A Family Hike, A Sale, And New Stuff Coming Up!

This past Sabbath, our whole family decided to hike down to the cave that is a few miles from our house.  It is called the Espy Cave and I believe my brother said it is the largest unincorporated cave in Tennessee.  Something like 16 miles have been mapped and it still goes further!  We have gone exploring there in the past, but this time we decided just to hike down the hill to the big creek that comes out of the mouth of the cave.  Since we raise Labradors, we decided to take all of them along with us … that is, the 7 adults and young adults that we’re keeping that is – we didn’t take along the 8 young puppies that we had!

Since the cave is several miles from our house, we drove the truck to get there.  5 children + 7 very excited Labs + Chevy pickup = CHAOS!!  It was a crazy ride 🙂IMG_4766 copy

Abigail and Nutella, one of the young ones that we’re keeping.IMG-20150421-WA0001 copy

The hike down to the cave (and unfortunately, back up!) is really a chore.  It’s very steep and gravely in places.IMG_4774 copy

One of the mouths of the cave – that’s Sarah standing in front of it.IMG-20150421-WA0002 copy

Abigail with her Bichon – Yalili.  I forgot to mention that she came along too!IMG_4794 copy

TommyIMG_4800 copy

Ruthie and her Lab – Zoey … with Jasmine in the background.IMG_4832 copy

Me with my two – Ruger and her pup Remi.  Ruger has a litter right now, hence the hair loss :/IMG_4856 copy

See those people up there on the side of the hill?IMG_4843 copy

See them now? 🙂
IMG_4844 copy

Abba and Nutella … with Sam and a few other canine photo bombers! IMG_4830 copy

This is what Lydia looks like when a wet puppy climbs onto her lap!IMG_4817 copy

Our wonderful parents!
IMG_4852 copy

The creek is so beautiful!  Some of the children took off the shoes and went wading … IMG-20150421-WA0019 copy

Apparently Abigail forgot to look out for the slick rocks and got a little more wet than she had planned!IMG_4802 copy

And the splash from her fall got Sarah wet too!IMG_4804 copy

Enjoying the water – Lydia, Abigail and Sarah.
IMG-20150421-WA0014 copy

Lydia, Sam and Abigail – also known as “the three musketeers”!IMG-20150421-WA0026 copy

A boy, his dogs and his truck … what more can you ask for?  This was after the climb back up the hill – I’m not sure who was the most tired out of these three!
IMG_4861 copy

I have been talking with my sisters about Radical Femininity and they want to start blogging on a more regular basis, which I am very happy about!  I have discovered that I am really too busy to spend all my time and energy on this site. I enjoy blogging but it’s usually on spur of the moment inspiration, when a thought comes to me and I am free to expound on it without feeling pressure of deadlines.  To be responsible for regular posts and upkeep is just a little too much right now – which is why we sometimes go for weeks without any new posts!

But with the girls getting more involved, we plan to add some new features like tutorials, modest outfit posts and more.  I know there are a lot of modesty bloggers out there (which is great!) but what we want to do is share how we put together outfits on a budget 🙂  It’s one thing to dress modestly when you can afford $50/piece of clothing!  But when you shop thrift stores and fabric sales, it’s a little more challenging.  So we plan to start sharing some of the ways that we create outfits that are pretty and modest at the same time!

Also, my mother and I were talking the other day and she shared an idea for the blog: she explained that when she was a young mother, she often wished there was an older woman whom she could talk to and ask questions – to be able to learn from someone else’s experience. So she came up with a column idea for this blog … Ask Annie 🙂

The idea is to extend an invitation to any of you out there who have questions that you want to ask a wife of 25 years and a mother of 7 (4 of whom are adults).  She can then take your questions and share the answers with everyone in blog post format.  So if you have any questions, please send them our way!  You can either leave a comment or send us an email.

Speaking of mothers, I’ll close this post with a few words about a Mother’s Day Sale that is happening right now.


