Elsie Dinsmore In Review: Books 25 – 28

Elsie Dinsmore In Review: Books 25 - 28

Hello there everyone!

I am so excited to do yet another post about the Elsie series.¬† Also it is a bit sad because we are reviewing the last books ūüôĀ¬† Right now I have been reading through a popular old-timey¬†series by G. A. Henty, but I love going back over and seeing the Elsie books.¬† I hope I can read them again soon!¬† Really … since there are¬†28 books, nothing gets old!! ūüôā

Book 25 is called Elsie’s Relatives.¬† Following the destruction of the Maine in Havana Harbor and of America’s declaration of war on Spain, Max sails on Commodore Dewey’s flagship, the Olympia, to meet the Spanish in the Philippines.¬† Doctors Harold and Herbert Travilla volunteer as physicians to US troops supporting the Cubans in their fight for independence.¬† Upon his return from Cuba, Harold confesses his love for Gracie Raymond.¬† When Max returns¬†from the Philippines, he marries Evelyn at Craig’s Cottage, her childhood home, in a double wedding ceremony with Chester and Lucilla.

Book 26 is called Elsie’s Winter Trip.¬† Following the honeymoons, Lucilla and Evelyn set up housekeeping with their husbands Chester and Max in a new shared home, Sunnyside, that Captain Raymond built for them.¬† The families enjoy a round of parties held in honor of the newlyweds.¬† When Max returns to the Navy, the rest of the family travels during the cold months with Grandma Elsie on board the Dolphin to several Caribbean Islands and the shores of South America.¬† Elsie and Ned get pet monkeys and Ned takes an unfortunate tumble overboard into the sea, but is saved by a quick thinking sailor.

Book 27 is called Elsie and Her Loved Ones.¬† Following a winter stay at Viamede in Louisiana, Elsie and her family travel over the Rocky Mountains to California.¬† There they visit sites of interest from San Francisco to San Diego.¬† Returning to her childhood home (Craig’s Cottage on the Hudson River), Evelyn gives birth to a daughter and Grandma Elsie is now a Great-Grandma to little Elsie Raymond.¬† Following a round of family gatherings held in honor of the new baby and her proud parents Max and Evelyn, Ned Raymond becomes very ill.¬† Doctor Harold Travilla saves his life and Harold and Graice’s wedding date is finally set for New Years Day.

Book 28 is called Elsie and Her Namesakes.¬† Harold Travilla marries Gracie Raymond on New Years Day and the happy couple honeymoons at Viamede (Grandma Elsie’s Louisiana plantation) and the rest of the family travels onboard the Dolphin to join them.¬† Along the way Grandma Elsie and Captain Raymond tell the children tales of Southern history and Cousin Ronald entertains them with tales of his native Scotland.¬† Lucilla and Chester welcome a healthy baby boy to their new family and the Dinsmores and Raymonds make plans to spend the summer at Craig’s Cottage – Evelyn’s beloved home.

This is all for now.¬† I hope you have enjoyed these book reviews and I don’t plan to be gone for long!!! May YHWH bless y’all and remember, there are always good and interesting books out there … you just have to find them!!¬† Many blessings and so long – for now!

Elsie Books 21-24!!!

elsie 21-24

Hello there, Friends!

Today we are going to do another review on the Elsie Dinsmore series.¬† I don’t know about you but I could never get tired of reading them so I always like to go back over and reread them!¬† We are almost to the end of this series … today we are reviewing books 21 through 24.

Book 21 is called Elsie’s Journey on Inland Waters.¬† While Cousin Ronald and Annis depart for their honeymoon, the Dinsmores, Travillas and Raymonds travel on the Great Lakes aboard the Dolphin.¬† They learn about many historical events and interesting things in the area, including the surrender of Detroit and Perry’s stunning naval victory at Put-In-Bay.¬† While on Lake Erie, they were¬† overtaken by a horrible storm and Captain Raymond saved Lulu from being swept overboard.¬† Trusting in God for their safety, they sailed up the St. Lawrence River to Montreal and Quebec.¬† They received an invitation from Cousin Molly to conclude their summer’s travels at a cottage on the shore of Rhode Island and later they attended Walter Travilla’s graduation at Princeton.

