A Day On The Lake (Modest Swimsuit Pictures)

I have been wanting to share a post with pictures of our modest swimsuits and it just so happened that we were provided with the perfect opportunity to get some photos recently!

A Day On The Lake (Modest Swimsuit Pictures)

Our friend Silas has been visiting from Maine to work here in Tennessee during the winter/spring months and before heading back home this week, he wanted to take us to spend a day on the nearby lake.  It has been a long time since our family went out on the water and we had an absolutely wonderful time!

We went to the Edgar Evins Marina, which is on the Center Hill Lake – about an hour away from us.A Day On The Lake (Modest Swimsuit Pictures)

My mother, myself and Sarah.  Sarah’s outfit was a gift from some friends – I cannot remember the name of the company that it’s made by and that tag is now faded, but we girls have used it since 2008!  The other two outfits are homemade by Ruthie and Abigail.IMG_7696 copy

IMG_7707 copy

IMG_7704 copy

There were so many striped glider turtles in the water near the dock!IMG_7679 copy

Abigail fed them out of her hand …IMG_8017 copy

… and then she snatched one!IMG_8022 copy

The captain!IMG_7942 copy

This was the first time Silas had been on a tube and Sam gave him a run for his money!IMG_7762 copy

Since a pontoon boat doesn’t go very fast, they kept pulling in the rope and letting it go to add a little excitement to the ride!IMG_7774 copy

Lydia was the first one to ride the Wave Runner with Tommy.IMG_7779 copy

Ruthie’s turn on the tube … they tried to dump her with figure 8s and rope jerking, but she stayed on!IMG_7791 copy

Sarah wanted a calm ride 🙂IMG_7807 copy

Abigail also managed to stay afloat!IMG_7945 copy

And what would a boat ride be with Virgil’s root beer? 🙂  Lydia had just sold one of her kittens so she treated everyone to two bottles each, and Sam helped out a little too!IMG_7900 copy

Yep, that’s my mama driving that thing!IMG_7890 copy

Tommy and Abigail – aren’t the colors amazing?IMG_7893 copy

Sarah was the first of us girls to drive it … she got it up to 54mph 🙂IMG_7859 copy

Pull in right here!IMG_7831 copy

Abigail liked driving it too!IMG_7910 copy

I don’t know what we were saying!  I think she was telling me to go faster!  It was fun to drive but I didn’t like how you didn’t have so much control over the steering, especially when making curves.  I supposed you eventually get used to it but I preferred it on the straight stretches vs curves!IMG_7940 copy

When Lydia got on the tube, Silas was driving and tried his best to dump her!  He kept doing figure 8s and doubling back on the wake … she stayed on the whole time and kept telling him to go faster – even though we were at max speed!IMG_7847 copy

At times she would kick her feet up or make faces at him.  It was hilarious!A Day On The Lake (Modest Swimsuit Pictures)

On Sam’s second ride on the tube, Silas was determined to flip him.  It probably took 10 minutes – my father was driving and Silas was working the rope.  Toward the end, Tommy started riding the Wave Runner really close around the boat to add another wake!IMG_7930 copy

Mission accomplished!  It was the rope trick that did it … they pulled it in so close that when they let go, Sam was sitting still in the water and the tube turned sideways.  As soon as the slack was out of the rope, that jerk sideways flipped him!IMG_7934 copy

Victory!IMG_7933 copy

Taking it easy!  This is the best shot we have of Lydia’s swimsuit … Abigail made the skirt and top from swimsuit material and she’s wearing shorter leggings.IMG_7950 copy

Is that a storm coming up?IMG_7965 copy

Sure is!  We had never been out in a boat in the rain.  The lake got really choppy!  It only lasted a short time and then the sun came out again.IMG_7957 copy

IMG_7977 copy

Another look at our swimsuits … Abigail sewed the top and skirt for mine – it’s made with swimsuit material.  The leggings are activewear and were given to me by a friend.  Abigail bought the pieces of outfit … they’re spandex so work well in water … she also wears capri style leggings.IMG_7986 copy

Our wonderful parents!IMG_7984 copy

Selfie of ten? 🙂13310524_143893032692082_8233076584319059758_n copy

An idea for any of you photographer folks … there is a lookout tower at the park and we climbed it after we were finished at the water.  Ruthie had us all spread out down the spiral steps and peek up through for a picture!IMG_8055 copy

Alrighty, that’s all for now.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

P.S. Things are getting really busy here with summer and we haven’t had as much time to spend with the blog.  I think we’ll be changing the schedule to publishing twice a week but if posts are sporadic, you’ll know why!

13 thoughts on “A Day On The Lake (Modest Swimsuit Pictures)

  1. Hello to all! What a neat blog this time! Loved the swimsuits and looking at all the fun ya’ll were having! Thanks for sharing! Love to all…Charlene
    PS…we are all home safe and sound!

  2. Looks like you all had fun. I like the swimsuits. Have you ever thought of adding selling suits like this to your home business? You could sell them online.

  3. That looks so fun, and Hannah your swimsuit is adorable! I love how you were all able to dress so modestly for the lake, but still look cute. Great inspiration!

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