Anyone who has been reading this blog long is aware of the fact we really enjoy the Lilla Rose product line!  Of course, we differ in our preferences on favorite items, colors and styles … but more days than not, we girls usually have something from this company in our hair.  It may be a quick twist in the morning to get our hair out of the way while we’re feeding dogs … a braided bun wrapped by a headcovering once we have put some effort into dressing for the day … a headband whose colors compliment the covering … you-pins or hair sticks to put up a “wet hair” bun after getting out of the shower … or just some simple bobby pins to help hold a tichel in place.

hairband-bobby pins

Lilla Rose is currently hosting a 3 day sale, with 10% off their new items, including Grace – the May flexi-of-the-month and the Elegant Flower flexi, as well as 20% off some other select items. There are also some of the Tulip Field clips (the April flexi-of-the-month) which you can purchase until the end of April (or it sells out!).  I really love the colors on that one and plan to order it (and the new Star of David clip!) as soon as I finish typing this 🙂

If you would like to order, please use this party link and we will draw a hostess from the customers for the party rewards!  If you are a new customer and you order 3 items, email me after placing your order and tell me what item you would like to get for free!  *Must be up to $16 value.  Available for USA residents only.*

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

A Week Of Winter and Old Fashioned Taffy Recipe

IMG_0380 copy

I imagine you people up north (and west!) might think we’re crazy, but snow and ice are such a rarity here in middle TN that we get kind of excited when it happens!  The flip side of that is that everything pretty much shuts down when we do have weather like this because no one knows how to operate in it!  The roads have been really bad, lots of power outages, etc.  While many people have suffered through this past week (and my sympathies go to them), I’m thankful that we were able to enjoy the past several days and thought I’d share a few pictures of our “week of winter”.  Credit for most of the photos goes to Ruthie and Abigail – I only took a few 🙂

The weather reports were predicting 3-5 inches of snow Monday morning and we were all looking forward to it since we had only had a dusting of the white stuff this winter.  It was a bit disappointing to wake up to sleet and ice instead of snow!

After several hours the trees and ground were covered and everything was so beautiful!DSC00231 copy

Ice-coated buds on my mother’s lilac bush.DSC00246 copy

There is something so beautiful about ice!IMG_0087 copy

IMG_0482 copy

Is that a beautiful contrast or what?!IMG_0384 copy

We lost electricity multiple times Monday – for several hours, at times.  Wood heat is such a blessing!  So is spring water that we can haul up to the house if necessary.IMG_0379 copy

IMG_0488 copy

On Tuesday we got some snow … not much, but enough to turn the ground white.  Lydia was excited about it!DSC00252 copy

“Looking kinda pitiful, old boy!”DSC00275 copy

This is our new dog house and Tommy found a wood stove for it just before the cold weather hit.  We were able to keep all of our small dogs and puppies in it (except for some that were in our house) and they stayed relatively warm.20150218_081122 copy

DSC00272 copy

DSC00256 copy

This is our neighbor’s pond … we spent Tuesday visiting with them.IMG_0015 copy

The children enjoyed riding their horses, although Lydia did have a couple falls!  Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of that 🙂
IMG_0033 copy

Trying to walk back up the hill to our house!  Their driveway is steep and it was covered with ice.  After several falls, a few of us decided to walk up through the woods instead, including Samuel who was lugging this cooler!IMG_0054 copy

IMG_0058 copy

A few of them managed to conquer the driveway!IMG_0064 copy

The mail carrier made it through and we got our new camera!  Our other one had broken and we were working with an old one that took poor quality photos – not conducive when you’re taking pictures of puppies for sale.IMG_0074 copy

IMG_0091 copy

The high temperature on Wednesday was 17F.  That’s cold for middle TN!  It was sunny though and the ice just sparkled and glistened.20150218_161258 copy

On Thursday we were working on a project for the cover photo of the next Shining Stars Magazine issue.  Here is a sneak peek but I’m not telling what the final product will be … you can see a copy once it’s printed, if you like 🙂IMG_0463 copy

