Happy October To You – Twins, Sukkot & Coconut Oil!

Can you believe that we are already in October?  I’m not sure where this year has gone!  It has been quiet around here lately and I apologize for that.  But I do have an excuse!  Or at least, a good reason.  That sounds better, doesn’t it? 🙂

Happy October To You - Twins, Sukkot & Inexpensive Coconut Oil!


Several weeks ago, we received a call at 2:15am from Clinton and Sharon (who are like family to us) and they asked for my mother and Sarah to come to their place because Sharon was in labor. We were surprised since it was a couple weeks before her due date but they hurried out of the house and drove the 1.5 hours to where Clinton and Sharon are living.  We received a text several hours later that read, “Baby girl born before we got here … waiting on baby #2!”

That began a whirlwind of a week and a half!  To start with, they didn’t know that they were having twins!  But some hours later, baby #2 was born – another beautiful little girl! Unfortunately Sharon did have some complications after the birth, which resulted in 2 unexpected emergency trips to the hospital.  During this time, Sarah was staying with them to help care for the twins and their 15 month old son.  Others in our family, myself included, spent time back and forth between their place and ours, resulting in loss of sleep and crazy schedules.  But it was worth it all!  I mean … they have TWINS!!

Happy October To You - Twins, Sukkot & Inexpensive Coconut Oil!

To say we’re all excited would be an understatement!  But with all of that going on, not to mention me and the other girls having more puppy business work to handle since Sarah was away, we haven’t kept up with things around the blog as much as we would like to.  More on that in a little bit!

Isn’t this a beautiful family?!Happy October To You - Twins, Sukkot & Inexpensive Coconut Oil!

I mentioned that Clinton and Sharon had some unexpected hospital visits, which resulted in some unexpected expenses.  Another friend of ours has started an online fundraiser for them.  If any of you feel led to help them with the medical bills, it would be greatly appreciated.  You can do so by clicking on this link:

Let’s Bless Clinton & Sharon Cauthen’s Growing Family


As most of you know, our family observes the Biblical feasts and Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) is beginning next week!  So it’s going to be quiet on the blog for a little bit longer but we look forward to catching up in a few weeks!  I know I still have one more house photo post to publish and we have some other things in the works too.  I’m sure we’ll also be sharing pictures and videos from our Sukkot celebration.  This is always a highlight of the year and I pray that all of you who are celebrating it will have a very blessed one!

Coconut Oil!

Do you use coconut oil?  It has some amazing health benefits! Our family enjoys using it in many different recipes and we go through a fairly large quantity.  I have searched around to find the best price on organic, extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil … and I think I have found it! {affiliate link} Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on Amazon only costs $16.14 for 54oz!

Disclaimer: this is the price before shipping.  But I like to combine items in my order to get the total over $49, which gives me free shipping.  If you already have Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping anyway!  Or if you don’t have it, you can get a free 30 day trial at – try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial 🙂

Question: do you order many items through amazon?  What are some of your favorite finds?

Hope you have a lovely week and we’ll be back around the end of October, YHWH willing!

P.S.  Do you know what else I usually order on Amazon?   Cafe Don Pablo Organic Coffee Medium-Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee Beans!  It’s $15.99 for 2lbs and it’s VERY GOOD coffee 🙂

28 thoughts on “Happy October To You – Twins, Sukkot & Coconut Oil!

  1. Oh how precious are these two darling girls? Hearty congratulations, Cauthen family, may the LORD bless you richly as you raise up these arrows for the Kingdom! Oh my…how amazing it must have been for them to realise that not one baby, but TWO would be joining their family!!
    Dear Hannah, thinking of you all as you help this dear family and keep up with your own! Always a delight stopping by… Smiles and hugs,

  2. AWW! What a sweet blessing for their family!! They are indeed a lovely family, *dreamy sigh*. Please give them my congrats, and tell them i am praying for Sharon to fully recover and enjoy good health!
    Love, Blessings, and prayers,
    ~Susannah Joy~

  3. Hi Hannah!
    Clinton and Sharon’s twins are indeed a very good reason for a quiet blog! : ) The twins are so sweet! I am always blessed by Clinton and/or Sharon’s articles in Shining Stars. That must have been so exciting for all of you- and tiring too, but it is worth it! What a lovely, blessed family they are!
    Thanks for the tips about coconut oil- I do use it some. The stuff I have isn’t extra-virgin though, so it’s probably not as healthy either. In fact, I’ve never thought of it as a healthy food. I just use it as a replacement for butter since I can’t tolerate lactose. I guess there are more healthy and less healthy types.

