Bright Whites, Blues and Yellows

Hey everybody!

I hope you’re having a blessed day and enjoying the weather!  Here in middle Tennessee everything is getting so beautiful … fall is definitely my favorite time of year!  There are SO many reasons why it’s such a wonderful time …  beautiful colors, apple cider, chilly weather, cozy fires, more family time, falling leaves, yummy fall-time treats and drinks, harvest blessings, perfect running weather … the list could go on and on!  And above all, it’s such a good time to stop and take a moment to say “thank you!” for all we’ve been blessed with throughout the year.

Today I’m sharing an outfit from Ruthie!  I know this outfit doesn’t exactly fit with this time of year, with its bright blue and yellow colors that make you want to go swimming.  These pictures were taken a couple months ago but as you can see, time kinda got away from us 🙂  Anyway, this adds a nice pop of color to the gray, rainy days we’ve had lately!


I really like how bright and fun the skirt is … who doesn’t like blue and yellow together???!  She actually made the skirt by using leftover scraps from Hannah’s Blue Skies and Sunshine outfit!  She has a sewing business and makes really nice clothing – you can check out her website here.


I don’t know how this little guy ended up in the pictures, but he’s just so cute!  He was from one of our Labrador litters – we have a family business raising puppies.


The top actually used to be mine, but I can’t remember where it came from … probably a blessing from a friend!  I’m not sure where she got her tank top from either … probably a hand-me-down 🙂 She is wearing a Sunshine Lurex tichel from Hannah’s Headcoverings and a Lilla Rose Hues of Blue headband.



With lots of love and blessings ~ Abigail

5 thoughts on “Bright Whites, Blues and Yellows

  1. How cool and breezy the outfit looks! I love the colors, too. Fall is my favorite time of year, also, and for many of the same reasons you mentioned. I love this blog!

  2. Oh! That’s so pretty and cheery! I love the fall weather too! I’m so thankful that Yahweh gives us different seasons in the year. They’re each beautiful in their own way, although there’s times when I feel like I could just skip winter! 😉

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