Two Years With Lilla Rose – A Giveaway!


Yesterday marked our two year anniversary as Lilla Rose consultants!  If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably discovered how much we enjoy our Lilla Rose products.

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It isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme by any means … and I certainly wouldn’t want it to be!  But it has been a great opportunity to learn more about running your own business, to connect with other lovely ladies, and to provide a little income.  If you are looking for a business opportunity, I would definitely encourage you to consider this one.  The company is so easy to work with and you can completely choose your own pace.  There is no pressure to sell a certain amount or to sign up such-and-such amount of people.  Plus, the products are wonderful!

Every day I reach for a flexi-clip almost as soon as I wake up, and twist my hair up out of the way. (The bad part is, sometimes I forget to take it down and brush my hair out!)  Flexi-clips and bobby pins probably get the most use in this household, although some of us also enjoy the headbands, you-pins and hair sticks as well.  I like how versatile the clips are.  If I’m in a hurry, it takes me about 20 seconds to twist my hair into my clip, and then I can cover it with a tichel and be done for the day.  If I have time and feel like “styling” my hair, I will sometimes braid it and then twist up into the bun and wrap the tichel around it so that you can still see the flexi-clip – and of course it’s color coordinated! 😉

This is my sort of half-up twist/bun … for when I want to wear one of our medium sized clips, especially this one! 2015-11-28 18.14.04

Ruthie’s hair is very thick and long so she often uses two smaller clips rather than one mega! 20151227_110446

This is Sarah’s go-to style, although she has several that she alternates between!20150909_082048

Lydia usually wears her hair like this …  20151005_175319

… and she almost always wears bobby pins! 20151129_124509


Many people wonder about how to determine the size they need, especially if they don’t have the opportunity to try them on.  This is a handy little chart but also keep in mind that if you order the wrong size, the company will replace it with the one you need.


To celebrate our anniversary, we will be giving away a flexi-clip!  The winner can choose her size out of the inventory that we have on hand!  Please enter through the rafflecopter below!

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24 thoughts on “Two Years With Lilla Rose – A Giveaway!

  1. I’ve one Lila Rose flexible clip that I bought once and I love it!! At first I was a little sceptical wether they really worked like everyone proclaimed .I just had to see for myself They are so easy in use just like everyone says!
    Congrats with your two year anniversary!!!
    I’d love to win one to start my collection 😉

  2. Congratulations!!!
    My sister has a Lila Rose Flexi clip and she really like it !!
    I personally don’t have one so I thought why not enter this giceaway?! 🙂
    I like really like them all!!

  3. Ive seen them in person! I actually bought myself a couple in the past 3 years. And when I was visiting a friend’s Church this past Sunday, the row of girls in the family in front of us had them! Twas pretty neat!

  4. I have only seen the products online. I have been wanting to try them for a long time. They look beautiful. Thanks.

  5. I’ve seen them in person, thanks to y’all and Britney. 🙂 (Plus I have one that a sweet friend gave me as a gift!) That is very creative how Ruthie wears her hair up like that and pretty. Thanks for sharing the give-away with us all! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful day! <3

  6. Hi! This is our first time actually seeing a website that sells them, but we have heard about them on the Garlands of Grace website when looking for headcoverings. They are very beautiful and look to be a nice alternative to elastic bands.
    Thankyou for the give away 🙂

  7. I had a Lila Rose clip and lost it the move… sad sad day… still can not find it. 🙁 But I am looking forward to a new one… one day!

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