Counting Your Blessings – And A Linkup Party!

counting your blessings

What are you thankful for?

It’s a common topic around this time of year.  There are so many Scripture references to giving thanks and we all know that we have so much to be thankful for.  Even when things seem like they can’t get any worse, we can always find at least one thing for which we can give thanks!

This year we want you to take part in a challenge to see how many things we can be thankful for!  Please leave a comment on this post and list as many things as you would like.  You can always come back and leave another comment if you think of more things!  We just ask one thing – we want to number each “thanksgiving” so that we can see how many we came up with, so please list yours on separate lines like this:

Warm Home
More Chocolate …

You get the idea! 🙂

Can we find 1,000 things to be thankful for?  We need your help to do it!   And to make this challenge a little more special, we will be drawing two winners for a little giveaway to say thank you for participating.  Everyone who leaves a comment on this post, sharing what she’s thankful for, will be entered into the drawing!  My sister Abigail will be in charge of choosing the gifts and sending them out … she’s really good at that 🙂

So what are you waiting for?!  Start typing out your “thanksgivings”!

But that’s not the only excitement in this post …


We decided to host a linkup party along this same theme and are so blessed and excited to have several other bloggers join us!  Have you ever written a blog post along the lines of giving thanks?  Or even something related to the Thanksgiving holiday?  If so, please link it up below.

After the linkup closes (November 25th) we will be sharing a featured post from one these entries.  I asked my sisters to help me read all the posts and pick out their favorites, and then we would decide together which one to feature.

Did I ever mention we are all quite opinionated? 🙂

I’m not quite sure how we’ll all decide on one post!  Maybe we’ll just have to choose several instead.  One for each of us!  Please check back on Friday November 27th to see which post was featured and who won the giveaway!

One more thing: please visit each of these lovely ladies who are co-hostessing the event and leave a comment on their Thanksgiving post!  They would love for you to connect with them on social media too.

April @ A Simple Life Too

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Hannah @ Shining Stars Magazine

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Joy @ Artful Homemaking

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Joy @ Blog Of Joy


Leticia @ King Maker Blog

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Naomi @ What Joy Is Mine

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The Ladies @ Radical Femininity

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We would love for you to participate … whether by sharing a blog post or if you aren’t a blogger, by sharing what you’re thankful for in the comment section.  Please also grab our button and place it on your website/blog so that others can join too.  Let’s be thankful together!

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30 thoughts on “Counting Your Blessings – And A Linkup Party!

  1. I whole-heartedly agree!!!!


    Alrighty…I’ll be serious! 😉

    1. Family
    2. Perfect autumn weather
    3. Babysitting
    4. A peaceful neighborhood
    5. A road to take walks on
    6. Letter-writing
    7. Hearing acorns fall
    8. A bright blue sky

    Thank you for starting this party, Hannah. This will be a wonderful encouragement to all of us! 🙂

  2. Such a nice idea! Do “Autumn Inspired” modest fashion count for your link-up? ; )

    9. Candles
    10. Warm socks
    11. Front porches : )
    12. Books
    13. Sweaters
    14. Chocolate
    15. Journaling
    16. The Bible

  3. Thank you ladies for hosting this great link up party !
    I tried a few times to place the button on my post and it would not work nor when I tried to place it in my side bar .Not sure what that is about . Is there something else I can try ?
    Thanks again !

  4. Sjaloom,

    I like to react about to be thankful.

    17. Thankful for learning more and more about my wonderful Creator.
    18. Thankful to hear and see more and more from him, through other Sisters and brethren in Faith.
    19. Thankful that I became a mum and now a grandmother,
    20. WHO…. got from her Creator ABBA JHWH some more time in this life, to conquer my Cancer!

    Wish you all the best and Blessings from The Netherlands ( Europe )

  5. What a great idea!!
    I’m thankful for
    21. *The Bible
    22. *Friends
    23. *Cold days
    24. *Christian colleges
    25. *parents
    26. *homeschooling
    27. *babies
    28. *church
    29. *rainbows
    30. *pianos
    31. *telescopes
    32. *technology
    33. *appliances
    34. *godly women in my life
    35. *uplifting blogs.

  6. Gratefulness was my “theme” for 2015, so I will have to find some beginning of the year posts to share… in the meantime, some things I am grateful for,…

    (41) My family
    (42) My warm bed
    (43) Shelter
    (44) Heat that is “included in the cost of rent”
    (45) A job
    (46) Food
    (47) Chocolate
    (48) Getting to spend time w/ my grandparents this weekend
    (49) Leftovers
    (50) The inspiring blogging community
    (51) God
    (52) Coffee
    (53) The Church

  7. thanks for hosting this wonderful idea!

    I’m thankful for:
    81. a wonderful family that loves me
    82. books
    83. a cozy bed to read books in
    84. hot coffee and tea
    85. thrift stores
    86. beautiful headscarves
    87. best friends

  8. Thank you for hosting this, what a great idea!
    I am thankful for:

    88.this wonderful blog!
    89.snow, but even more than that,
    90.a warm home!
    91.sheep & lambs
    92.pumpkin smoothies
    93.YHWH’s awesome love for us
    94. pencils & fiddles family
    100. Life!