There is something breathtaking about winter sunsets.  Has anyone else observed that sunsets in winter are generally much more brilliant and beautiful than any other time of the year?IMG_0467 copy

IMG_0471 copy

It looks like the woods are on fire!IMG_0477 copy

 Yesterday we thawed out a little bit … enough for two people to try to drive down our road – which is a hill that has 500 foot elevation difference from top to bottom.  The one vehicle got stuck and had to wait an hour for Abba and Tommy to get home and pull them out!  Tow trucks won’t come out here in this type of weather.  The other vehicle ended up in the ditch on our property and it took about 3 hours for Tommy and the children to get it out … I had to take a litter of 12 chocolate Labs to the vet for an exam so I didn’t get to join in the fun 🙂

Today the temperature was above freezing and we had lots of rain so most of the ice has melted. The tree limbs are back up in their normal position … except for those that have snapped.  I foresee lots of cleanup here in the next few days!

When we’re housebound, the children like to make Old Fashioned Molasses Taffy.  We came across this recipe years ago and have enjoyed it ever since.  It’s rich, mind you!  You only want to eat a little at a time.

Old Fashioned Molasses Taffy

1 cup Sucanat (or natural sugar)
1/2 cup Molasses
1/4 cup Water
1/4 cup Butter
2 TBSP Honey

Butter the sides of a heavy saucepan.  In it, combine all the ingredients and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until sweetener is dissolved.  Continue cooking over medium low heat to 265 degrees (hard ball stage), without stirring.  Pour onto a buttered platter and cool for 15 to 20 minutes.  Butter your hands and begin pulling at the candy until it is light in color and difficult to pull.  Twist candy into ropes that 1/2 inch in diameter, and cut into bite-sized pieces with buttered scissors.  Place candy pieces on wax paper and refrigerate for an hour or so.  Once it cools and hardens, wrap each piece in plastic wrap or store in a plastic storage container in the refrigerator.  If you don’t wrap them individually, they will most likely stick together if they get warm at all!

What has winter been like at your place?  Do you ever make taffy? 🙂

A Surprise – Celebrating 25 Years!

A Surprise - Celebrating 25 Years!

On January 27th, my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary.  In mid December, we children started talking about what to do for their anniversary and we all agreed on a surprise party.

We have done a few surprises for them in the past … for their 14th anniversary we invited our friends the Coons over for the evening and when they were a few minutes away we sent Abba and Ima to their room while we “got stuff ready for their anniversary”.  Jason and Vicki and their children came in and hid behind our kitchen island, on which was set a cake and some gifts, and Tommy went to call Abba and Ima to come out.  Unbeknownst to us, our parents had heard a vehicle crunching on our driveway so Abba asked (through the closed bedroom door), “Tommy, did you move the van?”

Tommy’s response was a mumbled no.

Abba asked him again and Tommy mumbled another response, finishing it up with, “We’re ready for you guys to come out now!”

They came out of their room, obviously suspicious, and walked slowly toward the kitchen.  That’s when the Coons popped up from behind the island and Ima just about fell over laughing!

This picture was from that occasion. As we started to take it, Jason said, “No, get your wedding picture – not someone else’s!”  They don’t look that different, do they?!
58 scan0052

We were in Israel during their 16th anniversary and we children decided to invite practically everyone we knew in the country (about 20-30 people or so) to a surprise party for them.  Some Israeli friends had taken them out for a drive and when they came back to the guesthouse where we were living and opened the door … they were surprised!


Have to share one more picture from their 16th … a friend made this cake for them … look at how little Samuel and Lydia are!

For their 20th anniversary, we made plans to meet the Coons at a Mexican restaurant.  We told Abba and Ima that we children wanted to take them out to eat and we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant.  As we entered, we children saw a family sitting at a table with their coats covering all their heads … Abba didn’t notice them at all … Ima later said she saw them but wondered what those weird people were doing!  It was a wonderful surprise!

