Elsie Books 21-24!!!

elsie 21-24

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Today we are going to do another review on the Elsie Dinsmore series.  I don’t know about you but I could never get tired of reading them so I always like to go back over and reread them!  We are almost to the end of this series … today we are reviewing books 21 through 24.

Book 21 is called Elsie’s Journey on Inland Waters.  While Cousin Ronald and Annis depart for their honeymoon, the Dinsmores, Travillas and Raymonds travel on the Great Lakes aboard the Dolphin.  They learn about many historical events and interesting things in the area, including the surrender of Detroit and Perry’s stunning naval victory at Put-In-Bay.  While on Lake Erie, they were  overtaken by a horrible storm and Captain Raymond saved Lulu from being swept overboard.  Trusting in God for their safety, they sailed up the St. Lawrence River to Montreal and Quebec.  They received an invitation from Cousin Molly to conclude their summer’s travels at a cottage on the shore of Rhode Island and later they attended Walter Travilla’s graduation at Princeton.

Book 22 is called Elsie at Home.  Brothers Arthur and Calhoun Conley become fathers.  Evelyn’s mother, Laura Leland, got consumption and passed away at Fairview, believing in God.  Rosie Travilla marries Will Croly in June and Maude, Sydney, Lucilla and Gracie act as bridesmaids.  The two little Elsies – Elsie Raymond and Elsie Dinsmore are flower girls.  Long time bachelor Dick Percival and Maude Dinsmore are married in a small ceremony at Ion.  And Captain Raymond gives permission for his good friend Captain Donald Keith to seek Lucilla’s hand in marriage (but he didn’t get it).

Book 23 is called Elsie on the Hudson.  While the newlyweds Rosie and Will enjoy their honeymoon, Evelyn invites the rest of the family to Craig’s Cottage which overlooks the Hudson River.  En route to the cottage on board the Dolphin, the Travillas, Leland, and Raymonds visit many historical sites and learn about the Revolutionary War and its heroes and villains.  Meanwhile, Grandma Elsie and Annis visit relatives in Pleasant Plains Ohio.  When the burglar whom Lucilla captured escapes from prison, he seeks revenge.  Chester Dinsmore however saves her life, and Captain Raymond is so gratified that he gives Chester permission to seek Lulu’s hand in marriage and she agreed!

Book 24 is called Elsie in the South.  The family doctor prescribed a winters rest in the South for Chester so he can fully recover from the injuries he incurred while protecting Lucilla.  So after Max’s graduation from the Naval Academy, Grandma Elsie and the Raymonds and other friends travel on the Dolphin to Florida and on to Viamede, Elsie’s beloved Louisiana home.  Max and Evelyn become engaged and Bob Johnson and Sydney Dinsmore wed.  When Evelyn and Lucilla together catch the bridal bouquet at the wedding, the family wonders who will be the next to wed.  Following a pleasant winter at Viamede, the families travel to Atlantic City and to the Maine Coast for a pleasant summer holiday.

That is all for now.  Please leave a comment if you have something to share, I enjoy getting them! May you have a blessed day!  Goodbye until next time.

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  1. Hello! I am defenitly going to have to read this version!!!!
    I have read the life of faith version but this does not sounds like it. We have the first 3 of this version on Audio but they didn’t have any more. Thanks for the review!

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