Finding A Spouse – A Discount On The Newest Shining Stars Magazine!

We are about to send the upcoming issue of Shining Stars Magazine off to the printers!  The theme is Finding A Spouse and there are so many wonderful articles being featured.  Below are excerpts of a few of them!

Finding A Spouse - A Discount On The Newest Shining Stars Magazine!On the last day of the Festival, my family went back to the house for a break and Mama and Daddy said they wanted to talk to me on the back veranda.  “What did I do?” I wondered.  Daddy said we should sit down and then he said, “I’ll get right to the point. Joshua Williams asked to marry you.”  I was completely taken aback.  I had no idea that anything like that was going on.  As far as I could tell, Joshua had absolutely no interest in me.  He was someone I respected but to whom didn’t pay much attention.  Daddy explained that Joshua had approached him that morning and said that Joshua had prayed and was sure that God was leading him to marry me.  I started crying because the news was so overwhelming.  Daddy told me that he and Mama were at peace about Joshua being my future husband and I should take as long as I wanted to think and pray about it before I gave an answer.
~ Leila Williams, Out Of The Blue

I began to have the impression that maybe I should approach this man on what his intentions were toward me.  Every fiber of my being screamed against it.  I did not feel that it would be right for me, as the woman in a relationship, to approach a man about his intentions.  That would be way too forward and certainly not in line with what I desired in a courtship.  But the still, small voice kept coming to me, saying, “talk to him”.  Not only was this voice with me in my devotionals and prayers, it began to appear in conversations with those in my life.  Friends, family and spiritual leaders all said the same thing; I needed to know where we stood.  And I had not told a single person this thought.
~ Angel Bishop, Our Courtship Was Perfect

“So,” she looked deep into my eyes with a sympathetic, although slightly nosy, smile on her face, “tell me, really, how you are doing, with your younger sister getting married first?”  I laughed and reassured her. “I’m doing fine. I’ve knows for years, with us both being in our twenties, that she could easily get married before I do.  I don’t feel like it’s a slight to my maturity level or anything like that.”  When friends heard that my younger sister was getting married, I was often asked that question.  Even though there are no rules that say an older sibling should get married first, most people just assume it will happen that way.  I think most of us, growing up, just assume it will happen that way.  So what about the times when it doesn’t?
Megan Miller, When A Younger Sibling Marries First

My husband, Joshua, and I met two hours before we said our marriage vows.  We began our romantic relationship with a marriage covenant.  It’s always fun to see the look of shock on people’s faces when they ask me, “So, how did you two meet?”  But what I enjoy much more than that is the sense of security I have in my marriage, security that began before I had spoken more than four words to my husband.  Let me back up and give you a little context.  My family came from something of a courtship background.  My father, an adult convert to Christianity, knew he didn’t want his children indulging in the lust-based dating culture he had experienced and that all relationships we entered would be with the goal of marriage.  I knew from a very young age that my daddy would be a huge part of the marriage process for me and I envisioned him coming home one day and saying, “Laura, I have a man who’s interested in marrying you and would make you a great husband …”
~ Laura Ohlman, We Made A Covenant

Unbeknownst to me, in March Yahweh told Jay three different times he was going to marry me.  Of course, he had wondered if I could be the one but hadn’t given it much thought until then.  In fact, he didn’t even “fall in love” with me until a month after he knew we were to be married.  He approached his father with this revelation.  His dad wanted to see that he could provide for a wife and family before he approached my parents.  When Jay had proven that he could, his dad simply told him to wait until Yahweh said it was the right time.
~ Britney Williams, I Thought We Were Total Opposites

In the Song of the Songs, there is this constant plea: don’t awaken love before it pleases.  My mistake was to allow my passionate heart to explode in romantic feelings before I made sure God could bless these growing relationships.  I would not be as frustrated and heartbroken if I would have been just a little wiser and more tempered.  We need to make sure some essential points are filled, before going farther in romantic feelings and emotional attachment.  I learnt that as strong and as beautiful and as amazing and as unique can be our love story, it doesn’t mean anything about God’s will.  It just means we are in love.  And being in love with someone doesn’t mean that God wants us to marry this person, even if this person is the most amazing person in the earth.
~ Caroline Massot, When Relationships Do Not Work Out

Finding A Spouse - A Discount On The Newest Shining Stars Magazine!

This is just a tiny preview!  There are many more amazing articles and I can’t wait to see how this issue is going to be a blessing to many!  We hope to have the magazines in the mail in early June and if you would like a copy, you can preorder one now on sale!  Click here to order and use the code vol9no2rf to take off 10%!

We also have a special rate for bulk quantity, in case you would like to order multiple copies to share with friends or people in your congregation.  If you order 10 or more copies, you can take 50% off with the code vol9no2rf50!  That’s the advantage of being able to use our postal service’s media mail option 😉

These codes will expire in one week, May 30th, so please take advantage of them soon if you wish to use them!  Have a lovely week!

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  1. Oh my…I can hardly wait to receive this lovely issue…thank you to all the wonderful contributors and especially to Hannah for putting together such a precious magazine for us to enjoy… May the Lord bless your work!
    With joy in Jesus,

  2. Okay…so when I saw the title “I Thought We Were Total Opposites” in the preview I thought of Jay and Britney and wondered if it was their story! Then I scrolled down! lol Guess I was right! XD

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