A Denim Skirt, A Tunic And A Furry Friend – Modest Outfit Post

It’s that time again … another modest outfit post!

A Denim Skirt, A Tunic And A Furry Friend - Modest Outfit Post

Today I’m featuring a very important furry friend of mine – my black Labrador puppy Annabelle!  I’ve been working on photography for all our dogs so that we can update our very outdated dog website.  Since she needed her pictures, and Hannah’s been reminding me to get some outfit pictures for a long time, it just made sense to get my pics with her and then work with her afterwards!  Isn’t she a cutie???

A Denim Skirt, A Tunic And A Furry Friend - Modest Outfit Post

The colors I’m wearing in these pictures might not be what you’d expect to see someone wearing in late July but the truth is, the weather and seasons affect my clothing choices very little!  I have a habit of wearing bright colors in wintertime and duller ones during summer … I don’t plan it that way, but I always seem to be a little behind or ahead of the season! 🙂

A Denim Skirt, A Tunic And A Furry Friend - Modest Outfit Post

No, she wasn’t kissing me!  I put up with a lot from dogs but kisses on the mouth is just plain nasty and wrong!  It just so happened that the angle the picture was taken at made it look like we were much closer than we actually were!

A Denim Skirt, A Tunic And A Furry Friend - Modest Outfit Post

I bought the skirt at a thrift shop for $4.99, I think.  Denim skirts like this are so hard to find, so I wanted to do a happy dance when I saw it! (please excuse the dirty paw streaks on it!)  I bought the gray top at Goodwill for $2.50.  The tunic was also a Goodwill find, but I think it was about $4.50.  The shoes came from the same thrift shop as the skirt, and were $1.99.  I don’t normally like to buy shoes from second hand stores, but these looked pretty new, so I didn’t mind 🙂

The necklace I’m wearing is a bubble charm that says “I will walk by faith even when I can’t see”.  It came from Zulily for about $6.  I’m also borrowing the elegant watch from Hannah … I’ve admired it for years and always wanted to wear it, so when Lydia insisted that I wear jewelry, I decided to wear it for once!

A Denim Skirt, A Tunic And A Furry Friend - Modest Outfit Post

Also, I just finally launched my small apron shop!  Hooray!!!  You may remember my post about it a couple months ago.  When I clicked the publish button on that post I had high hopes of starting my business soon afterwards, but things don’t always go the way we plan!  Soon after posting it, life got really crazy and I realized I just wasn’t ready to start a business, even if it was to be a small one like I wanted.

A few weeks ago I felt like it was time to start working at it again and now the shop is up and running!  It’s rough … there’s very little up on it and still lots of work to do, but I am very excited and happy to at least have it up and running!

A Denim Skirt, A Tunic And A Furry Friend - Modest Outfit Post

I am SO thankful for the support, advice and encouragement some of y’all have given me, and want to say a big “thank you!” to everyone who filled out the survey a couple months ago … that helped me so much!  Anyways, if you’re looking for an apron for yourself, a family member or friend, please hop over to my brand new website and take a look!

Just so you know, I buy the material on sale so that I can sell them at a lower price … I’ve always enjoyed shopping for deals and this is no exception!  One of the bad things about this is that when an apron is sold out, it’s sold out for good.

In other words, if you really like one, you might want to go ahead and get it, because if they sell out, that’s it!  I will hopefully have a page up about this on the website soon, but I just wanted to let y’all know, in case you are interested in a particular one but want to wait a while.

And lastly, all of the aprons are on sale for 15% off for an opening sale!  The coupon code is: 15OFFSTARTUP and it lasts 11 days!

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day! ~ Abigail Aliyah

13 thoughts on “A Denim Skirt, A Tunic And A Furry Friend – Modest Outfit Post

  1. Loved this post & outfit. You are BOTH cuties!! I think your apron business is going to be a success. They are lovely. :))
    p.s. Sometimes we wear bright colors in winter to bring some color & cheerfulness … while in summer there is already that sort of thing all around us in nature and plainer clothes feel cool and nice. 🙂 Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you so much Miss Dianne! And I agree … who needs bright clothes on a hot summer day?? Save it for the dreary winter days!:)

  2. What a wonderful post, Abigail! I really enjoyed seeing your pretty outfit, as well as your adorable dog, Annebelle! She (your dog) looks really similar to my dog, Beorn! So neat! I am going to check out your new website, I know it’ll be neat! 🙂

    1. Thanks Livy! Yes, I think Beorn and her look kinda alike! Of course he’s got some white on him and his face and ears are a different shape, but they are somewhat similar! And they both have that silly, friendly expression:D. Love ya!

  3. Hi Abigail,

    This is such a lovely post-everything about it! You, your outfit, your apron business, and your dog! Even the name is nice- is it Hebrew?

    God bless!

    1. Hi Gabrielle! Thank you so much! Yes, the name is Hebrew, but it’s also my middle name:). When I was deciding on a name for the apron shop I thought of “Abi’s Aprons” (which is one of my nicknames) or “Aliyah’s Aprons,” and liked the second much better! The name means “returning” or “going up” in Hebrew. Blessings!

  4. Your outfit is lovely! 🙂 Annabelle is so sweet! Growing up, my parents always had a lab (and still do to this day)! 🙂

    The aprons in your shop are all so pretty! I have an online sticker shop…I completely understand the difficulties of owning a small business! 🙂 I hope your shop does well for you!


    1. Thank you Miss Katy! Labs are such great dogs!

      I took a look at your sticker shop … wow! You do a great job with it! Blessings!

  5. Your dog is adorable and I really like your denim skirt – I’ve been looking for skirts like that in the stores here but it’s hard as I’m so short! I’ve found one but it was very expensive to get it altered.

    Hope you have a lot of success with your store!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you – I think she is too! I have a hard time finding skirts that fit me too, since I’m pretty short!

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