Linen and Orange Plaid

Hello Friends!

These pictures were taken last fall but since the days are starting to get chilly, I thought it is a good time to share.  It was a cold autumn day when my sister wanted to get these pictures!  I don’t think autumn days ought to be cold … but I guess we don’t have much control over that!  I had to smile between chattering teeth 🙂


This is one of my favorite outfits.  My sister got the top from a thrift store (I believe), but then I got it from her.  It is a Lewis brand and oh so comfortable!  I borrowed the salmon pink under-tee from a sister.  My skirt is Talbot brand and I paid $1.00 for it at a thrift store.


I really liked that the skirt was 100% linen … but I do not like the fact of how wrinkly it gets.  My shoes are Skechers and they were given to me by a friend.


The necklace I’m wearing is my sister’s … it was given to her by a friend.  By the way, in case you have not already realized, there are lots of blessings in having four sisters!  We share clothes all the time.  But, the earrings I bought from this Etsy shop.  I do not believe the lady carries this particular style of earrings anymore, but she has lots of nice ones.


As for my hair and headcovering … I put my hair in a Gibson Tuck and I used a tichel that I bought from Hannah’s Headcoverings.  You can see a tutorial for this style by clicking here.


Have a blessed day!

7 thoughts on “Linen and Orange Plaid

  1. Nice outfit Sarah!!!
    I love linen skirts as well!! I have quite a few linen skirts and dresses, as it’s a very comfortable fabric to wear but yes, it really wrinkles!!!

  2. Linen wrinkles are nice wrinkles. :o) Somehow. :o) Love the posts on this site and may you be blessed for the way you follow Yahweh.

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