Festive Fall

This is one of my favorite autumn outfits!  I found this skirt at a thrift store for about $4, along with another one that was the same brand and similar style.  I bought the skirt because I liked the colors so much, but it sat on my shelf for months because I didn’t have a top to match!

hannah-outfit1 copy

Then one day, I ran into Goodwill to look for some piece of clothing that I needed, and I saw this beautiful cream-colored blouse with such pretty stitching!  I was so excited, since it’s hard to find nice blouses at thrift stores sometimes.  It happened to be on sale, so I think paid all of $2 for it 🙂 .  I wasn’t even thinking of my red skirt when I bought it … I just knew I would find something to match!  Then one day it dawned on me … that blouse would go perfect with that skirt!

hannah-outfit3 copy

I like the layering effect that the brown t-shirt gives.  The blouse needed to be worn with an undershirt anyway so in this picture, I’m wearing my sister’s, but since then I bought one that I can call my own!  (I think it was all of $2 also 🙂 )

See the pretty twirly skirt?!  And the boots … I wear them all winter long and they’re great!  It’s hard to find boots without high heels but I paid about $30 or $40 for these at a discount shoe store nearby.  It was a wonderful investment!

hannah-outfit2 copy

I am wearing a Red Roses tichel that we used to carry in the Hannah’s Headcoverings shop … they’re currently out of stock but I hope to find more since that was definitely a popular one!  I am also wearing a Princess Tiara Antique Brass Flexi-clip, which they no longer carry and unfortunately I have somehow misplaced mine 🙁  Maybe it will show up again one day.  There is a tutorial for the way I tied my tichel here: Braided Bun w/Flexi-clip!

hannah-outfit4 copy

This outfit was featured in a Modest Monday Contest on The Modest Mom Blog and I shared this story to go along with it …

I had a kind of funny experience in regards to that outfit … first, let me back up and say that I always wear skirts and dresses for everything (except for full culottes when horseback riding) and it amuses me when people talk about not being able to do activities in skirts.

So today, I put on that outfit to take pictures for the contest and even though I don’t usually wear it around the house since it is a “good outfit”, I left it on for several hours.  Our neighbor came over to drop off a fruit basket and got her vehicle stuck in our muddy backyard while she was trying to turn around.  Since there was no way she could get out on her own, I offered to pull her out with my brother’s 4×4 pickup.  Usually my brother or father pull out stranded vehicles but neither one was home so the responsibility fell to me.  As I was bending down in the mud, trying to hook the chain around our neighbor’s vehicle, I looked at my clothing and thought “hope I don’t ruin this outfit!”  Thankfully, I kept my clothes clean, pulled the neighbor out of the mud and all was well.

A couple hours later, my Labrador went into labor – I knew that she was close to birthing, but didn’t know that she was this close!  As I’m trying to hold her in place and keep her from getting “bluck” all over our bedroom floor, I had a déjà vu moment … “hope I don’t ruin this outfit!”  And sure enough, by the time I was able to change into garments that were better suited for the birthing room, my “good outfit” was still in good condition 🙂

Who says you can’t play tow-truck-pulling-the-neigbor-out-of-the-mud and birthing assistant while wearing a pretty, modest outfit?!

12 thoughts on “Festive Fall

    1. Thank you, Miss Charlene! I recently wore the skirt with just a plain brown top when my grandmother was visiting, and she remarked how those were really my colors 🙂

  1. Beautiful outfit! And that story is hilarious! I get the same thing when we sometimes go hiking. “Aren’t you going to change out of your skirt?” Uh….. Do I need to? 🙂

    1. That park looks amazing! I’m sure it was a lot of fun! And yes, with a pair of pants and a “shorter” skirt, you can do practically anything!! Miss you all 🙂

      1. We miss y’all too! Looking forward to getting back and catching up. Looks like we’ll be a week or two longer out here.

  2. I have this same skirt! And I have 2 others. One is brown and the other is a beautiful dark turquoise blue. I love them and have had them for years! I haven’t worn them in a couple of years because the elastic has given out and I need to replace it. You have given me motivation to fix them!

  3. I love this skirt! Now, I am looking across the room at my fabric stash and thinking about making one very similar to yours. It would be a great addition to my wardrobe or a great gift. Thanks for the inpiration!

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