Book 22 is called Elsie at Home.¬† Brothers Arthur and Calhoun Conley become fathers.¬† Evelyn’s mother, Laura Leland, got consumption and passed away at Fairview, believing in God.¬† Rosie Travilla marries Will Croly in June and Maude, Sydney, Lucilla and Gracie act as bridesmaids.¬† The two little Elsies – Elsie Raymond and Elsie Dinsmore are flower girls.¬† Long time bachelor Dick Percival and Maude Dinsmore are married in a small¬†ceremony at Ion.¬† And Captain Raymond gives permission for his good friend Captain Donald Keith to seek Lucilla’s hand in marriage (but he didn’t get it).

Book 23 is called Elsie on the Hudson.¬† While the newlyweds Rosie and Will enjoy their honeymoon, Evelyn invites the rest of the family to Craig’s Cottage which overlooks the Hudson River.¬† En route to the cottage on board the Dolphin, the Travillas, Leland, and Raymonds visit many historical sites and learn about the Revolutionary War and its heroes and villains.¬† Meanwhile, Grandma Elsie and Annis visit relatives in Pleasant Plains Ohio.¬† When the burglar whom Lucilla captured escapes from¬†prison, he seeks revenge.¬† Chester¬†Dinsmore however¬†saves her life, and Captain Raymond is so gratified that he gives Chester permission to seek Lulu’s hand in marriage and she agreed!

Book 24 is called Elsie in the South.¬† The family doctor prescribed a winters rest in the South for Chester so he can fully recover from the injuries he incurred while protecting Lucilla.¬† So after Max’s graduation from the Naval Academy, Grandma Elsie and the Raymonds and other friends travel on the Dolphin to Florida and on to Viamede, Elsie’s beloved Louisiana home.¬† Max and Evelyn become engaged and Bob Johnson and Sydney Dinsmore wed.¬† When Evelyn and Lucilla together catch the bridal bouquet at the wedding, the family wonders who will be the next to wed.¬† Following a pleasant winter at Viamede, the families travel to Atlantic City and to the¬†Maine Coast for a pleasant summer holiday.

That is all for now.  Please leave a comment if you have something to share, I enjoy getting them! May you have a blessed day!  Goodbye until next time.

A Few More Elsie’s – Reviewing Books 17-20!

Hello there, friends!

I hope y’all are all doing well.  I am thrilled to be able to write another review of these Elsie books.  Today we are reviewing books 17 through 20.  I hope you enjoy!

602792Book 17 is called Elsie’s Vacation.  In this book, while Max adjusts to life at the Navel Academy, his family continues their journey on the Dolphin.  They explore Philadelphia and other historical sites.  When they arrive home, they learn that Grandma Elsie is ill and is going to have surgery.  Grandma Elsie and her family put their trust in God to help them endure the hardship and uncertainty of her future.  Although Grandma Elsie is anxious, she is secure in the knowledge that God will work out her good plan for her.  To aid in her recovery, Grandma Elsie chooses to recuperate at Viamede.  The Dinsmores, Raymonds, and Travillas join her there and they all enjoy a beautiful season in the South

602800Book 18 is called Elsie At Viamede.¬† As the Dinsmores, Travillas and Raymonds continue their stay at Viamede, Grandma Elsie regains her health.¬† The entire family enjoys the outdoor pleasures of winter in the South.¬† Captain Raymond tells everyone of the Navel and Military history of New Orleans and Louisiana, as well as the story behind the National Anthem.¬† This book had a lot of interesting history lessons in it which was very good for children’s schooling!¬† The entire family enjoys a festive gathering at Cousin Betty Johnson’s wedding in the North.¬† As the Raymonds return to Woodburn, they stop to visit Max in the Navel Academy in Annapolis.

602810Book 19 is called Elsie at Ion.¬† Elsie and Cousin Ronald discover a long lost cousin, Marian McAlpine and helped to rescue her from Mormons who were trying to force her to marry someone she didn’t want to.¬† Harold and Herbert Travilla graduate from Princeton and begin their medical¬†apprenticeship with their Cousin Arthur.¬† Edward, Zoe, the twins¬†and Herbert nearly escape being crushed by a falling tree.¬† They learn about trusting in YHWH’s protective care.¬† Long-time bachelors Calhoun and Arthur Conley both find brides.¬† After Max Raymond visits home from the¬†Navel Academy, the family enjoys another get together at the shores and Cousin Arthur saves a family friend from drowning.

