Elsie Dinsmore In Review: Books 25 – 28

Elsie Dinsmore In Review: Books 25 - 28

Hello there everyone!

I am so excited to do yet another post about the Elsie series.  Also it is a bit sad because we are reviewing the last books 🙁  Right now I have been reading through a popular old-timey series by G. A. Henty, but I love going back over and seeing the Elsie books.  I hope I can read them again soon!  Really … since there are 28 books, nothing gets old!! 🙂

Book 25 is called Elsie’s Relatives.  Following the destruction of the Maine in Havana Harbor and of America’s declaration of war on Spain, Max sails on Commodore Dewey’s flagship, the Olympia, to meet the Spanish in the Philippines.  Doctors Harold and Herbert Travilla volunteer as physicians to US troops supporting the Cubans in their fight for independence.  Upon his return from Cuba, Harold confesses his love for Gracie Raymond.  When Max returns from the Philippines, he marries Evelyn at Craig’s Cottage, her childhood home, in a double wedding ceremony with Chester and Lucilla.

Book 26 is called Elsie’s Winter Trip.  Following the honeymoons, Lucilla and Evelyn set up housekeeping with their husbands Chester and Max in a new shared home, Sunnyside, that Captain Raymond built for them.  The families enjoy a round of parties held in honor of the newlyweds.  When Max returns to the Navy, the rest of the family travels during the cold months with Grandma Elsie on board the Dolphin to several Caribbean Islands and the shores of South America.  Elsie and Ned get pet monkeys and Ned takes an unfortunate tumble overboard into the sea, but is saved by a quick thinking sailor.

Book 27 is called Elsie and Her Loved Ones.  Following a winter stay at Viamede in Louisiana, Elsie and her family travel over the Rocky Mountains to California.  There they visit sites of interest from San Francisco to San Diego.  Returning to her childhood home (Craig’s Cottage on the Hudson River), Evelyn gives birth to a daughter and Grandma Elsie is now a Great-Grandma to little Elsie Raymond.  Following a round of family gatherings held in honor of the new baby and her proud parents Max and Evelyn, Ned Raymond becomes very ill.  Doctor Harold Travilla saves his life and Harold and Graice’s wedding date is finally set for New Years Day.

Book 28 is called Elsie and Her Namesakes.  Harold Travilla marries Gracie Raymond on New Years Day and the happy couple honeymoons at Viamede (Grandma Elsie’s Louisiana plantation) and the rest of the family travels onboard the Dolphin to join them.  Along the way Grandma Elsie and Captain Raymond tell the children tales of Southern history and Cousin Ronald entertains them with tales of his native Scotland.  Lucilla and Chester welcome a healthy baby boy to their new family and the Dinsmores and Raymonds make plans to spend the summer at Craig’s Cottage – Evelyn’s beloved home.

This is all for now.  I hope you have enjoyed these book reviews and I don’t plan to be gone for long!!! May YHWH bless y’all and remember, there are always good and interesting books out there … you just have to find them!!  Many blessings and so long – for now!

13 thoughts on “Elsie Dinsmore In Review: Books 25 – 28

  1. When I was homeschooling my children, I loved reading the Elsie Dinsmoore books to them.

    Wonderful lessons on Biblical character and trusting God.

    Thanks so much for sharing. You brought back sweet reminders of when my children were small and I homeschooled them.

    But I am looking forward to reading those books to my precious granddaughter one day. 🙂

    1. Hello Miss Karen!
      It was so nice to hear from you, and what you had to say about the Elsie’s! I totally agree with you!! I hope I will be able to read them to my little girls 😉

  2. I actually bought our first Elsie book today! I know it will be a number of years before Aliyah is ready for them, but after all your glowing reviews I couldn’t resist the one I found for a dollar at the thrift store!

    1. Hey Britney!
      That’s so funny that you happened to find one at a thrift store! I wish I came across them like that! I’m still trying to convince Sarah that she might like to give them away since she doesn’t like reading herself 😉 😉 By the way which book is it? I hope you have a lovely day and hope to see you soon!

  3. Thank you for reviewing these books…my mother was born in 1913 and remembered reading some of these books when she was a girl. The neat part is that Mama’s mother’s first name is Elsie and my paternal grandmother’s maiden name is Dinsmore. So I have a fondness for this series all of my own!

  4. Thank you, Lydia for the reviews. I cannot wait to read the “Elsie Dinsmore” books. I never read these books in my childhood,and actually never was aware of these books.I have purchased the entire set awhile ago. I read a lot of books ,but not these.Hope to read more of your review of other books in the near future.Enjoy the book you are reading now

    1. Hello there Miss Marilyn!
      I’m so glad for you that you bought these books! Where did you buy them from? I’d love to get them for myself and hopefully will soon! My sister Sarah has the whole series and she let me read all of them but it’s still not like having your own! I hope you have a lovely time reading them!

  5. Just came across this post recently! Have you read Millie Keith? There are 7 books (I believe) by the same author based on Elsie’s cousin Millie. They are just as good and to me I liked them better when I was growing up.

  6. Here are the titles:
    Mildred Keith(1876)
    Mildred at Roselands(1880)
    Mildred and Elsie(1881)
    Mildred’s Married Life, and a Winter with Elsie Dinsmore (1882)
    Mildred at Home: With Something about her Relatives and Friends (1884)
    Mildred’s Boys and Girls(1886)
    Mildred’s New Daughter (1894)

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