A Few More Elsie’s – Reviewing Books 17-20!

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I hope y’all are all doing well.  I am thrilled to be able to write another review of these Elsie books.  Today we are reviewing books 17 through 20.  I hope you enjoy!

602792Book 17 is called Elsie’s Vacation.  In this book, while Max adjusts to life at the Navel Academy, his family continues their journey on the Dolphin.  They explore Philadelphia and other historical sites.  When they arrive home, they learn that Grandma Elsie is ill and is going to have surgery.  Grandma Elsie and her family put their trust in God to help them endure the hardship and uncertainty of her future.  Although Grandma Elsie is anxious, she is secure in the knowledge that God will work out her good plan for her.  To aid in her recovery, Grandma Elsie chooses to recuperate at Viamede.  The Dinsmores, Raymonds, and Travillas join her there and they all enjoy a beautiful season in the South

602800Book 18 is called Elsie At Viamede.  As the Dinsmores, Travillas and Raymonds continue their stay at Viamede, Grandma Elsie regains her health.  The entire family enjoys the outdoor pleasures of winter in the South.  Captain Raymond tells everyone of the Navel and Military history of New Orleans and Louisiana, as well as the story behind the National Anthem.  This book had a lot of interesting history lessons in it which was very good for children’s schooling!  The entire family enjoys a festive gathering at Cousin Betty Johnson’s wedding in the North.  As the Raymonds return to Woodburn, they stop to visit Max in the Navel Academy in Annapolis.

602810Book 19 is called Elsie at Ion.  Elsie and Cousin Ronald discover a long lost cousin, Marian McAlpine and helped to rescue her from Mormons who were trying to force her to marry someone she didn’t want to.  Harold and Herbert Travilla graduate from Princeton and begin their medical apprenticeship with their Cousin Arthur.  Edward, Zoe, the twins and Herbert nearly escape being crushed by a falling tree.  They learn about trusting in YHWH’s protective care.  Long-time bachelors Calhoun and Arthur Conley both find brides.  After Max Raymond visits home from the Navel Academy, the family enjoys another get together at the shores and Cousin Arthur saves a family friend from drowning.

602826Book 20 is called Elsie at the World’s Fair.  The Dinsmores, Travillas, Raymonds, and other friends and family attend the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.  Commemorating the 400th anniversary and discovery of America, the exposition is complete with replicas of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, the battleship of Illinois, and re-creations of villages and cities around the world.  The traveling party enjoys several weeks of visiting the Fair and touring the many exhibits and amusements – including the Ferris Wheel.  Suitors pursue Rosie and Lulu, and Cousin Ronald proposes to Annis Keith.  The happy couple is married in a lovely ceremony on board the Dolphin.

I must go now. I hope you have a blessed day, and as always would LOVE to hear what you have to say!

4 thoughts on “A Few More Elsie’s – Reviewing Books 17-20!

  1. You do such a good job reviewing these books, Lydia. Thanks for sharing! I remember reading a book years ago that was themed around the Chicago Fair. Wouldn’t it have been exciting to be there? 🙂 <3

    1. Thanks Joy!
      I like to write and so I have been having a lovely time doing these reviews! From Martha Finley’s description, the Chicago fair sounded like an amazing, exciting and lovely event! It would have been fun being there I think! Missing you and hoping to see you soon! Thanks again, have a blessed day!

  2. I have not read the Elsie Dinsmore books yet. My sister read them and said they are at times anti-Catholic. I do intend to read them in the future. Thank you for the reviews.

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