Dance, Worship and Praise!

Dance, Worship and Praise!

I have a treat for you today!

Our family loves to sing.  We love to worship.  We love to dance!

Today I would like to share a few videos from the last several years … from jamming in our living room, to joining in large children’s dances, or uniting with others for simple fellowship.  I hope everyone will find at least one dab of blessing to take away from here! 🙂

Israeli Folk Dancing –  too funny!  If you want to laugh, check out these adorable babies dancing … better than the adults? 🙂 – Fall Creek Falls TN

Come Alive – Jasper GA

Psalm 24.  Sung by one of our (many) favorite bands Sons Of Korah.  Danced by many little (and a couple older) worshippers – Watertown TN

Dance, Worship and Praise!

Aliyah – Jasper GA

Hinei Ma Tov (Behold how good and pleasant it is, for brothers to dwell together in unity) – Jasper GA

How Great Is Our God – Jasper GA

Dance, Worship and Praise!

Shevet Achim (Brothers As One) by Exodus Road – Blue Ridge GA

Show Me Your Ways O Yahweh (Psalm 25:7-29) by Exodus Road – Jasper GA

All The Way With You, written and sung by Abigail, Samuel & Lydia – Woodbury TN

Dance, Worship and Praise!

If you have been around awhile, you may have seen some dance videos from our 2014 Tabernacles camping trip at Fall Creek Falls State Park (you can see the 2015 celebration review here).  Here are a couple more dances from the last two years.

Heya – Fall Creek Falls TN.
Keep a close eye out for what happens on the back row at 2 minutes 10 seconds!  Girls with skirts … you’d better watch out for them 🙂

The Wedding (War) Dance – Fall Creek Falls TN

Dance, Worship and Praise!

Mercy Seat – Watertown TN

15 thoughts on “Dance, Worship and Praise!

  1. And what a treat this is! Thank you! Such talent and devotion in your family, such a blessing! How close to Watertown, TN do you live?

      1. I have a dear friend that lives in Watertown. I’m hoping to get to visit her sometime this year and I I just thought it would be great if I might could meet all you ladies?

  2. I just watched every single video and can’t tell you how blessed I was. Even my husband joined in watching and liked them. 🙂 If I lived near you I would want to be a part of you. Thank you for sharing these! May Yahweh be always glorified among you like this. Love from a sister in PA. 🙂

  3. Dear Ruthie,
    I’m also a Ruthie, so as to not cause confusion, I’m gonna just be Mrs. Reed 🙂
    These are some of the only dances we’ve come across that actually give the glory to God. Our stance on dancing is that it has to be glorifying to the Lord. Since King David danced to the Lord, we know that it’s mentioned in the Bible, but today’s dancing is far from glorifying to the Lord. We’ve been to Christian weddings where they’ve danced to secular music, and honestly, it wasn’t much different than the dancing of the world.
    It is so rare to see dancing that is such a beautiful celebration of the Lord, but you all have captured it!
    If I could spin around without getting dizzy and falling down (lol), those would be the types of dances that I would do to praise God. Thank you for sharing!

  4. “Our family loves to sing. We love to worship. We love to dance!” Ours, too, Ruth! And oh my word, my teenage daughter and I are planning to sing “Come Alive (Dry Bones)” at our church this very Sunday! Keep praising Him in the song and in the dance! Stopping by from Coffee & Conversation!

  5. Ruth, it was so much fun seeing the pictures and videos of you and your family dancing and singing in worship! My family really loves the Sons of Korah as well. We don’t dance (in worship) at our church, but we sing the Psalms exclusively and they are such an irreplaceable part f worship and the Christian life. Thanks again for sharing!! 😀

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

  6. I love dancing in worship, and finding this website has been a blessing, even finding it only tonight! Dancing is such a joyful, unifying experience, I really think more people should utilize it! May Yahweh continue to bless your efforts to honor him!

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