Coffee Mug Exchange Fun w/The Enchanting Rose!

Coffee Mug Exchange Fun w/The Enchanting Rose!

Most of our readers are aware of how much I enjoy coffee!  But the truth is that I enjoy tea almost as much as coffee.  And I also enjoy a variety of mugs and teacups.  That’s why I was excited to join the recent teacup/mug exchange that was hosted by Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose.  Abigail and I participated last year and really enjoyed being a part of the swap.  This year I had kind of forgotten about it so my decision to join was spur of the moment but I’m glad I did!

Somehow I forgot to take pictures of the things that I sent to my swap partner.  Perhaps she will share it on a blog post for Stephanie’s big reveal – a linkup on her blog that will be hosted on Wednesday.

But this is what I received in the mail.  Rebekah is the young lady who was given my name – she is from Missouri and is close in age to me 🙂

Coffee Mug Exchange Fun w/The Enchanting Rose!

The mug was hand painted in a studio in her town!  It’s such a great reminder in the morning and I really like that song too.  She also sent me organic coffee from Equal Exchange – a company that focuses on fair trade and fostering relationships that are beneficial to farmers and consumers.  The first thing I smelled when I opened the box were the coffee beans and my, did they smell good!  The flavor of this roast is excellent … I’ve enjoyed it several times already.

She also sent me this notebook – isn’t it cute?  The verse on the front is such a great reminder!  I also love the weights on the bookmark.  The crown reminds me that I’m a daughter of the King.  And the tree reminds me of the verse that if we trust in YHWH we will be as trees planted by the water that bear much fruit!

Coffee Mug Exchange Fun w/The Enchanting Rose!

The inside pages of the notebook contain inspirational quotes and Bible verses, which also make it special to me 🙂


So Rebekah, if you are reading this, thank you so much for the lovely package!  I was thrilled with everything and I’m going to write you a real letter to tell you that – hopefully very soon!  Going away camping for 10 days has definitely thrown off my schedule a bit 🙂

18 thoughts on “Coffee Mug Exchange Fun w/The Enchanting Rose!

  1. Oh, what fun Stephanie’s exchange is! {{smiles}} I am so glad that you were blessed with a lovely parcel, dear Hannah…and I love the song, Give Me Jesus too!
    And what a delightful journal…I am certain you’ll enjoy writing in it!
    Hugs and love,

  2. What a lovely package of goodies Rebekah sent you. The journal is lovely as is the bookmark. I am sure every time you use these gifts you will think of Rebekah. Enjoy the gifts and thanks for sharing this post with your readers.

  3. You are a very foolish young lady. You questioned which God a mother of 11 served when she told you about her use of birth control. She has 11 children and a husband to consider. You can be selfish and play around with your health, she has responsibilities. That was an immature reply. You speak the most but know the least.

    1. I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! Perhaps you confused me with someone else? I certainly didn’t make any reference to birth control in this post so I’m not sure why you would leave a comment here. It definitely appears off topic to me.

  4. Good morning, lovely Hannah! It was a pure delight to see the items Rebekah gifted to you. The mug is truly beautiful and I love that it was handpainted in her town. The coffee sounds delcious and the journal is simply lovely.

    Thank you, dear friend, for joining the fun. Have a most blessed day! {{{hugs}}} Stephanie-The Enchanting Rose

  5. Such a precious gift from a new friend, and the hand painted mug is so delightful! What a lovely gift to receive in the mail! Enjoying the tea partying today, happy to have visit with you in my travels! 🙂

  6. Hello Hannah, what a lovely package you have received from Rebekah. I love the unusual mug.
    You will enjoy the journal for days to come.

    Have a beautiful day~~

  7. The Teacup and Mug Exchange is such fun! I participated this year, with the teacups, and I was so blessed and had so much fun!

    The package you received looks lovely! 🙂

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