So when we started planning the party for their 25th, we had some previous experience but this was much bigger than anything we had done before!  We rented an assembly hall at a state park, planned a menu, organized with friends to help bring food, figured out decorations, sent out lots of invitations … and tried to keep everything under wraps!  Planning a party for 100 people is a lot of work!

It was hard.

Being a very close-knit family, we talk about everything and it was difficult to remember to not let things slip.  I also found it challenging because Sarah did a lot of the planning and organization (which I had always done in the past) and while that was a big help, it also made things more complicated at times!  Sarah practically lived and breathed party from mid December to late January.  She thought of EVERYTHING … usually about the same time I was thinking of it!  But I had so many other things going on in my head that at times Sarah would be ready to talk and I didn’t want to think about it!  At all!  Learning to work together in understanding was a bit of a challenge at times but we pulled through!

Sunday the 25th was the big day.  Justin, Andrea and their family had visited us over the weekend and told Abba and Ima they needed to leave early Sunday morning.  What Abba and Ima didn’t know was that they were actually heading to Cedars of Lebanon state park with a van full of supplies, rather than back up to their home in Indiana!  We had already told Abba and Ima that we planned to take them out to a fancy restaurant on Sunday afternoon to celebrate their anniversary and after the Eatons left, we informed them that they actually had to go early with Tommy and Lydia to pick up someone who was coming in for their anniversary and then the rest of us would meet them at the restaurant.

The “someone” was my grandmother who had flown into Nashville the day before, spent the night with friends, and would be waiting at the Opryland hotel.  You see, we needed some reason to get them out of the house so that the rest of us could pack up everything we needed and head to the park, and this was the best thing we could come up with!

As soon as they left for Nashville, the rest of us flew around like crazy!  We had to pack up the stereo system and musical instruments, the TV screen and laptops, kitchen pots and bowls and utensils and so on.  I had hoped to get out within 15 minutes or so since we had an hour drive to the park – and Tommy had an hour drive to pick up our grandmother.  Then he would have about a 30 minute drive to the park … and we needed some time to get things set up, make a salad, etc. As it turned out, it took us about 30 minutes to pack up but he drove slowly, parked far away, walked to meet Ma, went back to pick up the vehicle, etc.  So we had enough time to get there and get everything ready.

I later found out that Abba and Ima were sitting on the suburban bench typing to each other on Abba’s phone … communicating about what they thought was happening.  Their first guess was that they were going to the airport to pick up Ma but then they checked the flights and realized that there was only one flight a day and it wouldn’t be in until after 2pm … and they had been told they had reservations for 1:00!  So they couldn’t quite figure it out!

They were surprised to find Ma sitting on a bench at the Opryland and when they asked her what she was doing, how long she had been there, when she had come … she told them “ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no tales!”  Then they got back in the vehicle and headed east.  All this time they had believed that we were going to a fancy restaurant but once Tommy started driving that direction, Abba realized there were no reservation-required-restaurants in the area!

When they approached the exit for Lebanon, Tommy and Lydia tried to blindfold them.  Abba took his but Ima said she would just keep her eyes closed because the blindfold would make her carsick!  Even with the blindfold Abba knew that they were at Cedars of Lebanon – and we knew that he would – we just didn’t want them to see all the vehicles of everyone they knew as they approached the building.

Everyone gathered in a semicircle around the front door and fell silent as they approached.


They were SO surprised!!

A Surprise - Celebrating 25 Years!

“You’re here?!”

Abba said one of the hardest things was trying to figure out who to hug first!

Letting Justin and Andrea have it!  As they were leaving our place earlier that morning, everyone was in the van and Justin was getting in, and Abba said “So will you take I-65 up?”  Justin paused long enough for us to wonder if he was going to slip and then he said, “Yep, that’s how we get home!”

Watching the slideshow that our friend Jay compiled.  This can be seen here – if you want to watch 18+ minutes of Washburn pictures!


