Trump, Hillary & This Election – It’s Our Fault!

We are five days away from Election Day and I decided to share a few thoughts.  I believe there is a permanent hole in my tongue from where I have been biting it every time I see a political post on social media!  Has anyone else ever seen an election like this one?  I certainly haven’t!

So as we approach the big day, here are a few things to consider.

Trump, Hillary & This Election - It's Our Fault!

Disclaimer: this is written from the perspective of a Bible believer, for fellow Bible believers.  There are a thousand different angles from which one can view this election and the surrounding issues.  I’m addressing it from a Biblical background.  If you want to argue with me, make sure you bring your Scriptures 😉

Voting Your Conscience Is Not About Your Country, It’s About You

I just wanted to get this one cleared up briefly.  Many people are talking about third party candidate options and are choosing to vote for them because they believe in “voting your conscience”.  With all due respect, third party candidates are a joke at this point in the process. There is no way that one of them will be elected.  So when you cast your ballot for them, you’re not doing it for America’s sake – you’re doing it for your sake.  To make you feel better.  Now if that’s what you want to do, you have every right to do it.  But be honest about what it is – a decision based on self, not on actually making a difference for the country.

Stop The Blame

Do you know how many times I have seen people stating that if you don’t get out and vote for Trump, you’re placing Hillary in office?  There are also those who are blaming people for voting for Trump in the primaries instead of a more “Godly” candidate who could really win against Hillary.  The recurring theme in this pre-election mess has been pointing fingers.  Blaming someone.

Let me ask you a question.  With everything that Hillary has already done, do you really expect that she’s concerned about winning the election fairly?  I’m not saying that it’s not worth voting. I don’t know whether it is or not.  But I am saying this – if Hillary ends up in office, don’t blame the people who decided not to vote for Trump.

“there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.” – Romans 13:1

Take Responsibility 

We have an election between wicked people because we live in a wicked nation.  Let me give you an example:

I see people up in arms because Hillary supports late term abortions.  Trump fans claim that he’s pro-life.  But do you really think that he is going to get into the White House and outlaw abortion?  Have you all forgotten that an estimated 54 million children have been murdered by abortion since 1973?  Trump might … possibly … maybe … keep it from going to 36 weeks.  Okay. What about the more-than-a-half-million under 36 weeks that are murdered each year?  Do you think he is going to stop those?

I’m sorry but I just don’t get why people think it would be such a victory to prevent late-term abortions.  We already have a holocaust that’s been going on for years.  Hillary wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if it weren’t that the people support such atrocities.

And that is why I titled this post – it’s our fault.

Every Nation Gets The Government It Deserves. – Joseph de Maistre

If we had families and communities that were embracing righteousness, I daresay our choice of candidates would be a bit different.

I recently saw an exchange on Facebook where someone was asking for good movie recommendations.  One of the comments was from a woman who mentioned the name of a series and said she hadn’t seen it but her teenage daughter had watched it with a church group and they thought it was really good.  I was curious so I did a little research and found that the movie included affection scenes between a homosexual couple.

Let me get this straight.  People are upset about the supreme court ruling to allow homosexual marriages.  And yet you welcome it into your homes and churches via the media and give it positive reviews?

People are angry over Trump’s statements about women and sex – and yet 40 million American people visit porn sites regularly.  Why are you upset about him verbalizing what the majority of people are thinking?

I don’t care who is elected president … that person is not going to fix the problems in this country.  That has to start in our homes, congregations and communities.

Trump, Hillary & This Election - It's Our Fault!

I’m not sure what the results will be next Tuesday but I do know one thing – change needs to start with us.  Before you point fingers or blame anyone for the mess this country is in, please examine your own heart.  Get the beam out of your eye.  Once you’ve done that, consider your family.  Are you embracing sin and welcoming it into your home, or are you standing for righteousness?  Minister truth and life to those with whom you come in contact.

I’m not telling you not to vote.  But if you’re voting because you think it’s going to change America for the better, you’re going to be sadly disappointed.

Most importantly of all, please stop the blame and the pointing fingers.  We do serve a God who is in control and He works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  I think we all need to remember that children’s song – He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands 🙂

Do you believe that?  Well then start acting like it!

16 thoughts on “Trump, Hillary & This Election – It’s Our Fault!

  1. I will vote for Jill Stein. I hear the condescending shaming that a third party won’t “win.” But I will vote my conscience. My conscience will not allow me to condone war, death, sickness, environmental destruction, austerity for The People…outright corruption. One cannot say in the same breath that change must start from within, then say “don’t vote your conscience because it won’t win.” I want a better world for my grand-daughters.

    1. Thank you!
      It is a huge misconception that third party candidates can not win. That’s ridiculous to think they can’t.
      If God is in control how can one say He can’t elect a third party into office. If enough people vote there is a chance. They have a much better chance than one thinks.
      There are too many inconsistencies within this post.
      Judgement is for the unbelievers. Those who want to remove God from this country. Christians can still stand up for what is right. There isn’t anything wrong with voting according to your conscience. If I in good conscience don’t see any true fruit, I’m not voting for them. Period. I agree with most of what the original post said, but there is error in some of the thinking.

      1. For the record, it was never stated that third party candidates cannot win. The statement was that *at this point in the process* they will not win. None of them have the numbers. Of course God *could* do a miracle and one of them make it into office but that’s what it would be – a supernatural miracle. And if we’re going to figure that into the election mix, we may as well sit back and not vote at all and let Him take care of it.

