Summer Days And Polka Dots – A Modest Outfit Post

Hello Ladies!

I hope this finds you all doing fantastic!  If not, then just know that you are loved and cared for by a Mighty God who never falls asleep on the throne … He has got it all under control!  So don’t lose heart; stand steadfast in Him and keep fighting for the glorious victory is ahead!

Hannah had asked for me to get outfit pictures yesterday, so as I scanned my wardrobe (that isn’t very big), I grabbed the outfit below, since I knew it hadn’t been featured on RF yet.  Later I realized that I’d picked a green blouse, which made me laugh in light of the post I’d shared two weeks ago about Ruthie’s outfit!

Anyway … I do have to apologize for the bad lighting … I am not a photographer, so I don’t understand the whole lighting thing!  We got outside after the sun sunk below the hill (it’s cooler that way!) and Abigail told me the lighting wasn’t the best … but I felt sure it would be okay!  Well, she was right!  The pictures are okay, but the lighting is not 100% accurate … mainly with my blouse … in real life it is a deeper, brighter, fresh green color.

When I saw this blouse at the store, I wondered whether I should get it because I don’t normally wear green (I think I only have one other green shirt)!  I liked the green & white polka dots though, so I decided to try it and only paid a dollar or two for it (it’s hard to turn down a new outfit experiment for such a cheap price!).  Abigail gave me this skirt awhile back and it is so comfy!  It is my “go-to” denim skirt … so durable and yet stylish.  I think she got it at the thrift store for a couple dollars.Summer Days And Polka Dots - A Modest Outfit Post

My sandals are Clarks … I got them off Amazon two years ago.  They cost $50 (including shipping), but I got them for $40 because I used two $5 dollar Swagbucks Amazon cards!  I love these sandals, they are so comfortable and SO lightweight.  I wore them throughout our remodeling and moving experience last year, and they are still in GREAT condition!  Sadly, Amazon does not have this particular design for sale any more, but here are two other listings that are the same style: Leisa Daisy Sandals and Leisa Apple SandalsIf you need a pair of durable, but classy and comfortable sandals that will last you years … I highly recommend these!Summer Days And Polka Dots - A Modest Outfit Post

I am still not sure if green is my color so I enjoy pairing it with this fruity burnt berry color … but Lydia strongly objects that these colors don’t go together :/  Oh well, you can’t please everyone, right?! 😉  Seriously, this blouse has become one of my regular casual, run-to-town tops!Summer Days And Polka Dots - A Modest Outfit Post

My headcovering came from Hannah’s Headcoverings.  Sadly this color is no longer in stock … and I’ll admit, it’s my fault … I bought the last two because I LOVED the color so much!  We’ll have to see if we can get some more next time we’re in Israel!Summer Days And Polka Dots - A Modest Outfit Post

Lately I have been braiding my hair and putting it up with Lilla Rose U-pins.  These particular ones are the Tiara style.  I had tried u-pins a couple years ago, but the pair we had were too big, so I never tried them again.  Recently though, I decided to try them again because we had a smaller pair!  I loved them!   But, I will have to say, I have not yet mastered the technique of putting them in correctly all the time … sometimes it takes a couple tries before I’m satisfied and they feel comfortable.  But hey, they are worth the couple tries!  They hold my bun in snugly and comfortably.Summer Days And Polka Dots - A Modest Outfit Post

So, I personally go in spurts … sometimes I like wearing earrings everyday or pretty often, and other times, I will go weeks or months without wearing any!  That is kinda how it has been lately, but yesterday I felt like wearing some so I pulled these out of my jewelry box – I have had them for years!  I bought them from HFE Jewelry on Etsy.Summer Days And Polka Dots - A Modest Outfit Post

Well, that is all for now!  I hope you have enjoyed.  Have a blessed weekend.

12 thoughts on “Summer Days And Polka Dots – A Modest Outfit Post

  1. What an encouraging beginning to this post! The Lord is definitely in control! Thankyou for that reminder.I needed that boost in spirit.
    Your outfit is very pretty. All the outfits you girls post are lovely 🙂 I have a weakness for denim skirts, very durable, comfortable and stylish. I love your headcoverings and how you all match them up with your outfits. Very becoming. Your sandals look oh, so comfy! I am going to look for those online. Thanks again!

    1. You’re so welcome! I am glad it was a blessing to you.
      I totally agree about denim skirts … they are great! And yes, my sandals are very comfy … I highly recommend them!
      Thanks for commenting. Blessings!

  2. Hey Sarah…I’d say green is definitely your color! I know it’s one of my favorites. You look cute as a bug!


  3. I love the whole outfit! I think those shades of green and purple go fine together-but I guess it’s a matter of taste!
    God Bless,

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