“Are You Twins?” – A Modest Outfit Post

I cannot tell you how many times Abigail and I have been asked if we were twins … especially when we were younger!  I mean, do we really look that much alike?!?  I never thought so, and my response was always, “NO … I am two years older!” 🙂

And then, I always wondered, “Do I look two years younger than what I am … or does she look two years older?!?”

"Are You Twins?" - A Modest Outfit Post

That question does not really bother me anymore … as you can tell, since it was my idea to get matching blouses!  Now, I find it kind of fun to match with my lil’ sis!"Are You Twins?" - A Modest Outfit Post

It was not until I saw these pictures that I realized that my headcovering was darker than my under-tee!  Ooops … why did no one tell me?!? 🙂 "Are You Twins?" - A Modest Outfit Post

Abigail gave me this skirt awhile back.  I believe it came from the thrift store for just a couple dollars. "Are You Twins?" - A Modest Outfit Post

The blouses were on sale and we got them for $1 each!  Such a bargain! "Are You Twins?" - A Modest Outfit Post

I love how you can pair almost anything with denim!  Abigail’s skirt came from the thrift store for a few dollars as well."Are You Twins?" - A Modest Outfit Post

Okay, I have to let you know, our Suburban does not have a RF sticker on it!  When I was putting the watermarks on the pictures, I thought that would be a fun place to include it 🙂 "Are You Twins?" - A Modest Outfit Post

Ruthie was trying to get outfit pictures when Samuel decided to photobomb … which encouraged Abigail & Lydia to join as well!  I’m so thankful for my dear siblings … even if they do enjoy picking on me 🙂 "Are You Twins?" - A Modest Outfit Post

10 thoughts on ““Are You Twins?” – A Modest Outfit Post

  1. I especially enjoyed this post, because I am a twin. Marion and I did dress alike for quite along time. There is nothing like having a twin. A twin is a best friend for life.I call her my womb mate!

    1. That is so neat that you are a twin and that you called your sister your womb mate 🙂 I hope to have twins one day, Father willing!

  2. When I saw the suburban, I thought “oh! I didn’t know they put that on the window! lol 😉 Cute outfits & beautiful pics. I love the photo-bomb too. 😉

  3. Beautiful outfits !! I absolutely love it !!!
    I actually dress quite often alike with my mother, which is always fun !! Mom is always honored ! 😉

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your “twin” outfits! Very pretty and feminine, I really like your denim skirts, those are my favorites!

  5. Haha, I love the watermark on the Suburban, that’s a neat idea!
    You can definitely tell you girls are related – I have a twin sister and it’s sad to say over the last years I have started to age a lot faster than my twin did. Now I look 2 years older than she is haha. You two are beautiful, and I love your outfits.
    You have a very encouraging blog!

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