I don’t remember what he was saying here … probably “you scalawag!” … which is usually a term of endearment!  I do recall that I asked how much he had known and he said he was surprised!  And that was surprise for me because he always figures everything out!  I felt certain he had some idea, or would have at least wondered if it was a surprise party, but he said it never crossed his mind!

The tables were so pretty – lots of people pitched in to help get them set!


The cake was a gift from some friends who have a bakery.

Clearing the way for them to cut the cake!


After eating we had a time of sharing memories and blessings where many people spoke – Tommy was the MC!

Some people shared stories … 

 … some shared songs … 

… these friends had a list of memories close to 10 feet long!

The Gainers presented them with a beautiful banner on which were renewal wedding vows.

We presented this gift from our friend Samantha who was unable to be there – it is a quilt of pictures from the past 25 years.

Abba, his mother, and his brother Dave.

The Washburn ladies, with Ma and two of our cousins!

There are so many more pictures but I can’t include them all here!  It was a beautiful time.  Our goal in planning this celebration was twofold … both to bless our parents and celebrate their 25 years of marriage, and to encourage, bless and inspire all those who came to celebrate with us.

Sunday the 25th was an amazing day but there was one thing that stood out to me, probably more than anything else: it is humbling to realize that, despite our mistakes and errors, YHWH has used our family to reach out and bless others.  There is something powerful about a family working together in unity.  We can’t take any credit for it – we know well enough how many times we aren’t in unity.  All the glory goes to the Heavenly Father.  But to experience the sweet rewards of working alongside Him is something to treasure forever.  And it is something that every family should experience!

Hope to see you all at their surprise 50th!

Car Seat Baby Blankets Are Ready For You!

ruthHannah just asked me if I was going to write something about my new Teddy Toes business.  My reply was something to the extent of, “Well … I have not gotten the inspiration of what to write exactly …”

Her loving reply was, “Uh … Car Seat Baby Blankets for sale … it is winter time. .. are you waiting till …”

“Summer time?”  Ha ha!

So here I am … announcing to every mother and father, brother and sister, grandmother and grandfather, aunt and uncle, cousin, boss, employee, friend and foe (did I get everyone?) … that you need one of these!

P1120638 - Copy (2)The Teddy Toes is not just an ordinary blanket … this blanket with feet is made from soft fleece fabric and is specially designed to use with a car-seat.  It also has snaps to form a hood.  As you can see in the color options, we offer several of the Teddy Toes with 100% Cotton Flannel Linings.

This innovative design results in a blanket that can stay with the baby while lifting in and out … it adapts to different baby slings, backpacks, strollers, joggers, carriers and swings … and it makes a wonderful blanket to swaddle your baby at any time!

Want to see the available colors?

Group  1

Group 2Group 3Group 4To order one of the special Teddy Toes blankets, just click here.

If you would like more pictures of a certain material, just email me.

There is a limited quantity so if you like a certain color, you might want to go ahead and get it 🙂

Be blessed and have a great day!

Chag Chanukkah Sameach – Happy Feast Of Dedication!

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah.  Since I don’t have time to write much tonight, I would like to bring your attention to a few Hanukkah-related posts from last year …

P1270310-1024x768We are halfway into the festival of Hanukkah, also known as Chanukah, or the Feast of Dedication.  Our family has celebrated this feast for nearly twenty years and it is one of my favorite times of the year!  Here are eight reasons why I think Hanukkah ought to be acknowledged and celebrated …

… read the rest on this post!



Can The Heavenly Father Heal Today … Without The Medical System?  This article will step on some toes.  It will shake some support walls.  It will offend many.  That is not my intent.  I am writing this article for the lady who has been called to trust the Heavenly Father for her health … without putting her faith, hope and trust in the medical system.  You know who you are.  I have been that lady and know very few other people who have walked in this way …

… read the rest on this post!


hanukkah-heroinesWhile we do not place apocryphal literature, like the books of Maccabees, on the same level with Scripture, it makes for some incredible historical and inspirational reading!  There are two examples of women from this time period that I would like to bring to your attention …

… read the rest on this post!