602826Book 20 is called Elsie¬†at the World’s Fair.¬† The Dinsmores, Travillas, Raymonds, and other friends and family attend the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.¬† Commemorating the 400th anniversary and discovery of America, the exposition is complete with replicas of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, the battleship of Illinois, and re-creations of villages and cities around the world.¬† The traveling party enjoys several weeks of visiting the¬†Fair and touring the many exhibits and amusements – including the Ferris Wheel.¬† Suitors pursue Rosie and Lulu, and Cousin Ronald proposes to Annis Keith.¬† The happy couple is married¬†in a lovely ceremony on board the Dolphin.

I must go now. I hope you have a blessed day, and as always would LOVE to hear what you have to say!

Elsie Dinsmore Review: Books 13-16

elsie 13-16

Hello there everyone,

I hope this finds you doing well!  And I hope you all enjoy this new post!  Today we are reviewing books 13 through 16.  These were some exciting books.  I always read the backs of the books to see what happened because I was so excited about reading them!

Book 13 is called Elsie’s Friends At Woodburn.¬† Elsie’s extended family enjoys a round of holiday calls, that ends in a party for everyone at Woodburn –¬†the Raymond family’s ¬†new home.¬† Lulu fully enjoys¬†her roll as hostess to her young guests and learns some important lessons of Christian charity.¬† During the summer that follows, Lulu and Gracie¬†are given two¬†new ponies.¬† Elsie Leland¬†and Violet Raymond both welcome new additions to their growing families … born just one day apart.¬† Captain Raymond however reinjures his ankle during a terrible fall¬†from his horse.¬† The most panic filled moment of the season – a rattlesnake brings an abrupt end to Lulu’s surprise birthday party, but her quick thinking and bravery averts disaster.

Book 14 is called Christmas With Grandma Elsie.¬† *NOTE* While we do not believe¬†in keeping Christmas, there are many other details about this book that I did enjoy reading, so I just skipped through it.¬† So, continuing, it was Grandma Elsie’s turn to host the family festivals at Ion, and soon sleigh rides, ice skating and snowball fights abound at the home place.¬† Cousin Ronald visits again and provides¬†a welcome source of fun for everyone.¬† During this time, the importance of missionary work is impressed on everyone, young and old.¬† As a result, Harold and Herbert Travilla heed calls to full-time Christian ministry.¬† The New Year brought unwelcome visitors to Woodburn though when Lula is awakened by strange noises.¬† She creeps downstairs to find two burglars and locks them into the¬†strong room where they were attempting to break into the family safe.¬† Max and Lula¬†both learn important lessons about courage, humility and honesty.

Book 15 is called Elsie and the Raymonds.  Elsie celebrates her fiftieth birthday in health and beauty.  Family and friends gather together to express their love.  Edward and Zoe contribute the best birthday gifts however; the sweet twins Lily and Laurie.  Max and Lulu accompany Captain Raymond on a business trip to the West, where they commemorate the Fourth of July with a grand party, completed with fireworks.  Their business trip completed, the three Raymonds travel by train to join the rest of the family at the summer cottages by the sea shore.

Book 16 is called Elsie Yachting with the Raymonds.¬† On the way to join the rest of the family on the coast of Rhode Island, Max, Lulu and Captain Raymond tour West Point, Saratoga and other places of interest.¬† While at West Point, they met Elsie’s cousin Donald Keith and he joined them on their eastward trek.¬† As the summer stay at the beach concludes, the Captain invests in a yacht for the family to enjoy.¬† The Dolphin carries the Dismores, Travillas, Lelands and Raymonds up and down the East Coast as they witness naval experiences and explore Boston, Bunker Hill and other Revolutionary sites.¬† The final stop on their journey brings them to Annapolis Maryland where Max, like his father before him, enrolls in the Navel Academy.

I hope you enjoyed this … please let me know what you think about these fun books.¬† I would love to hear from you!¬† Have a blessed day!

Elsie Dinsmore Review – Books 9 Through 12

elsie 9-12

Hello there everyone!

I am so happy to be able to write¬†another post about these wonderful books! ¬†I¬†have JUST finished reading all of them … books 1 to 28! ¬†Since I¬†have finished these books, I have been looking back over all of them and thinking of what I really enjoyed.

