13 Daughters Share How They Bless Their Families

There are so many ways that daughters can bless their families!

Whether it is physically or spiritually, we daughters can make an impact in this world … especially when we channel our time and talents towards building up our families, so that they (as individuals and as a group) can spread our King’s kingdom!

13 Daughters Share How They Bless Their Families

Sometimes our responsibilities are small, “insignificant” things; other times they are grand and important jobs.  Do everything you do, for the glory of the One who made you.  He sees and will reward you richly, whether others notice or not.

I was browsing over the Shining Stars Magazine blog recently, and decided to share a collection of quotes from interviews that my sister did, on the different ways other daughters liked to blessed their families (while still at home with them).  It was interesting to hear the different personalities and perspectives each one gave and I hope they will bless you too!

13 Daughters Share How They Bless Their Families

With no further ado, here is how 13 daughters answered the question:  “What are some ways that you help and serve your family?”  You can view the full interviews by clicking here, or by clicking on each individual’s name.

Renanah: What really led me to stay at home was seeing how much my mom needed my help around the house. Being a single parent living in a house is not easy so I really went before Yahweh about it and He then showed me the areas I need to help her in and that’s what I do when I’m home. I could have chosen to go to college but in my eyes that would have been selfish of me to leave my mom when she needed me the most. I’m reminded of the story of Ruth. Ruth could have chosen to go with Orpah back to her town but no, she saw that Naomi needed her so he stuck with her and was able to be even more blessed by her faithfulness. Yahweh has also shown me many flaws and dangers of attending college so I was willing to go against the grain and do what He wanted me to do which was to not be a part of this world’s system by getting a job or going to college. I rather help my family and myself by becoming a better keeper at home. When my mom goes to work and my sisters go to school, I devote my time to cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, yard work, running errands for my mom, or organizing papers. My mom also has a lot of unfinished projects she has started but never finished so I try to finish them when I can.

Hannah M: One of the ways that I (along with my sisters) help out is by cooking our meals. Another thing is that I go each week and get the groceries.  They’re things that I enjoy doing while at the same time they’re blessing my family.

Emily: I help in my family by doing some of the basic chores, such as running the vacuum, sweeping the floor and doing dishes, of course. I also occasionally cook meals for our family and bake things to take to others. Beyond that, I help my family and my dad’ ministry by cleaning our church weekly, as well as designing our church bulletin. I play the piano for the children’s songs during our services and occasionally play offertories. I also help my mom in teaching the children’s Sunday School during church services (my job is mostly keeping them quiet and occupied while she’s teaching). Recently though, I taught Sunday School for the children by myself for the first time. Beyond those things, I help in extending my family’s ministry by things such as babysitting children and visiting with the elderly. There are so many opportunities to be a help in the home … and beyond!

13 Daughters Share How They Bless Their Families

Kathryn: I concoct strange potions in my secret lab for the family members to drink so they can randomly barf money.  Okay. Not. Just had to paint a beee-u-tiful picture in all of your minds. Actually, I’m not really sure what I contribute to the family, other than lots of stitches in their ribs… and stories. I do have lots of plants that everyone likes!  Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Parsley, Guava, Jasmine… Rosemary and Parsley live outside though.  Daddy doesn’t like them. But they don’t feel left out! Catnip lives next door and throws great parties, and lots of weeds come and go.  As far as chores, when I remember, I do the ironing. And when I remember, I also do the laundry. And I do the dishes, when I remember. OH! And I vacuum the floors regularly…when I remember. I also dust… usually when my plants remind me. But I do remember to feed the Beta fish every morning! I can’t help it. They are so beeee-u-tiful, and they need to be in optimal health if they are ever going to make lots of baby Betas for my Beta Fish army… long story….

Alicia: I help homeschool, teach music to the younger ones, and assist in the cooking, cleaning, etc.  I also chaperone my younger sister, who is currently in a relationship with a young man.  As you can imagine, the latter is a rather fun way of assisting my family.

Cameron: My mom and dad run (together) a small construction business, so I assist my mother with bookkeeping and cook family meals. I purposed to cut our food budget in half and started a large vegetable garden under the tutelage of my father. I’m also the primary caregiver for my aging grandmother who lives near us.

