Elsie Dinsmore Review – Books 9 Through 12

elsie 9-12

Hello there everyone!

I am so happy to be able to write another post about these wonderful books!  I have JUST finished reading all of them … books 1 to 28!  Since I have finished these books, I have been looking back over all of them and thinking of what I really enjoyed.

I enjoyed the history, fun stories, obedience of the children, kindness of the parents, the adventures, the quiet home life and how they had SO much to do with the Bible.  Also they are always interesting!  But now I will get started with the books.  Today we are talking about books 9 through 12.

Book 9 is called “Elsie New Relations.  In this book, as the summer draws to a close, Captain Raymond returns to the glorious sea life.  Mrs. Elsie gets accustomed to being ‘Grandma Elsie’ to Max, Lulu and Gracie.  Violet’s sister Elsie has her firstborn son Edward.  In the fall and winter months that follow Max, Lulu and Gracie each learn lessons of obedience and good character.  Soon spring arrives.  Violet gives birth to her first child, a daughter named Elsie, and Captain Raymond returns home safely to his family.  This book was pretty interesting!  I enjoyed it very much but I don’t think I could say that I didn’t like any of them! 🙂

Book 10 is called “Elsie at Nantucket”.  This book was one of my most favorites!!  They had so much going on and I really liked it.  In this book the Dinsmores, Travillas and Raymonds decide to spend the summer in cottages by the sea at Nantucket.  The journey was made in a yacht with Captain Raymond at the helm.  On the Island, they enjoyed the village of Sconset and explored several points of interest.  The children learned how to swim and the families enjoy beach walks, carriage drives and boat rides.  Lulu learned a frightening lesson of obedience when she was caught out in the storm far away from the cozy cottage.  And Zoe learns about trust in God to keep her husband safe.

Book 11’s name is “The two Elsie’s”.  While some of the families spend the summer at Nantucket, Lester and Elsie Leland are called to the bedside of Lester’s brother’s who was dying.  After he passed away, his only child Evelyn was left in their care.  Lulu and Evelyn become close friends and the four families decided to spend the winter at Viamede.  All the children are enrolled at Oakdale Academy as day students.  Lulu however gets in trouble when she strikes her teacher with a book, and her stubborn refusal to submit to Mr. Dinsmore’s authority is only eclipsed by the news that her father is lost at sea.

Book 12 is called “Elsie’s Kith and Kin”.  While the rest of the families winter at Viamede, Edward and Zoe tend to affairs at Ion and endure an unwelcomed guest.  Later on Edward gets injured in a train wreck and the rest of the families return from Viamede to be with them.  At sea, Captain Raymond receives news of a financial windfall and resigns from the navy to be at home with Violet and his children.  He arrives in time to learn that Lulu accidently injured her baby sister, in a fit of anger. The baby recovers and Lulu learns how much trouble an uncontrolled temper can be.  The Captain and Violet purchase Woodburn as their new home and settle down for the winter.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I would LOVE to hear what you think.  If you have questions I will try to answer them and if you have read the books, please tell me what you think about them!  Have a wonderful day.

7 thoughts on “Elsie Dinsmore Review – Books 9 Through 12

  1. Yay! Congratulations, Lydia. That’s quite the accomplishment to read so many books! It sounds like they teach some really good lessons. Hope you have a wonderful day too! 🙂

  2. Thanks Joy!
    I was sad when I finished them all but now I am reading ‘Ten P’s in a Pod’ which I really like! Thank you for giving it to me! Have a blessed day. Love ~ Lydia

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