I enjoyed the history, fun stories, obedience of the children, kindness of the parents, the adventures, the quiet home life and how they had SO much to do with the Bible.  Also they are always interesting!  But now I will get started with the books.  Today we are talking about books 9 through 12.

Book 9 is called “Elsie New Relations. ¬†In this book, as the summer draws to a close, Captain Raymond returns to the glorious sea life. ¬†Mrs. Elsie gets accustomed to being ‘Grandma Elsie’ to Max, Lulu and Gracie. ¬†Violet’s sister Elsie has her firstborn son Edward.¬† In the fall and winter months that follow Max, Lulu and Gracie each learn lessons of obedience and good character. ¬†Soon spring arrives. ¬†Violet gives birth to her first child, a daughter named Elsie, and Captain Raymond returns home safely¬†to¬†his family. ¬†This book was pretty interesting! ¬†I enjoyed it very much but I don’t think I could say that I didn’t like any of them! ūüôā

Book 10 is called “Elsie at Nantucket”. ¬†This book was one of my most favorites!! ¬†They had so much going on and I really liked it. ¬†In this book the Dinsmores, Travillas and Raymonds decide to spend the summer in cottages by the sea at Nantucket.¬† The¬†journey was made¬†in a yacht with Captain Raymond at the helm. ¬†On the Island, they enjoyed the village of Sconset and explored several points of interest. ¬†The children learned how to swim and the families enjoy¬†beach walks, carriage drives and boat rides. ¬†Lulu learned a frightening lesson of obedience when she was caught out in the storm far away from the cozy cottage. ¬†And Zoe learns about trust in¬†God to keep her husband safe.

Book 11’s name is “The two Elsie’s”. ¬†While some of the families¬†spend the summer at¬†Nantucket, Lester and Elsie Leland are called to the bedside of¬†Lester’s brother’s who was dying. ¬†After he passed away, his only child Evelyn was left in their care. ¬†Lulu and Evelyn become close friends and the four families decided to spend the winter at Viamede. ¬†All the children are enrolled at Oakdale Academy as day students. ¬†Lulu however gets in trouble when she strikes her¬†teacher with a book, and her stubborn refusal to submit to Mr. Dinsmore’s authority is only eclipsed by the news that her father is lost at sea.

Book 12 is called “Elsie’s Kith and Kin”. ¬†While the rest of the families winter at Viamede, Edward and Zoe tend to affairs at Ion and endure an unwelcomed guest. ¬†Later on Edward gets injured in a train wreck and the rest of the families return from Viamede to be with them.¬† At sea, Captain Raymond receives news of a financial windfall and resigns from the navy to be at home with Violet and his children. ¬†He arrives in time to learn that Lulu accidently injured her baby sister, in a fit of¬†anger. The baby recovers and Lulu learns how much trouble an uncontrolled temper can be. ¬†The Captain and Violet purchase Woodburn as their new home and settle down for the winter.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I would LOVE to hear what you think.  If you have questions I will try to answer them and if you have read the books, please tell me what you think about them!  Have a wonderful day.

Elsie Dinsmore Review – Books 5 Through 8!

IMG_5581 copy

Hello everyone,

I am so happy to be able to write some more about these fun Elsie books!  Last time I went through books 1 through 4 and told what they were about, this time I am going to share about books 5 through 8.

Book 5 is called ‘Elsie’s Motherhood’ – this was really one of the most fun and exciting books. ¬†In this book, some friends teased Edward Jr. into firing a loaded pistol into the woods and it so happened that his father was riding by in¬†the woods¬†and the bullet grazed his head but he was not severely injured. ¬†A Scottish cousin came to¬†visit Elsie¬†and Edward and brings a special talent with him! ¬†Also, in this area where they lived, there¬†were a lot of Ku Klux¬†Klan raids going on¬†which was¬†very sad.

Book 6 is called ‘Elsie’s Children’. ¬†This book was so very interesting, I sometimes did not want to put it down! ¬†The Travillas spent the winter at Viamede were Elsie was born. ¬†The next child was born there and her name was Lily. ¬†Edward and his family go back to their home¬†in the spring but Elsie and¬†the children spend a nice summer with her childhood friend Lucy¬†and her children. Violet is burdened with a very troublesome secret. ¬†Young¬† Elsie blossoms under a true love but there¬†is sorrow is in¬†the house when the good shepherd gathered Lily in His arms despite all the efforts to save her life.