    God bless!

  4. The twin girls are beautiful. I am a twin. My sister is 14 minutes older. These babies are so lucky, they will have a best friend for life. Thank you for sharing this post. Do the girls have names yet?

    1. That’s special that you are a twin! My mother is also a twin (she has a brother) and I’ve always wanted to have twins! And yes, the firstborn is named Chavah (life) and the second one is Hoshiana (the Hebrew form of Hosanna).

  5. “To start with, they didn’t know that they were having twins!”

    Did that poor woman not get any prenatal care? How terrifying.

    1. I’m not sure how you define prenatal care! Yes, she had plenty of care. If you’re referring to an ultrasound, then no – they chose not to do that based on how dangerous they are for the baby and also out of respect for the fact that babies are formed in secret (Psalm 139) and a preference to leave it that way.

      It should never be terrifying to have faith in the Heavenly Father. Exciting, yes … often even uncertain. But there’s no reason to be terrified when we know that we can trust Him and He wants the best for us and has the best plan!

      1. So she was in labour few weeks before due date and instead going to hospital they’ve called your mother? That’s so irresponsible. How would they feel If anything went wrong? I will never understand some peope.

        1. And I will never understand why some people feel the need to decide what is right and wrong for everyone! Do you know how many babies and mamas die or are injured in hospitals? The only time a hospital is “safer” than home is if the Holy Spirit leads you to go there. I encourage you to stop judging when others make decisions based on prayer and guidance from the Heavenly Father, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them or would do something different! Not everyone is called to walk the same path.

          1. If she had complications after the birth, why didn’t the Holy Spirit tell her to go to the hospital beforehand? Did He tell her to go afterwards? Why would He tell her to go somewhere where “babies and mamas die or are injured?”

            1. I’m not sure if you’re genuinely asking a question or just trying to be contentious. In the hope that the former is the case, allow me to remind you that we can’t ask “why” God does things certain ways … or rather we can ask why but we may never know the answers.

          2. First of all when you choose to carry a child to term you are no longer afforded the privilege of it being what you want or believe. Studies have shown that perinatal deaths, complications and illnesses are reduced when the infant is delivered in a medical facility, home births are considered a safe alternative in problem free non V-BAC single fetus births ONLY when assisted by a professionally trained, experienced and qualified midwife, but with a 40% higher chance of hyperbilirubinemia.
            Secondly your dislike and rejection for hospitals and medical intervention is clear in your blog, and resulted in delayed medical attention when complications arose adding to the medical bills unnecessary. It is in extremely poor taste to then ask others to fund the cost incurred.
            Thirdly although I believe each person should be free to have their own opinions and beliefs you have publicly expressed yours and therefore put yourself in a position that you must accept that people will challenge you, if you are incapable of having your views challenged and feel you are being unfairly “judge” then maybe you should reconsider expressing yourself and your views on the internet.

            1. First, I find it a bit amusing that you believe parents should lose their God-given rights and responsibilities if they carry a baby to full term. In reality, it’s more sad than amusing.
              Second, your attempt to connect my personal opinions with my friends’ decision is pitiable, as is your assumption that they would have had fewer medical bills had they been in the hospital to begin with. Presumptuous, to say the least.
              Third, if you actually think that I am incapable of having my views challenged then you obviously haven’t been around here very long!

              1. I did not say you had to lose your rights, before someone decides to have a child they have the privilege of having only their wants and needs to think of when making choices about their lifestyle, beliefs and health. Once you become a parent your child’s health, safety, well being etc become your number one responsibility and putting your child’s life in danger by declining prenatal care and then choosing to deliver unassisted is irresponsible the fact that she then had to be hospitalised twice after delivery due to complications is not a coincidence. I’m not saying she should be forced to have a hospital birth but prenatal care, ultrasounds, checkups, blood tests etc then being assisted by a fully trained and qualified midwife lowers the chances of complications or even prevented them therefore saved them from the hospital admission fees. From your story your friends put their beliefs before the welfare of their children, you put the story out for people to read and Alex called it for what it was, irresponsible, to which you responded to by calling her judgemental. I also never claimed to be “around here very long” and I may not stay here very long but I have been around in the big wide real world long enough to recognise your immaturity and naïveté. If you want to believe in a deity then go for it, I don’t agree with your beliefs but as long as it is not endangering or harming others I don’t care, but unless you have studies all faiths and cultures and the origins do these religions by studying comparative religions and mythologies http://www.studiesincomparativereligion.com/Public/default.aspx
                you lack any real understanding of the religion you live by.

