Purple, Denim and a Hay Field

Hey everybody!

Today I’m sharing an outfit from Lydia!  I took her out to one of our hay fields the other day where there was just a tiny bit of red/orange leaves in the background, and we had lots of fun!

Personally I like photographing from a distance, which can be interesting when a certain brother is doing doughnuts on a zero-turn across the field … it’s amazing how loud that can be! 🙂  I kept telling her to do something, and she’d do the complete opposite, which would make us both burst out laughing!  It’s a miracle we even got any good pictures!


She got the jacket from a thrift shop for just a few dollars and the tee-shirt is mine (I bought it from Ebay for $4).  I also bought the skirt from a thrift shop for $3 a couple years ago for her, but she has just started wearing it … I sure do wish it would fit me!IMG_7285

The boots came from a really nice Nashville cowboy-boot shop called “Boot Country” for about $80. The normal price is about triple that but this shop had a “buy-one-get-two-free” deal running, and Hannah, Lydia and I needed some new winter boots, so we each got a pair and split the cost.IMG_7286

I think her headcovering used to be Hannah’s but we all wear it a lot, and I have no idea where it came from!  And her earrings are from an Etsy shop.IMG_7284

Me: “SPINNNNN!!!!”

Lydia “What did you say again???!”

(We had a lot of those moments :D)IMG_7297

Hmmm … I have no idea what happened here!!!IMG_7311

Evidently something I said must’ve been funny!IMG_7309

That’s all for now! With lots of love and blessings ~ Abigail

P.S. Don’t forget to participate in the Counting Your Blessings Challenge that’s happening right now!!Thankful_Square SMALL

7 thoughts on “Purple, Denim and a Hay Field

  1. Oh, I loooove these pictures! The fall leaves in the distance are perfect & the outfit is so cute! Plus you have such a sweet and lovely young lady as the model. Seems to me that you two always have a lot of fun on your photo shoots. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I was thinking that too! Although the outfit isn’t quite Maria’s style. Oh well though – the action is the same:)

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