 And here is our favorite Hanukkah recipe …

Ima’s LatkesP1270224 copy

1 egg
1 onion
2 tsp salt
5lb bag of potatoes
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 cup whole wheat flour

Peel the potatoes.  Grate the potatoes and the onion.  Add all the other ingredients and mix well.  The mixture will become a little soupy so we like to pour it into a strainer/colander to let the excess liquid drain out.  Heat oil in a skillet … you want enough oil to cover the bottom thickly but you’re not deep-frying.  Spoon several tablespoons of the potato mixture into the hot oil and cook several minutes on each side, until they’re golden brown and crispy.  Serve hot with sour cream and applesauce.

Happy Hanukkah from our family to yours! 🙂

Catching Up With Some Sukkot Pictures!

I’m sorry it has been quiet around here lately.  We recently returned home from a ten day camping trip to observe the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot).

“Also in the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when ye have gathered in the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a feast unto YHWH seven days: on the first day shall be a sabbath, and on the eighth day shall be a sabbath.  And ye shall take you on the first day the boughs of goodly trees, branches of palm trees, and the boughs of thick trees, and willows of the brook; and ye shall rejoice before YHWH your God seven days.  And ye shall keep it a feast unto YHWH seven days in the year. It shall be a statute for ever in your generations: ye shall celebrate it in the seventh month.  Ye shall dwell in booths seven days; all that are Israelites born shall dwell in booths:  That your generations may know that I made the children of Israel to dwell in booths, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt: I am YHWH your God.” – Leviticus 23:39-43

For the past twenty years, we have celebrated Sukkot.  Most years we try to go camping and dwell in “booths” or temporary dwellings.  This was our “booth”, or sukkah …

IMG_0978 copy

But we had these temporary “booths” too 🙂

IMG_2034 copy

I sorted through our pictures because I wanted to share a few …  and there were so many that I had a hard time choosing!  For anyone who wants to see more, Sarah plans to post them on one of our other blogs.

We had a wonderful Sukkot this year, in spite of the fact that it rained nearly every day and we had 29 canines with us.

Yep, you heard right … 29 canines.

That’s what happens when you raise dogs and several of them decide to have puppies all at the same time!  Thankfully 11 of the puppies were only a week old and could stay in their crates with their moms without needing a lot of attention from us.  Want to see what tent-camping with dogs looks like?

IMG_1422 copy

Lots of crates!

IMG_0747 copy

IMG_0765 copy

We managed to fit five girls, three adult dogs and seven puppies in one tent!!

IMG_0766 copy

Puppies aside, we had a good time fellowshipping with friends who came from multiple states.

IMG_2110 copy

IMG_1100 copy

IMG_1096 copy

IMG_1781 copy

IMG_1055 copy

We had wonderful times of praise and worship, and dancing (I think some of the videos are supposed to make it onto youtube sometime in the near future).

IMG_1050 copy

IMG_1318 copy

We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and nature around us … Fall Creek Falls is one of the nicest state parks you’ll find in this area.

IMG_1117 copy

IMG_4217 copy

IMG_1642 copy

These are the tallest falls this side of this Mississippi … but somehow we didn’t get a good photo of them from top to bottom :p

IMG_1204 copy

We joked about captioning this one “my cup runneth over” 🙂

IMG_1152 copy

IMG_0886 copy

Camping with a family of nine for ten days can be a challenge.  Several years ago we came up with the idea of using a horse trailer for a kitchen and storage area.  We take along a full-size refrigerator and stove, and my father has a sink and countertop that he hooks to the campsite’s water supply.  It makes “roughing it” much more convenient!

IMG_2032 copy

IMG_0828 copy

We do rough it sometimes too 🙂

IMG_0916 copy

What do you do when you need to stand on a ladder and there’s nothing to support it?  Voila!

