Pray … About A Lawn Mower???

Pray ... About A Lawn Mower???

Have you ever wondered if the Father REALLY answers prayers?  I mean, in our little everyday life.  Does it really matter if we pray for our future?  Isn’t it already planned out?

We recently moved to a 115 year old  farmhouse with 4-5 times more land then we were previously renting.  It is going to be great … but there is a lot more to keep up with and my brother decided to buy a zero-turn lawnmower for the yards.

He purchased one, only to find out (after an extremely short time) that it was not described accurately.  It had mechanical issues and did not work properly on our hilly terrain.  He tried to contact the guy who sold it to him but the man was not interested in taking back this “wonderful” mower he had just sold the evening before.  The situation was hopeless.  My brother tried to reason with the guy but he would not budge.

Pray ... About A Lawn Mower???

As I stood outside repainting the quarter-round trim (an odd brown shade that provided an amazingly interesting contrast to the pink and green walls of our girl’s bedroom), I felt the urge to pray.

The prayer was not just for the man to be convicted and have a change of heart and to start walking honestly, but also for my brother and that he could accept whatever the Father had for him (even if that meant losing a chunk of the money he had been carefully saving for trucking school … and still be mower-less).

Tommy decided to send one more text, explaining our difficult situation and asking the man to please help him out.  He was even willing to take a $100 loss, if the man would JUST TAKE THE MOWER BACK.

More prayer … a long silence … for him, a battle between hope and despair, frustration and anger … and finally, the man responded.  His whole tone and words were changed and that evening, the mower was returned and Tommy had everything back, minus the time and some gas!!!

The Father moves in mighty ways!  I am praising Him for the change He brought about, and thankful that He does lead us through difficult times to mold us into better tools for His service.

Pray ... About A Lawn Mower???

Sometimes His plans are different from our wishes and it is crucial that we never doubt Him … at the same time though, don’t shrink away from His presence.  Be bold, worship Him, praise Him, sing to Him, dance before Him, rejoice in His mighty works … and lay your burdens at His feet.  Even our Savior encourages us to call out, seek, knock on the door, be persistent … and find!  (Luke 11:5-13)

He is mighty … how about you?

Another angel, who had a gold container for incense, came and stood at the altar.  This one was given a lot of incense to offer with the prayers of the saints on the gold altar in front of the throne.  Then the smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God’s people, went up to God from the hand of the angel.  Revelations 8:3-4.

P.S.  Lydia said I should mention that a few days later Tommy was able to get a working lawnmower and this one is a John Deere, so that adds 100 pluses 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to participate in the Counting Your Blessings Challenge that’s happening right now!!Thankful_Square SMALL

6 thoughts on “Pray … About A Lawn Mower???

  1. Over the years, I have come to know that our Father does indeed hear our every prayer. My sister-in-law had lost a heart-shaped diamond out of her ring and was beside herself trying to find it. She prayed and went back out to her truck, opened the door and the sun glinted on the diamond that had fallen in the door jam! I know, it was just a “thing”, but Father knew she needed the encouragement to pray for other, more important things, so He was gracious to her in this small thing. So happy that Abba took control of that man and changed his heart and attitude! Halleluyah!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It reminds me of 1 Chronicles 16:8-11 “O give thanks unto YHWH, call upon his name; make known his doings among the peoples. Sing unto him, sing praises unto him; Talk of all his marvelous works. Glory you in his holy name; let the heart of them rejoice that seek YHWH. Seek YHWH and his strength; seek his face continually.”

  2. What a great and God-exalting story. Yes, I do think that we should pray about lawn mowers, and as our family’s lawn mowing business has grown over the years, we certainly find ourselves praying about a lot of grass-oriented requests.

  3. What an amazing story! I love hearing of other fellow believer’s stories where the Lord answered their prayers about something so small and insignificant. Often times us girls have been in need of clothes or shoes and our automatic response is to pray. The Lord has always answered our prayers with all that we asked and more often than not more than what we had actually needed.

    He does care about the little things and loves it when we lean on Him for everything.

  4. Just another sweet testimony of how the Lord cares for every detail whether is small or big {{smiles}}

    Your story was a blessing to read – thank you for sharing. And thanks for joining Roses of Inspiration.

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