  2. Wise words, Hannah! Wow, a well written post, friend…and truly sobering. Even though I am a South African, what goes on in the States concerns me for a great many reasons…especially as most of my friends are American.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and honest opinions…I couldn’t agree with you more!
    Many blessings to you…and much love through Christ!

  3. One thing that is important is the party platforms. Check out this video:

    Also, I liked what you said about God being in control and that change needs to start with us! Thank you for this post and encouraging others to start change in their own homes. That is so true! Keep sharing the good news of the Gospel, that is the most important thing in the world.

    In light of that, we need to keep our religions freedom, and I know one thing, Secretary Clinton will zap those religious freedoms faster than we can imagine.

    When one of our candidates is in legal trouble, then why vote for them?

    I also want a better world for my children, but a better world starts with a revival in the hearts of others! Get out and share the Good News!

    Everyone, encourage your friends and neighbors to get out and vote! Voting is something that very few people in the world can do! We have the ability to vote, please go vote and vote remembering that God is in control.

  4. Well said, Hannah. Sometimes, when all else baffles me, I vote the best candidate for unborn babies … pro-life (or the candidate who leans that way the most, even if their stance is weak). But I agree whole-heartedly with you. The teens in our church have afternoon marathons of watching Harry Potter movies. This troubles me, too. Our pastor doesn’t think it is of concern. I am baffled more by the church scene than I am the political one and try not to get too discouraged … but keep my eyes on our Heavenly Father and pray He keeps my heart right (not judgmental yet not compromising, either!). Thank you for all your shared wisdom, which is, as I have said before … wise beyond your years. 🙂 To Yahweh’s glory, I know. And in credit to your obedient heart.

  5. Scripture shows us that Yahovah can and has used ungodly men to bring about His purposes. King Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar come to mind. No one knows as yet if Father will have mercy on this nation or if we are at the place where 2 Chronicles says in chapter 36:16…”But they mocked the messengers of Elohim, and despised His words, and misused His prophets, until the wrath of Yahovah arose against His people, till there was no remedy.” If one truthfully considers how far this nation has fallen from grace, nothing that the Father decides for us will be any less than what we deserve. But if He is going to be merciful with us yet, it will surely be more than we deserve!

  6. Hillary Clinton is on record saying that people’s religious beliefs will have to change when it comes to abortion! Yes she actually said that! She is in favor of abortion all the way up until the baby is full term and is undeniably a living person (of course life starts at conception)! Clinton will put a liberal majority on the Supreme Court and who knows what evil they could inflict on our nation!
    Hillary is a known liar and she’s even being investigated by the FBI. I don’t understand how a Christian could vote for Hillary!

  7. I agree that change needs to start in the homes! In our churches and communities 🙂 Too many think that their voice to help change things will come every 4 years at voting time only and that’s the extent of it. No, we must always be fighting for the truth. We must keep God as the center of our homes and raise our children according to the word so that they will love it and do it as they enter adulthood. Society has sought to remove Him from all social affairs and we as believers must try to change that!!
    Most godly individuals have stepped back from political affairs because they think there is no hope for a positive change. I don’t think that should be the case! I hope more will get active in their communities and civil governments. Evangelize and bring the truth at a local level!!
    God can and will use both the godly and ungodly in leadership. But for us to sit back and not try to reclaim this nation for the Lord would be folly.
    I will not be voting for either of the two popular candidates. I hope my voice would make a difference, but I also know change starts with me….every single day and not just every four years.

  8. Finally!!!
    Someone to speak the truth. I was listening to people praying in church. I understand their thinking, but as a people we need to pray for DISCERNMENT about HOW we are praying and what actions we need to take. Some were standing up saying we have a DUTY to this country to vote. They were asking Yah to BLESS OUR COUNTRY. Praying for a hedge of protection around Trump….
    To me that was like asking Abba to bless BABYLON! We need to be praying for these corrupt and wicked politicians to see their need to repent! To pray for mercy! To bless Abba for doing whatever it takes to turn our country to seek Him….even if it means distruction. That he would have mercy on us. That we would live righteously in private.
    My family came together. We prayed and it was a tough decision. Most of us are able to vote. All except my youngest (16) and the grandchildren. We were a military family. My Father fought in two wars. My SIL was in Iraq. But, we haven ALL heard from our Father and we have decided not to elect a king.

  9. Well stated! I completely agree with you! I did NOT want to vote Trump. I would never vote Hillary (other than the obvious reasons she is not suitable to lead a country such as abortion etc. I also don’t believe it is appropriate from a biblical standpoint for a woman to lead. What a shame to men if she were in charge!). I decided…in the end…to follow the lead of my husband. He is a Godly man and he was voting for the platform…not the man. So we voted Republican because of their conservative stance. We can only pray that things go better in our gov’t. However…that being said, you are 100% right….change starts in the homes…in *us*. Our hearts need to be right. We need to live in a way that pleases Christ…not to earn His love but to show our love for Him! 🙂 I enjoyed your post and appreciate the time, thought and wisdom you put into it! 🙂

  10. Thank you for these wonderful words. I wish I’d read them before the election but as things are still stirred up and there is much to bite our tongues about on social media posts I appreciate these words even now.

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