Orange Flannel and Purple Ruffled Tiers

This outfit is one of my favorite “work/house” outfits and I have probably received more compliments about it than any other outfit!  I enjoy wearing autumn-themed colors, especially into winter when everything gets gray.

And, off topic but just FYI … I do enjoy the gray of winter.  I love gray, rainy, “dreary” days and might just prefer them over sunshine-y ones.  Some people think it’s crazy but I love how they make the house so cozy and inviting 🙂

Back to the clothes though – I’ve matched the top and skirt with different pieces of clothing at different times but I think this is my favorite combination.

My mother bought this shirt from a thrift store – I’m pretty sure it was on one of the $1 days.  It didn’t fit her quite well so she offered it to me.  I enjoy western-style tops anyway and I really liked the colors.Orange Flannel and Purple Ruffled Tiers

I bought this skirt from Goodwill – it was about $4.  I almost didn’t buy it because often skirts of this style tear easy or the seams will come loose.  I decided to give it a try though and my friends, who didn’t care for this style either, commented on how much they liked it and wanted one like it!Orange Flannel and Purple Ruffled Tiers

I often wear blue jeans under my skirts in the wintertime, both for modesty and for warmth.  My personal preference is to be covered to the ankles and in the summertime my skirts are all ankle-length.  In the winter I will occasionally wear shorter skirts with pants underneath.  I keep an eye out for jeans on $1 days so I almost never pay more than that.Orange Flannel and Purple Ruffled Tiers

Sitting on a railing … that’s tough!  And I wish I had a picture of Abigail – she was straddling the railing on the stairs to get the right angle.  In a maxi skirt, of course!  I started laughing and told her that we might end up with Ruthie or Sarah taking a picture of us both laying on the ground and title it “how not to take modest outfit pictures”!  See the green on the siding?  It’s another one of the projects to tackle here on the new farm – cleaning second story siding is a bit more complicated than doing the first story stuff!Orange Flannel and Purple Ruffled Tiers

My flexi-clip is the Soaring Butterfly – I like that it matches the outfit so well!  My tichel is one that I brought back from Israel but unfortunately it isn’t available in our store.  I couldn’t find this color on my last visit, which was too bad since my mother was really wanting one.  Maybe next time!Orange Flannel and Purple Ruffled Tiers

Have you seen the January flexi-of-the-month?  It’s called Starlight and it is so beautiful!  This will only be available until the end of the month.  It comes in seven sizes and a headband and you can find it here.1913891_3563677289328_1130279448790863728_n

I also wanted to let you know about this – we’ve been notified that there will be a price increase in beginning in February.  So if you have been thinking of placing an order, this would be a good time to do it!  New customers who order 3 or more items can receive a 4th item of their choice ($16 value) for free.  (Sorry, this offer only applies to USA residents and the company will soon be changing their policy on this, so once my certificates are gone – I can’t offer this anymore!  Take it while you can get it 😉 )12507480_10206707017927938_6664970498088404139_n

6 thoughts on “Orange Flannel and Purple Ruffled Tiers

  1. I love the dreary days, too, for the same reason! They do make our homes feel all the more welcoming & gentle with candle light or dim electric candles, etc. I even love the trees in winter, being able to see all the lovely branches that are hidden the rest of the year. Somehow grey tones in the sky have a special beauty of their own and the feeling they might bring can draw us to a quiet place with Yahweh. (and I think your outfits are always so sweet and practical & pretty on you!)

  2. Beautiful outfit for a beautiful lady! It is very becoming! Jim loves western shirts. I love the colors. Purple being my favorite. Love and blessings…

  3. Oh how I love that outfit. The colors are superb and so cheery. I,too love the colors of Autumn. I do not like the weather in the Summer. I cannot stay out in the sun when it is hot. That Soaring Butterfly is beautiful as is the Starlight. Thanks for this post. I enjoy seeing and hearing about your choice of clothes.

  4. Lovely outfit, my friend. The shirt looks perfect with your pretty purple skirt.

    I smiled when I saw your flexi-clip as it’s the same one I got for my niece for Christmas 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Have a lovely week! Hugs!

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