Elsie Dinsmore Review: Books 13-16

elsie 13-16

Hello there everyone,

I hope this finds you doing well!  And I hope you all enjoy this new post!  Today we are reviewing books 13 through 16.  These were some exciting books.  I always read the backs of the books to see what happened because I was so excited about reading them!

Book 13 is called Elsie’s Friends At Woodburn.  Elsie’s extended family enjoys a round of holiday calls, that ends in a party for everyone at Woodburn – the Raymond family’s  new home.  Lulu fully enjoys her roll as hostess to her young guests and learns some important lessons of Christian charity.  During the summer that follows, Lulu and Gracie are given two new ponies.  Elsie Leland and Violet Raymond both welcome new additions to their growing families … born just one day apart.  Captain Raymond however reinjures his ankle during a terrible fall from his horse.  The most panic filled moment of the season – a rattlesnake brings an abrupt end to Lulu’s surprise birthday party, but her quick thinking and bravery averts disaster.

Book 14 is called Christmas With Grandma Elsie.  *NOTE* While we do not believe in keeping Christmas, there are many other details about this book that I did enjoy reading, so I just skipped through it.  So, continuing, it was Grandma Elsie’s turn to host the family festivals at Ion, and soon sleigh rides, ice skating and snowball fights abound at the home place.  Cousin Ronald visits again and provides a welcome source of fun for everyone.  During this time, the importance of missionary work is impressed on everyone, young and old.  As a result, Harold and Herbert Travilla heed calls to full-time Christian ministry.  The New Year brought unwelcome visitors to Woodburn though when Lula is awakened by strange noises.  She creeps downstairs to find two burglars and locks them into the strong room where they were attempting to break into the family safe.  Max and Lula both learn important lessons about courage, humility and honesty.

Book 15 is called Elsie and the Raymonds.  Elsie celebrates her fiftieth birthday in health and beauty.  Family and friends gather together to express their love.  Edward and Zoe contribute the best birthday gifts however; the sweet twins Lily and Laurie.  Max and Lulu accompany Captain Raymond on a business trip to the West, where they commemorate the Fourth of July with a grand party, completed with fireworks.  Their business trip completed, the three Raymonds travel by train to join the rest of the family at the summer cottages by the sea shore.

Book 16 is called Elsie Yachting with the Raymonds.  On the way to join the rest of the family on the coast of Rhode Island, Max, Lulu and Captain Raymond tour West Point, Saratoga and other places of interest.  While at West Point, they met Elsie’s cousin Donald Keith and he joined them on their eastward trek.  As the summer stay at the beach concludes, the Captain invests in a yacht for the family to enjoy.  The Dolphin carries the Dismores, Travillas, Lelands and Raymonds up and down the East Coast as they witness naval experiences and explore Boston, Bunker Hill and other Revolutionary sites.  The final stop on their journey brings them to Annapolis Maryland where Max, like his father before him, enrolls in the Navel Academy.

I hope you enjoyed this … please let me know what you think about these fun books.  I would love to hear from you!  Have a blessed day!

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