  9. I’m thankful for:

    101 Salvation in the Lord
    102 My family
    103 My cats
    104 God’s word
    105 A good nights sleep
    106 A bouquet a flowers
    107 A coat for rain
    108 The smell of roses
    109 Chocolate
    110 A warm blanket
    111 Socks
    112 Friends
    113 Electricity
    114 Books
    115 Upbuilding movies
    116 A roof above my head
    117 Our car
    118 A table filled with bread
    119 Beautiful songs
    120 Laughter
    121 Warm Spring days
    122 A field full of flowers
    123 A healthy body
    124 Cheerful and encouraging blogs
    125 Hot cacao
    126 Band aid
    127 Lipbalm
    128 Snowflakes falling down
    129 Sun shining through trees
    130 Washingmachine
    131 Christian magazines
    132 The gift of life
    133 A Mom and Dad
    134 Raindrops on crops
    135 A clean house
    136 My phone
    137 My teddybear
    138 A sewingmachine
    139 Warm mittens
    140 Love

    And many more!!

  10. I am thankful for:
    141. my salvation
    142. Yah’s Word
    143. my Brother/Messiah, Yahshua
    144. my wonderful husband
    145. our children and grandchildren
    146. our congregation and its leader, Bruce
    147. all of YHVH’s many blessings
    148. wonderful sisters and brothers in Messiah
    149. our home

  11. I am thankful for :
    150.My family
    151.My friends
    152.My neighbors
    153.Good books
    154.Great web-sites like Radical Femininity
    156.Italian food


  12. Here are some things I’m thankful for (some of the things aren’t in order of importance:)

    158. My family
    159. loving friends
    160. my awesome God
    161. my Savior
    162. the Bible
    163. babies/children
    164. good music
    165. my dogs, kitten, and horse
    166. laughter
    167. tears
    168. struggles
    169. victories
    170. prayer
    171. beautiful notebooks
    172. warm winter beverages
    173. people that make me smile
    174. living in the south
    175. the ability to cook
    176. warm and cozy throws/blankets
    177. a warm home
    178. good books
    179. encouraging movies
    180. jokes, and a sense of humor
    181. warm coats
    182. tenderhearted people
    183. the ability to travel
    184. smiles
    185. the priceless gift of life
    186. yummy food
    187. beauty
    188. letters from friends
    189. ice cream
    190. comfortable shoes
    191. a roof over my head
    192. salvation
    193. pizza and lasagna
    194. living on a farm
    195. my quiet time
    196. gardens
    197. flowers
    198. vehicles
    199. puppies
    200. my future

  13. I’m thankful for:

    201. Our Heavenly Father
    202. Our wonderful Savior
    203. The Bible
    204. My dear family
    205. Friends all over the world
    206. Girlfriends who are sisters by heart
    207. Little babies & children
    208. Quiet time & prayer
    209. Music
    210. Dancing
    211. Shabbat
    212. The Feast
    213. My dogs & puppies
    214. Our “new” 115 year old farm
    215. Horses to ride
    216. Neighbor’s cows in our pasture
    217. Fun rides on my brother’s 4 wheeler
    218. Beautiful creation
    219. Chilly weather
    220. Warm woodstoves
    221. Chocolate
    222. Coffee
    223. Ice-cream
    224. My nook in our girls bedroom
    225. Journals that bring back memories from the past
    226. For His mercy that is new every morning
    227. My pen-pals … both snail & email
    228. Lights & glitter
    229. My grandmothers
    230. The ability to travel
    231. Israel
    232. That I was able to go to our dear friends funeral for their miscarried baby and to see the love that everyone had for him … even though he never took a breath on this earth. It was so touching. (Ecclesiastes 7:2-3)
    233. For laughter
    234. For tears
    235. For the valleys and mountains in life
    236. Chanukah
    237. Hospitality
    238. The Bney Yosef National Shabbat meetings
    239. James Block’s music
    240. When our family has impromptu jam sessions
    241. A good nights rest
    242. The ocean
    243. Inspirational Christian movies
    244. For recipes
    245. Thanksgiving
    246. My computer
    247. Encouraging blogs
    248. Essential Oils (and a sister that knows more about them than I do;))
    249. Flowers
    250. “And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.'” 2 Corinthians 12:9

  14. 251. My loving Parents
    252. Our Lord Jesus Christ
    253. Food on the table
    254. All my sweet pen-pals
    255. Our new puppy
    256. All of our Freedoms
    257. Snow
    258. Rain
    259. All the beauty in God’s Creation
    260. My warm bed
    261. The freedom to worship God freely
    262. Sweets
    263. The ability to Ski
    264. Good health
    265. My brothers
    266. My Grandma’s
    267. Stickers
    268. Flowers
    269. The Bible
    270. Ice cream
    271. Modest clothing
    272. The piano
    273. Crafts
    274. The ability to cook
    275. A warm home
    276. Christian blogs
    277. Laughter
    278. All the different colors
    279. Christian Sisters
    280. Christian music singers

