Autumn Colors and Linen

Good morning, Ladies!

Last week Hannah said, “Hey Sarah, I need you to get some outfit photos for a post next week!”  To tell the truth … I was not too enthusiastic about it because I really don’t like posing 🙂  And on top of that, I had an “around the house” outfit on and I don’t like changing multiple times a day (I’d already changed from my “dog clothes”)!  So I put it off until the next day and then grabbed Abigail to get some pictures to get it over with 🙂  Haha!

back (2)

As I got thinking about this outfit … it was actually a free one (except for my headcovering!).  Last year Abigail gave me the burnt orange top and cardigan.  The cardigan actually used to have sleeves on it but Abigail took them off because she liked the sleeves on the orange top better 🙂  I have no idea where she got the top and cardigan from, but I am guessing the thrift store 🙂  My boots are Reaction brand – I got them from Marti & Liz a couple years back for $30 or $35 (I can’t remember!).  I absolutely love them … they have been the best!  I’ve worn them through rain, snow, ice, mud and they have held up and clean up easy since they are leather.  And best of all … they are SO comfy!front (1)

I normally wear a tan linen skirt with this but since I already wore that skirt in another outfit post, Hannah said I should wear a different one … and so I looked in her wardrobe and found this one 😉  I loved it …. it is also a linen skirt but it was so light and flowing.  By the way … please excuse the blurry spin!  Abigail really wanted to get a good spin picture but I have a problem with getting dizzy when I spin too much … so this was the best one we got 🙂IMG_8736

I love the colors and lighting in this picture!  I got my headcovering from a Tichel shop in Israel when our family was there last year.  That shop was so much fun … there were tichels (headcoverings) everywhere!  There was some religious Hebrew music playing throughout the store and the girls who worked there were dancing in the aisles and invited us to dance with them 🙂  Haha … fun memories 🙂  Anyway, I paid under $2 for my tichel and I’m wearing Lilla Rose Princess Tiera bobby pins.  Oh I just remembered, Hannah said to mention that this picture was used in our upcoming issue of Shining Stars Magazine and that can be pre-ordered here!IMG_8732

This necklace was actually given to Hannah as a gift but we all love it and wear it from time to time 🙂 IMG_8828

That is all for now!  I hope y’all have a very blessed weekend.

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