Gracie and Me – A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty Horse

Who’s enjoying spring???  I sure am!  Although I do enjoy the wintertime, I was very excited when the weather started getting warmer and the world started coming alive again 🙂  One reason I love springtime is because I was born then, so of course I always look forward to being a year older 😀

Gracie and Me - A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty Horse

I don’t know about you but spring is a very busy time for us … there are so many projects to get done, especially this year since we are still working on remodeling our home!  And then there’s all the outside work that needs to be done … so much to catch up on after the long winter months!

Springtime always reminds me of our Savior’s love and mercy towards us in giving us yet another year to serve Him – when I look around and see all the new life, growth and blessings around me, I can’t help but be amazed again and again by what an awesome and gracious God He really is!  He is definitely a good Father 🙂

Gracie and Me - A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty HorseYesterday I spent the afternoon working with our horse Gracie, along with Sam and Lydia!  When we got her last May she was completely untrained … she knew to come to food and liked being rubbed, but didn’t know what a halter was and definitely didn’t want to consider obeying anybody!  At first she would pretty much only cooperate with me but Sam has really stepped up and done wonders with her!  He’s turning out to be such an amazing trainer, and now Lydia is getting into training our old horse Stone, who needs some work too!

And me???  Well, I’m the clumsy one … if I go to desensitize Gracie by whipping the ground around her, I’ll end up whipping myself in the face instead.  I seem to always be the one getting stepped on, kicked, bitten, etc. and I’m often the one to blame for it!  I’ll be the one to jump on an untrained horse’s back just to see how long I can stay on for, whereas Sam and Lydia are the more thoughtful ones always reminding me of the “right” way to do things!

So when I go out to train Gracie, I usually have more to learn than she does, and I’m afraid I’m gonna drive Sam crazy one of these days!  We did a certain exercise with her yesterday and I’m not too sure if Gracie or me was worse at it! :p

Anyway, since we already had her out, I decided to get my pictures with her!  It’s a lot more fun and less awkward standing beside a beautiful horse, than standing in front of a camera by myself!

Although she belongs to the whole family, she’s definitely my baby 🙂  Isn’t she beautiful? Gracie and Me - A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty Horse

I really like the colors in this outfit and how comfortable it is!  I also like that everything I’m wearing can easily be dressed up or down for the occasion!  I wanted to wear something somewhat casual, but dressed it up a bit with a necklace, bracelet and colorful scarf to tie the colors together a little more!Gracie and Me - A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty Horse

It’s so much fun having a funny photographer – Lydia and I were cracking up nearly the whole time!  At one point Gracie was unintentionally standing on top of my foot, but I couldn’t stop laughing enough to tell her to step back, so Lydia ran up and started pushing Gracie back, to the poor girlie’s confusion!Gracie and Me - A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty Horse

She told me to spin around but didn’t say I couldn’t give her a crazy face!  Poor Gracie didn’t know what to make of us goofballs :p  At one point Lydia said, “I sure am glad nobody’s watching us!” … that was right before we noticed Hannah across the field laughing at us!Gracie and Me - A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty Horse

I found this top at a thrift store the other day for $4.99 – I was really excited because I’ve been looking for a good navy blue top for a while!  The tee came from eBay for about $4.50, and I got the skirt from Goodwill for about $3.50.  My cowboy boots came from eBay for $25 and are definitely the best shoe choice I’ve ever made, as I’ve been wearing them everyday around the farm for a long time and they are so comfortable!  I actually got this scarf for Sarah as a gift, but I like to wear it sometimes 🙂  I bought it from Zulily for $8.Gracie and Me - A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty Horse

This necklace was a birthday present from a friend years ago, and I made the bracelet from some beads my grandma gave me.  I bought the ring at a little shop in Jerusalem – it says “Hear oh Israel, YHWH our God – YHWH is one” in Hebrew.Gracie and Me - A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty Horse

I hope you’ve enjoyed this outfit post, and a peek into our lives lately – I would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below! With lots of love ~ Abigail

14 thoughts on “Gracie and Me – A Pretty Outfit and A Pretty Horse

  1. Hey Abigail! Beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed seeing you and Gracie together, Gracie is a very pretty horse! I really liked your outfit too, you had a good photographer *wink* !! 🙂 It looks very springy there!

  2. Blessings, Abigail! What a lovely outfit! And a pretty horse. Our daughter, Tia, just loves horses. She had one when she was home with us, but couldn’t take it with her when she married. She hasn’t had one since, much to her sadness. I’m glad Samuel is such a blessing to you with Gracie, as horses can sometimes be a handful! Ya’ll look like you were having such fun!

    1. Thank you for your comment Miss Charlene! When I met Tia last year year she told me about her horse (when we were out with Gracie) and how much she missed it. Yes, we’re having a blast with them – they are a handful, but so much fun! Love y’all!

  3. Oh, what a beautiful horse your family have, dear Abigail…Gracie is such a sweet name as well! Years ago I began training our neighbour’s horse with the hopes of being able to ride her frequently and perhaps even jump her…it was very challenging, especially as it was my hope to use natural horsemanship. We sadly moved shortly after, but I still dream of owning my own chestnut mare and galloping across fields with her…ah…{{smiles}}

    Your outfit is really lovely and feminine…the pink of that skirt is so striking against the bright green of the grass! It is fun doing photoshoots, isn’t it…?
    Enjoy the training of Gracie!


    1. Thank you for your comment Kelly-Ann! I’m so sorry you had to move shortly after you started training your neighbor’s horse :(. Hopefully you can get your chestnut mare and be off galloping across the fields soon :). It’s funny that you mentioned that … I’ve always dreamed of having a chestnut mare, and when we got Gracie Mae I thought she would be mainly my brother’s horse (still hoping for my dream horse someday) but everything changed the moment I saw Gracie … it was just meant to be!

      What do you mean by natural horsemanship? Like horse whispering? (please excuse my ignorance!) We are training our horses from Clinton Anderson’s (from Downunder Horsemanship) “no worries” method, which we are so happy with! It isn’t quite horse whispering, but is a very “kind” way of training, if you know what I mean!

      Yes, photoshoots are lots of fun! And thank you … I was actually planning to wear a different outfit for the pictures, but the day was just so bright and spring-y that I just had to wear something to match it:D. Blessings! ~ Abigail Aliyah

  4. Hi Abigail
    I love the outfit you are wearing. Gracie is a beautiful horse. I love horses. You sure look like you are so happy in the photos. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thank you Marilyn!
      Yes she’s such a beauty! And yes, I get pretty happy when I’m around horses:D. Thank you for your comment!

    1. Thank you Taylor! Yes the view is beautiful – I love just walking through the fields and feeling the wind on my face … gotta love the country!

  5. Abigail….I absolutely did enjoy your post. Gracie is a beautiful horse and makes a sweet companion for pictures. Your outfit definitely made me think of spring. I am so glad you shared this at Monday’s Musings. Have a wonderful week my friend. 🙂

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