Read The Bible In A Year – A Special Program!

bible in one year

I love the idea of reading through the Scriptures in one year.  Honestly, I love the idea of reading through the Bible several times in one year but unfortunately some of us have schedules that do not permit this.  But most people can dedicate at least 30-45 minutes of each day to Scripture reading.

There are many different programs and reading schedules available but I decided to create one that suited my preferences and schedule … and today I am sharing it with you!

Most of our readers who are familiar with the Hebraic roots of the faith are aware of the weekly Torah portions.  For anyone who is not aware of them, here is a little explanation:

“Torah” is the Hebrew term for the first five books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy).  Since before the time of our Messiah, the Jewish people have been reading through the Torah each year.  The books are divided into sections, a portion for each week, so that they can all be read in one year.  The cycle begins during Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) which is usually in September/October.

Ezra is traditionally credited with instituting this public reading of the Torah.  We hear of it in the New Testament when Yeshua (Jesus) told his listeners to do what the scribes and Pharisees said when they sat in Moses’ seat (Matthew 23:2,3).  We know from history that the term “Moses’ seat” referred to when the congregational leader would ascend the Bimah (elevated platform) to read from the Torah portion.  He would then come down to expound on the words and give his own interpretations.  So Yeshua’s instructions to His followers were to follow what they heard from the Torah, but not necessarily what the rabbinical leaders added to it.

We also know that the first-century believers practiced this reading cycle because in Acts 15, when the spiritual leaders listed the four things that the new believers from the Gentiles must practice in order to fellowship with the other believers, they added that this was because Moses is preached in the synagogue every Sabbath … in other words, the new believers were to start with the four things and would learn each week from the Torah portion what commandments they were to obey.

Personally, I like the idea of joining the millions of people who are reading through the Torah portions each week and try to do so whenever possible, so I knew that schedule was to form a part of my new reading program.  I then took the remaining 34 books in the Old Testament and calculated how-many-verses-there-are-divided-by-weeks-in-one-year, which is about 314 verses per week, and then split them into weekly portions.  I did the same thing with the New Testament books; they divide into about 144 verses per week.  Of course, some weeks have more verses and some weeks have less, but all are manageable portions to be read in one week.

My preference is definitely weekly portions over daily portions!  I have tried daily portions in the past but it seemed that if I missed a reading, I could never catch up!  With this program, I have listed the chapters to be accomplished within each week but it can be done at your own pace.  I used this method once before and enjoyed it very much, but I did not have the portions calculated evenly.  This time I spent quite some time with an online Bible program, a word document and two calculators … and have it portioned as equally as possible (without splitting up chapters!).

So without further ado, if any of you would like to use this reading schedule, you are more than welcome to it!  Just click on the PDF file below and it will take you to a page where you can download and/or print it.  I am definitely looking forward to going through it again and I’d love to hear if you plan to do it too!

9 thoughts on “Read The Bible In A Year – A Special Program!

  1. Hannah, thank you so much for sharing this schedule. I definitely want to join you this year! This approach to reading through the Scriptures looks a lot easier to me than what I’ve done in the past when I’ve read it straight through. It will be nice to have the Torah, Prophets, and Brit Chadashah combined each week. Todah Rabah! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment, Joy! I love having the three combined in the same week, just like you mentioned. In the past I would get a little tired or start to lose focus when reading certain passages (genealogies, for instance!) but this way you can read from totally different passages in the same week or even the same day. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Dear Hannah thanks for this. I am currently revisiting the first 5 books and the Torah portion is a great way of keeping the Word front of mind!

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful and informative post, Hannah. My dear husband faithfully reads the Bible through every year and it’s always a blessing and motivation to see him so devoted to the Lord and His Word.

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

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