  15. So thankful this year. Too many to list but here are a few in no particular order…
    281. the orange stray cat that found it’s way into our lives and now is always by my side.
    282. the dress boots I have been hunting for that I found for $6!!!
    283. having my husband back home from business training for the holidays!
    285. homeschooling
    286. having my blog up and running again after a stressful move of it.
    287. Pumpkin pie and cool whip 🙂
    288. slippers to keep my toes nice and toasty during these cold months.
    289. living in an amazing neighborhood next to a wonderful neighbor who has willingly and freely given of her time to help tutor our 10 year old who has been struggling with reading. Did I say for FREE, yeah really, for FREE. So blessed.
    290. Planning travel for next month. Just the thought of knowing we will be surrounded by family in a few weeks is a blessing.
    291. Hubby has been pushed forward in the interview process for a promotion. Getting the promotion will help us as a family financially, but also allow us to financially afford to sponsor a child. So excited. 🙂
    292. a smaller house, so we have less to clean.
    293. technology to accomplish our homeschooling and blogging.
    294. friends who love to hand down clothes for our children.
    295. The warmth and joy that only God can give! Thank you God 🙂

  16. I am thankful for:
    296. Family
    297. Friends
    298. Neighbors
    299. Religious Freedom
    300. Vanilla Sweets
    301. Chicken
    302. Good Books

  17. I am thankful for:
    303. Family
    304. Friends
    305. Neighbors
    306. Good Books
    307. Soup
    308. My Late Maternal Grandmother’s stuffing recipe.

  18. I am thankful for …

    309. Remembering to do this before it was too late!
    310. The fact that our website dashboard currently isn’t working and I’m unable to approve some comments that people have left (we’re supposed to give thanks in everything, right?!)
    311. The fact that I can hope the website dashboard will be running properly again soon without a lot of headache.
    312. A Heavenly Father who loved me so much that He sent His only Son to live, die and rise again that I might have eternal life.
    313. My wonderful parents who haven’t been afraid to go against the grain in raising us children to live with purpose for the kingdom.
    314. My father, who works hard to support his family and protects us in so many ways.
    315. My mother, who dedicates her time to running this house and teaching us children, not just academics but life skills and valuable knowledge.
    316. My six siblings (and the seventh one who never breathed outside the womb)
    317. Tommy, who works hard and doesn’t give up easy when things get tough.
    318. Ruthie, such a diligent worker who helps keep the home running smoothly.
    319. Sarah, who has the ability to help me out with business stuff – we are very alike.
    320. Abigail, who tries to cheer people up and keep a positive atmosphere.
    321. Samuel, who has an incredible sense of humor and keeps us all laughing, and who is always willing to help out wherever is needed.
    322. Lydia, our sweet baby of the family who has such a love for learning new things and so much creativit to expend.
    323. The laughter that fills our home.
    324. Friends who are as close as family.
    325. Being able to spend four weeks in Israel this year.
    326. Our new/old house and farm.
    327. Not being hurt too seriously when my horse threw me today.
    328. Essential oils that provide relief and healing from pain.
    329. My little Lab puppy with a broken leg, and that it’s healing well.
    330. The wool mattress pad and comforter that make up my bed, and that I could get them for about $70/each when the price is normally $200 to $300/each.
    331. Our girl’s new bedroom and that it is SO roomy.
    332. Candles on my desk.
    333. Pumpkin spice bread made with almond flour.
    334. Coffee.
    335. Being able to publish Shining Stars Magazine
    336. Technology – my phone and computer.
    337. Hay fields
    338. Raindrops
    339. Blogging here at Radical Femininity.
    340. Faith
    341. Being tired and ready for bed (seriously y’all! Some people can’t sleep well!)
    342. Sewing machines
    343. Lilla Rose flexi clips.
    344. The many encouraging blogs and bloggers I’ve discovered.
    345. And no, I won’t forget … chocolate! 😉

  19. 346. I am thankful for Hannah …
    347. as well as the rest of the children …
    348. along with my bride.
    349. I am thankful that the Father has given our family some unique ways to reach out to others and share His goodness. In turn, we have met some rather “unique” people.

  20. Is thankful for….
    350 My Lord and Saviour-where would I be without him????
    351The Bible-a daily reminder of Gods love!
    352Olivia Braniger- My Best Friend who lives in Missouri!
    353 Abigail Washburnshe brightens up my day!
    354My job- the Lord has saw fit to trust me with his money
    355My Health-i am able to walk to say the least!
    356Java Chip Frappachinos- great for any girl undergoing stress
    357My Bedroom-a chance to express my creativity!
    358My Siblings-who else would I be without them?
    359My Church Family-they bring joy in my life!
    360My Home-it’s warm!

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