              2. Since we obviously disagree on the fundamentals, I think it’s a waste of time to carry on any further discussion. I will pray for you, that you will know the truth and the truth will set you free <3

  6. Twins are so precious! What a blessing!

    To answer your question: Yes we do order some of our grocery items from Amazon. Most consistently, Raw Cane Sugar in 50# bag. We don’t have a lot of natural or organic sources or choices in our area so Amazon has had the best prices I can find for this staple. I’ve also ordered bulk Almond Flour and other goodies.

    Looking forward to a fun Sukkot this year!

  7. I am rejoicing with Sharon and Clinton over the birth of their twin girls!! So happy for their family. I’m thankful Sharon’s okay after those complications. May YHWH continue to bless and multiply them. 🙂

  8. I’m curious to know what you think the fundamentals are. What are the basic facts or principles? What research have you done to back up your statements? What statistics have you got and from whom are they from? The fundamentals of safe childbirth and the responsibilities you have to ensure that are different to the fundamentals of faith and belief. The well being, health and safety of your child out ways any religious belief the parent holds. You want pray for me to see the truth, no what you want is for me to agree with your interpretation of ancient writings that can not be backed up by anything but the writings themselves. It’s a shame you won’t do some proper studies on religion and culture as I think you would find it interesting and if your faith and beliefs are the same as they are now then it proves that your faith is the right one for you, but in the end as is doesn’t affect me whether or not you educate yourself I really don’t care.

    1. Addie, I have observed firsthand some incidents that cannot be explained except by acknowledging that there is an almighty Creator. I don’t need statistics and research and I don’t need to study other religions. I have real life personal experience and testimony. I’ve seen miraculous healings where there was no medical involvement, and I’ve also seen healings where the medical system was involved. Using or not using the medical system really has nothing to do with believing in the one true God. That is a matter for each individual to decide for themselves and to follow His leading, because He does lead different people on different paths. But the important thing is that when we put our faith in Him, He gives us wisdom and guidance and His peace in the midst of un-peaceful situations. It’s impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it and you obviously haven’t. So that’s my prayer for you. Not that you would “agree with my interpretation of ancient writings …” (I wouldn’t pray that for anyone!) but that you would find that peace that passes all understanding.

      1. How do you know it was miraculous healing unless you have a studied human biology, microbiology or human anatomy? How do you know that the immune system was able to do it without blood tests to measure levels? My point being is you have not had the education to know these things that need to be eliminated before even considering the notion of Devine intervention and there is always a scientific reason if you know what you are looking for. And you do need research and facts and knowledge so that if you still have faith you know it’s not out of ignorance.

        1. Now you’re the one being ignorant! I’m not sure what makes you think that I haven’t studied biology and anatomy and the fact that you would try to tie natural causes and processes in to what I have witnessed is laughable. Again, I don’t think it’s worth continuing the conversation since you aren’t going to convince me and I don’t think you’re willing to be convinced either.

  9. I’m glad to hear that the labor went well and both babies are healthy. 🙂

    But, you can trust God and use the medical expertise and technology available. Obstetricians/gynecologists have dedicated their lives to study and practice for the safety of women and children.

    Ultrasoumds and prenatal doctor’s visits are VERY important.

    1. Yes you can trust God to work through medical expertise if He leads you to do so. Sometimes He leads people to trust Him without involving the medical system. We should never judge anyone for following His leading when it isn’t the same way in which He has directed us.

  10. How beautiful are those little girls!?! What a blessing to have a surprise twin in there!! HaShem is SO good!

    I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get an email address for Sharon? Me and my husband have just recently gone through a tragedy and her article in a old shining stars magazine has been more than encouraging through it all. I would love to tell her so and talk with her some more if at all possible!

    Thank you so much! Your blog is beautiful. I love the new redesign. (: <3

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