encouraging young ladies in their journey heavenward.¬† Sarah Bryant, the editress, and I began swapping magazines and I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving KBR!

It is a high-quality, beautifully-designed quarterly publication that features material that will bless ladies of all ages.  I highly recommend it!  Sarah has offered to give away a one year subscription to one of our readers, so you can enter for a chance to win in the rafflecopter below.

I also want to let you know about the Joyful Daughters conference that Sarah and her family are hosting in March.

Joyful Daughters Conference Email(1)

My mother, sisters and I were actually planning to attend but then we had something else come up that weekend and our whole family is committed to be elsewhere.  But if you are in the area, or enjoy traveling, I think you would be greatly blessed by attending this conference.  You can find more information on their website.

One more thing: we are going to take a short break with this blog.¬† Our whole family is busy right now and I am on overload.¬† A month or so ago, I started trying to figure out how to cut back on some responsibilities and commitments and since then I have been more swamped than ever before.¬† I’ve thought about shutting down this blog a hundred times, in spite of the fact that so many of you expressed how much you enjoy it (and I really appreciate your input!) … but each time I think or pray about it, I don’t think it’s the right decision.¬† I enjoy this blog.¬† I enjoy writing and the creativity that I can express through it.¬† I also love that my sisters and mother and I can work together and all of us can contribute.¬† But even though we do have multiple contributors, I have the main responsibility for keeping it running and right now, I need to take a break from that.¬† Hopefully it will only be a couple weeks, but it may be longer.¬† I don’t know.¬† I would appreciate prayers!

Have a lovely week!

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