Headcovering/Headband From Rosi’s Boutique – A Giveaway!

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

Last year I did a review and giveaway for a headcovering from my dear friend’s Etsy shop – Rosi’s Boutique.  Recently Rosi asked us if we would like to do another review and host a giveaway as well!  If I were you ladies, I would jump at this chance!  The winner of our giveaway gets a headband/covering of her choice from Rosi’s Boutique!

Rosi’s coverings are amazing!  They are feminine, stylish and so comfortable – I just love wearing them!  Her products are very reasonably priced so even if you do not win the giveaway, I would highly recommend that you head over to her shop and making a purchase.  These are just a few of the many different styles and colors available!

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

One thing that I REALLY love about Rosi’s coverings is that they are convertible … you can wear them as a full covering or you can wear them as a headband!  I normally wear them as headbands but sometimes I wear them as a full covering too.

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

Rosi also sews and sells beautiful flags and tzitzits (tassels).  Sometimes she carries little purses/pouches too.

Headcovering/Headband From Rosi's Boutique - Review And Giveaway!

If you would like a chance to win a headcovering of your choice from Rosi’s Boutique, enter through the rafflecopter below!  Also please considering following her on Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you ladies!  Have a blessed week, rejoicing and the goodness and grace He has shown us!

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62 thoughts on “Headcovering/Headband From Rosi’s Boutique – A Giveaway!

  1. We LOVE Rosi’s Boutique! So far, we’ve purchased a few head coverings and several sets of tzitzit. She is precious! Excellent customer care, too!

  2. Checked out Rosi’s boutique, and what a great selection of different styles! I’d love to have one 🙂 Thankyou, Rosi and Radical Femininity!

  3. No, I don’t own anything from Rosi’s shop. I’m new to head covering, so I’m thankful for learning about this source of headbands:)

  4. Beautiful coverings for sure!!! Rosi is really talented !!!
    I don’t own one of her coverings but over the last months I’ve visited her shop a few times to admire her work !!!

  5. I’d love to have something from her shop. I found ages ago when I was googling and looking for different head covers for myself.

  6. I do not own anything from Rosis Boutique at the moment but I have been following her on instagram for a very long time and admiring her work! She is a very sweet person. Would love to own one of her headcoverings and I hope I win! 🙂

  7. I haven’t bought anything from her shop. I’ve been looking at them though! I’ve always wanted to buy one or two! 🙂

  8. My daughters and I would love to win! These are beautiful! We do not have any yet….but pinning to the dreams a little dream board!

  9. It was the first time I heard about Rosi’s Headcover and Headbands. They are so pretty 🙂
    Very happy you have introduce me to her work.

  10. I have always been interested in head coverings but did not want to draw unnecessary attention. These are stylish and still serve as a head covering. Love them! I plan on purchasing one soon!

  11. I don’t own anything from Rosi’s Boutique — in fact, I’d never heard of it before — but I checked out her site and she has lots of things I like. I like that the headcoverings are cute, but not ostentatious. I could wear one to the grocery store and no one would look at it twice wondering what was up with me.

  12. I do not own any of these lovely headcoverings but they are indeed lovely! I would be honored to wear one. Thank you for the chance to possibly win one! 🙂

  13. I have never owned any of these headcoverings, but I’d love to try the stretchy knit type. I love that they are versatile and can be worn as a headband or as a full headcovering.

    1. Oops, I commented after visiting her shop, but before reading the comment question. 🙂 I don’t have anything from her shop that I know of. My husband has bought my coverings as gifts for me, and I don’t know where he bought them.

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