IMG_1353 copy

We had quite a few volleyball games … whenever there was a break in the rain.  One of my younger siblings said, “I didn’t know Ima (mother) could play volleyball!” 🙂

IMG_1274 copy

Fun in the leaves!

IMG_1539 copy

I guess Samuel was the chef here.  And yes, that is a port-a-potty above his head … I didn’t catch it when I first saw this picture!  It was on top of our friend’s refrigerator but I don’t have a clue why!  Maybe they’ll be so good as to give an explanation 🙂

IMG_1605 copy

The boys often built this “wall” around the campfire … it helped to dry out the wood and serve as protection for toddlers.  We spent lots of time around the fire 🙂

IMG_1607 copy

See that rock formation way out there to the right?

IMG_1255 copy

You can walk out on it!!  It looks a lot worse from a distance than when you’re actually on it 🙂

IMG_1758 copy

Buddies!  I love Isaac’s face in this picture 🙂

IMG_4131 copy

There are several sets of beautiful falls there at the park.

IMG_1662 copy

Ruthie and Samuel had the bright idea to take their yellow Lab on one of the hikes and discovered that she wasn’t fond of swinging rope bridges!

IMG_1694 copy

“What’s down there?

IMG_2112 copy

Family photo time … we didn’t realize until after the fact that we weren’t centered with the flag!


The last day … some people had already left but this was a good portion of the group.


I could have picked out so many more but I think that is enough for now.  Hopefully we can start writing again on a regular basis now that we’re getting more settled.

Shabbat Shalom Y’all 🙂

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Brother

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Brother

Today I want to remember all the loved ones that have gone on ahead of us to our King of Kings.  Ten years ago a baby boy was brought into this world.  This baby boy was my brother. He was so tiny and lifeless, but we could clearly define his features.  We named him Yosef.  My father built a tiny little coffin and a few days later we laid his body to rest with loving friends surrounding us.

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Brother

That was ten years ago.  I can hardly believe it.  The other day I was sitting on our couch when Yosef came to mind and I realized his birthday anniversary was in a couple days. I realized he would have been ten years old … double digits … the age every child looks forward to!  As I sat there, my heart ached.  I love my little brother and I wanted to give him a big hug.  I wondered what he would look like, what color his hair and eyes would be.  Would he be counting the inches until he was taller than me? 🙂  What personality would he have had?

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Brother

To tell the truth, for many years I never really loved our Yosef.  When he was stillborn, I was so young and I did not really take it to heart that he was my brother just like Tommy and Samuel are.  The birth was life-threatening for my mother and so at the time being, I was more concerned about her.  In the following years I would think of my brother, but it was hard for me to truly love someone whom I had never really met.  But in the last few years the Father has changed that.

I have come to truly love my brother.  I have come to realize there is a missing piece in my life – my brother.  I have come to realize that it is completely fine and good to cry when the tears come to my eyes while thinking of him.  He is my BROTHER!  I used to wonder why the Father took Yosef home at such a young age but now I realize, it does not really matter!  The Father’s plan is always best and I know there is no better place in the whole universe for Yosef to be, because he is with our wonderful Savior.  Yes, it would have been a joy to have another little brother here in our home, but he is in a much better place and I am happy for him!  I am thankful he never had to face this sinful world and all the temptations that are in it.  He is privileged to be an innocent child living in Glory!  Thank you Father.

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Brother

Sometimes it is hard to remember the birth of my brother, it is often easier to try and forget something that is painful rather than to remember and embrace it.  Even though Yosef never took one breath, he was fearfully and wonderfully made and he has a special place in our family.  We love you, Yosef, and are looking forward to the day when we are reunited!

There are many other babies who have been miscarried, stillborn, aborted, etc. and I just want to take time to remember them.  I think too often we do not fully remember and love these little blessings for who they are.  May the Father forgive us for that.  May we truly remember them and love them for who they are, because they are sons and daughters of our Almighty God. May we remember and rejoice that they were counted worthy to live in Glory!

“But Yeshua said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.’” Matthew 19:14

In Loving Memory Of My Dear Brother