Rosi’s Boutique Review and Giveaway


Five years ago, a friend of mine arranged a gift swap for different girls.  My swap partner was Rosi and after swapping our first gifts, we became pen-pals and then good friends.  Rosi has been a sweet encouragement and inspiration in my life!

A few weeks back she was restocking her shop (Rosi’s Boutique) and said she wanted to send me a headcovering.  Her offer was so sweet and I picked out one covering, along with two others that I purchased since the Feasts were just around the corner and I wanted something special to add to my collection of tichels 🙂

One of my brothers thought it was funny that I ordered headcoverings from Rosi, when I own a headcovering shop with my sister, but I explained that hers are a different kind, and I love variety (plus I like supporting other believers with home businesses)!

Since I LOVE sparkles, I ordered her Sparkly Pink Long Stretch Knit Headcovering and Sparkly Oceans Long Stretch Knit Headcovering.


One thing that I REALLY love about Rosi’s coverings is that they are convertible … you can wear them as a full covering, or you can wear them as a headband!  I do both 🙂


I asked Rosi if I could do a review for her products and she agreed and also offered to host a giveaway.  The winner gets a headcovering of her choice from Rosi’s Boutique!  But whether you are the winner or not, I would highly encourage you all to stop by her shop and make a purchase – she has many different colors available and her prices are so reasonable.  Also, feel free to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like a chance to win a headcovering from Rosi’s Boutique, enter through the rafflecopter below!

By the way, Lilla Rose is having a sale … they have just released some new items and they’re all 15% off!  The orange one, called Embrace, is my favorite!  Plus they are offering free shipping on any orders over $50.  You can click here to order.  And if you’re a new customer and you purchase three items, we will send you a fourth one for free – contact us for details.



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25 thoughts on “Rosi’s Boutique Review and Giveaway

  1. I love that they are convertible! I do not come from a family that practices head covering and I do not practice this on a regular basis so this would be perfect! I find that I am a better wife when I wear a covering but am not brave enough to take a stand in public.

  2. These are so pretty! I wear headcoverings for church but we just moved to a new place with a high Anabaptist population, so I’m looking for some bright headcoverings that are of a different sort than they wear (I normally wear pretty boring colors.)

  3. These look very beautiful to wear!!!
    I especially like the moss green, chocolate one and all the grays!!! They are beautiful, even if I don’t win them I sure will keep them in mind!!! They also look really comfortable to wear!

  4. They are so pretty. I make my own, but I would love to try one of Rosi’s.
    I wear headcoverings most of the time.

  5. No I have not used any of these products! But would love to try it! Thanks for hosting! I’m visiting you from Titus 2 Tuesday LinkUp, I’m right next to you!


  6. I have never tried her products but after looking at them and the affordable price I would love too! Visiting from titus 2 link up

  7. I have never used any of Rosi’s headcoverings but I love their simplicity and beauty . When my family started headcovering it was difficult to find headcoverings that covered your head and were beautiful and feminine at the same time. Rosi’s coverings seem to do both.

  8. I have never worn one of Rosi’s headcoverings, however, I have recently felt the desire to start and have been experimenting with various styles so winning this would be a blessing!

  9. I have never worn a Rosi’s covering, but they look lovely!! I am trying to find coverings that fit right on my head, and would love to have one of these to wear!!

  10. I haven’t used Rosi’s headcoverings. I don’t cover my head yet, largely because I’m not sure how logistically. I would love to have a properly made headcoving to try.

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