Megan: One of the ways that I serve my family is by making supper every day. Several years ago, I felt convicted that I needed to do something in a more “active” serving for my family, especially for my parents. Our parents had raised us to be diligent members of the family, so regular things like helping with the meals, cleaning, laundry, garden and yard work, etc. were already a normal part of our days. Making the supper meals grew to also planning the weekly menus and the shopping lists. I also help my Mom sometimes with her home business – organizing, sewing, etc.  I’m also often blessed to be able to travel to help my brothers or sister with their families. They have young children and I love to be able to help when new babies come, or when they need some extra help.

13 Daughters Share How They Bless Their Families

Kristyn: I enjoy helping my mother in the kitchen.  I like cooking more than baking.  I help my dad with his electrical business.  I also help my little brothers and sisters with their chores and homeschooling.  We’ve been taught to serve each other and that we are all part of the house, so we all chip in and help.  Mostly I like to be outside working with the animals.

Shannon: I love to bless and serve my family through providing meals (cooking is a favorite of mine!), helping my mother in the house work, and making the home a cheerful haven. There are so many opportunities in my home life to grow in service to others!

Hannah U: Oh, where to start?  Because my family’s vision is to be as self-sustaining as possible, a lot of what I do revolves around farm work.  I help plant, weed, harvest and preserve our garden.  Caring for cows, chickens, turkeys, a dog, my rabbit and a few barn cats takes up most of my time.  Cooking from scratch, dishes, laundry and general cleaning takes up my remaining time.  Any spare time I have left is used to knit mittens, socks, slippers, hats, scarves and toys for my family.

Bethany: Usually I serve my family through normal stay-at-home-daughter activities like; cooking, cleaning, yard work and shopping (I help Naomi with the shopping but hopefully one day I’ll take it over :)). I like to help out wherever I am needed. I believe that stay-at-home daughters can also reach out and bless the community with their time and resources. I have been able to help the believing community in our area and even travel (with my parents blessing) to help believers who are not living in such a close proximity to our house.

13 Daughters Share How They Bless Their Families

Valerie: Abba presses new areas on me throughout this season and since there is not much I can physically do for them with our current situations as of right now, the best way He has shown me that I can serve them is through submission. Also, learning to trust their judgment and acknowledging that they hear from the Father through Ruach Kodesh (Holy Spirit), so my obedience to them is the same as my obedience to Abba Yah. From there, both they and I can see and feel the shalom (peace) in the home, as well as order.

Ruth: I had an interesting thought process not long ago, that I will try to share. When I do an extra chore for someone, we would consider it a chance to bless them, or a chance to serve, right?  What if it was my responsibility to do that chore? Is it still a chance to serve? When I go to do the dishes every day, I consider it as one of my jobs, when really it is another opportunity to serve!  Some practical ways I help out around the house are taking care of getting my father and brother ready for work. Getting their breakfast, lunch, and drinks, is something my sisters and I have done for a while now. It is such a blessing, although sometimes that line between duty and opportunity gets gray :).  I have been blessed with the ability to sew and I enjoy doing it, as I can make clothes for my family when needed.  The Holy Spirit nudged me awhile back that I needed to be more helpful so I have tried to do better, sometimes I will be caught up in my school or some other thing, when I realize I need to look around and see what needs to be done, and then do it. It could be simply picking up a pillow, vacuuming the floor, washing the dishes, making a meal, reading a younger sibling a book, helping someone with a math problem … the list could go on and on. I would encourage you to do that sometime, it gives me so much pleasure!

There is no “path to perfection” when it comes to serving our families … we can’t just read some exhortations and then become pros!  There are many incredible ideas out there but each of us are different with unique gifts, families and environments.  Our goal needs to be to hear what the Father is calling us to do, or not do.  Our families are definitely a mission field but is there more?

It is so crucial to rededicate ourselves to the Master’s service regularly.  We can do good things all day long but if HE is not the one giving orders, all of our fabulous intentions mean nothing.  Get knowledge, work hard, be wise, be loving and pray, pray, pray.  Don’t waste this life … not even one day of it.

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  1. Thanks for these ladies’ posts. They are truly loving and considerate ladies ad their families should be proud of them.

  2. I so enjoyed reading this post with all the different ladies speaking about the subject! The article really spoke to me, thank you all so much!

    1. Dear Olivia,
      It was amusing for me too, with all of the different personalities and thoughts each girl had to share … and I am sure they are only the tip of the iceberg:)!

      Thank you so much for writing, even if I don’t have (or make) find time to reply, it is always SUCH a blessing to hear when someone is blessed, challenged or encouraged!

      Blessings, Ruthie

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