Lydia & Outfit: White Skirt, Pink Polka Dots & Classy Country Apron

Today I am sharing outfit pictures of my little sister Lydia … but she is not very little anymore!  For the last few days, she keeps talking about almost being taller than me and she is right!  I did not want to admit it but the mirror is showing me that it won’t be long at all!

It is so amazing how quickly time flies by.  Just the other night I was looking at some old pictures with Hannah, and Lydia was an adorable little baby!  Now she is a beautiful young lady!  Friends, time is fleeting … enjoy each moment with the loved ones around you!

Lydia & Outfit: White Skirt, Pink Polka Dots & Classy Country Apron

Lydia is wearing a Classy Country apron from Aliyah’s Aprons.  Speaking of Aliyah’s Aprons, Abigail extended her summer sale through tomorrow … so you probably don’t want to miss that!  Use the code SUMMERSALE2016 to take 30% off your order!Lydia & Outfit: White Skirt, Pink Polka Dots & Classy Country Apron

Lydia got her pink polka dot blouse from a thrift store for $4.Lydia & Outfit: White Skirt, Pink Polka Dots & Classy Country Apron

Her headcovering came from Hannah’s Headcoverings, but it is currently out of stock.  She is wearing Lilla Rose Heart Bloom bobby pins along with a Blossom Medley flexi clip.  And she made her own earrings – she enjoys doing crafty things like that!  By the way, please excuse the bad background.  That is the front of our 116 year old farm house and it needs to be remodeled … in our spare time 😉Lydia & Outfit: White Skirt, Pink Polka Dots & Classy Country Apron

Somehow Yalili always finds a way to photo bomb 🙂Lydia & Outfit: White Skirt, Pink Polka Dots & Classy Country Apron

She borrowed the white skirt from Abigail.  It used to be that Lydia was the only one who could not share clothes with the rest of us girls … but even that is changing!  Our little Bitty is just growing up!Lydia & Outfit: White Skirt, Pink Polka Dots & Classy Country Apron

On a different topic, we are so thankful to have our hay cut and baled!  It was growing so tall and we couldn’t find anyone to do it.  We kept praying and He answered our prayers 🙂 One of our neighbors dropped in and asked if he could do it!  We’re so thankful!  Freshly-cut hay smells so wonderful … and the tight bales look so beautiful sitting in the field (until they get moved to the hay barn!) Lydia & Outfit: White Skirt, Pink Polka Dots & Classy Country Apron

Have a lovely weekend!

19 thoughts on “Lydia & Outfit: White Skirt, Pink Polka Dots & Classy Country Apron

  1. Yes, that is a lovely outfit-thanks for sharing, Lydia and Sarah! And yes, isn’t freshly cut hay lovely-the look and the aroma! We’re about to start cutting the hay here in Australia too- isn’t that funny!

    You’re letter may be a bit late, I’m afraid, because Annie is in Tasmania, and I have SO much work looking after all the animals-but I am enjoying it too.


    1. Hello Gabrielle,
      You’re so welcome! That is so interesting that you are about to cut hay … isn’t it your winter time there?!? 🙂
      No problem … I enjoy getting your letters whenever they come! I hope Annie has a great time in Tasmania. Glad you are enjoying the extra work 🙂
      Have a blessed week. ~Sarah

      1. Hi again Sarah!
        Sorry for my slow response!
        It has just turned to spring here, and hay time for us is early spring; harvest time is late spring. That’s the opposite of you all in America- I think your harvest time is autumn, right? We can’t grow crops through summer here because they would all die from the dryness and heat!

        Oh yes, Annie had a great time in Tasmania! It was freezing cold, and on one of their hikes up a mountain, they had to wade through snow with a strong wind blowing, so it was quite a novel experience for them! I’m sure she’ll tell you about it in her letter.
        All three of us just had a fun letter-writing session in our room, by the way! We got Abigail’s letters last night too, and it was a delightful surprise, as I didn’t know she was even writing to us! I think it’s so funny how she said that if you’re around big families, you here a lot of things multiple times! We girls try to work out who’s going to write about what in each letter, but I’m sure we still repeat ourselves sometimes! Anyway, since you’re from a big family too, I’m sure you’ll understand!

        Have a blessed week, and keep shining for the Father!
        Much love in Christ,

  2. Such a sweet & beautiful young lady! Yes….time is fleeting! Thank you for the reminder. <3

    and…lol….that picture with Yalili is hilarious! XD

    Blessings & hugs!

    1. You’re welcome, Joy! Sometimes I get so caught up in life that I don’t realize how quickly it is passing by … so that reminder was for me too 😉
      Haha! Yes, Yalili is a silly dog 🙂

      {hugs} <3

  3. Lovely. Your a talented photographer. And you have a great subject. I love the skirt and apron. I wear aprons everyday. Mine aren’t as pretty. I clean houses and I love it! I enjoyed your post and visiting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. All credits go to my sister Abigail … she is the talented photographer – I am not very good at all 🙂 I just wrote the post!
      That is neat that you wear aprons every day 🙂 I have a good friend who cleans houses as well! I love how pretty & feminine Aliyah’s Aprons are!
      Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Love the outfit and the beautiful smile to match it! I also love the bales in the background (that is what we do for a living). Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing, Sarah. You have been an encourager and inspiration for me. Keep up your serving our awesome God. You will be blessed richly by it. Have a blessed day.

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