Last Chance! Car Seat Baby Blankets Shop Is Closing!

I am finally about to close the Virginia Ann shop this Friday (December 30th, 4 pm) !


Use the code VirginaAnnCloseout30 and receive 30% off your ENTIRE order!

There are still a number of car seat baby blankets, little girls skirts and drawstring baby gowns available (a majority of the products are the last one in stock)!

Merry Canaryil_570xn-862810759_b6jt

Cotton Candy Pinkil_570xn-743491842_b3a8

Navy Blueil_570xn-824278649_1k7g


Sun Burstil_570xn-863085050_riqf

Traditional Camoil_570xn-744823716_8exn

Cotton Lined Pink Camoil_570xn-739933673_cz7m

Don’t forget!  The shop closes December 30th, 4pm CST.   Happy Shopping!

2 thoughts on “Last Chance! Car Seat Baby Blankets Shop Is Closing!

  1. I love sewing and will probably still do lots of it for myself and others… but I don’t have the time or desire to pursue a large sewing business online, at this point.

    It was causing more stress than it was worth and after consideration and prayer, I realized it was time to pull back and channel my limited time towards more rewarding ventures!

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