The next book is called ‘Elsie’s Widowhood’. ¬†One of the girls who left a comment on the last post said that these books are educational without being preachy, captivating and will make you weep. The last word is fitting for¬†book 7, when Elsie’s husband dies. ¬†Of course we all know these are not real people but you think it has happened to someone, so it was often hard to read this book. ¬†Elsie finds comfort in her father Mr. Dismore but even more in her Heavenly Father. ¬†It is hard to not have¬†Edward her husband and their father¬†on earth¬†but they can hardly wait till they meet him again in the land were there is no crying,¬†mouning¬†or weeping. ¬†Also, her daughter Elsie is saddened that her beloved Lester must go to Italy to study¬†art.

Book 8, called Grandmother Elsie, was so exciting. ¬†When Elsie hears that her beloved¬†Lester has typhoid fever overseas, she and her brother Edward embark for Italy to nurse him back to health. As¬†Lester slowly recovers the two are married in Italy. ¬†Young Elsie wanted her mother to be at her wedding very much but that did not happen. ¬†On the return trip to America, Edward falls in love with a girl named Zoe but does not say anything till Zoe’s father was on his deathbed and Zoe would be left then without father, mother or any friend beside Edward. ¬†So Zoe’s father sees them married before he dies.¬† At home, a widower named Captain Raymond, who has 3 children, courts and wins the love of Violet. ¬†Elsie and her children and their families spend a happy summer at the shore.

I look forward to sharing about the next books soon!

The Elsie Dinsmore Series – A Book Review!!

IMG_7008 copy

Hello everyone!  This is my first blog post and I hope you enjoy it!

Have you every heard of the Elsie Dinsmore series?  I had not until the end of last year, when my sister Sarah collected the whole series for a good price.  The books were good quality and she wanted to put them away and keep them for the future.

Right about that time I started really wanting to read more and more, but I could not find something¬†that I really liked to read. ¬†I enjoyed the Rod and Staff books, which are really good, but I went through¬†them so fast!! ¬†Then¬†Sarah said I could read her Elsie books, so I took her up on it!! ¬†I often read the books just before bed ‚Ķ maybe you’re wondering why I’m wearing gloves in the picture above? ¬†I often have lotion on my hands so I wear gloves but I cut the fingertips off so that I can turn the pages easily ūüôā

I am going to review the books in several blog posts Рthere are 28 books so I will share about 4 books in each post.  The first few books were sad and hard to read sometimes but how it ended up was so beautiful!!  These books are fun, exiting and conscience-building.

IMG_5173 copy

The first book is called Elise Dinsmore and it is amazing; Elise’s mother died¬†when¬†Elise was a baby and her father was not a believer. ¬†She endured¬†her¬†mean teacher and so much teasing of her cousins, and through it all she draws closer and closer to her Almighty God.

The second book is called Elsie’s Holidays At Roseland and it was sometimes hard to read. ¬†With her father not being a believer, he wanted her to do things that she did not think were¬†right to do¬†and it was hard to choose between her father on earth and¬†her Heavenly Father but it ended up so wonderful!!

The third book is called Elsie’s Girlhood and it was very funny but sad too. ¬†In this book, her father got married to a young lady who was very kind to Elsie and then Elsie had a brother and sister born. This book also talked about when she was staying with an aunt and a bad man came and wanted to marry her and acted like a good man. ¬†She believed in what he said but one of her father’s friends (Mr. Travilla) found out who he was and told her father. ¬†And her father came and took her away back home. ¬†I enjoyed the third book a lot.

The fourth book is Elsie’s Womanhood. ¬†In this book she gets married to Mr. Travilla and her honeymoon is spent at her home in Louisiana where she lived as a little girl. ¬†In this book she also has four children: Elsie, Edward, Violet and Harold. ¬†The civil war is just beginning in this book and it talks about that some too.

I hope to write some more about these books again soon.  If you are like me and want to read a book every chance you get, read these fun, character-building, exciting and realistic books!!

Please leave a comment if you have read Elsie books and tell what you thought about them.  Thanks!

I hope you have a blessed day, and try and read the books!!