Bright Spring/Summer Flair Skirts

Hello Ladies,

Here are those pictures of Lydia and Ruthie that I mentioned in my last post!  Our neighbor wanted Ruthie to sew her one of these skirts and since there was extra fabric, Ruthie and Lydia both got skirts as well.  Our neighbor picked out this beautiful combination of fabrics and Ruthie put them together!


Lydia wore a plain white short sleeve tee with this bright skirt; I believe it came from Target for just a couple dollars.


The scarf came from my grandmother who made one for each of us girls and Lydia wore a Clean Cotton tichel from Hannah’s Headcovering.  The earrings she is wearing also came from HFE Jewelry.


Now here is Ruthie in the adult’s version of this skirt.  These skirts are so bright and beautiful.


Ruthie wore a red short sleeve shirt with this skirt (I believe it came from the thrift store for $1) and a Sailor Blue tichel from Hannah’s Headcoverings.


Now ladies, if you have fallen in love with that skirt after seeing the pictures and feel like you need one as well for you or your daughter, Ruthie is able to make you one!  It does not have to be those colors though … Hannah has one that is pastel pink/flowers.  You get to choose the colors of your fabric!  Please visit Virginia Ann Sewing for more details.

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P.S. I just wanted to let you all know that it is the first part of the month again and there is a new Flexi out!  I’m trying to decide whether I love this clip or hate it!  Why???  Well, I love the colors and I think that it is really cute … but it reminds me of the awful lady bug season we have here in TN when ladybugs are on everything!  Haha … I think my first notion is going to give in and I think I love this clip!  If you love this clip, then don’t miss out on getting it, as it will only be available this month.  You can order it at:


22 thoughts on “Bright Spring/Summer Flair Skirts

  1. Hello Sarah , I just wanted to let you know that the link-up party of Wearing with Wisdom is now open ! I would love to have you share your beautiful and inspiring outfits . Thank you and blessings, Leticia from

    1. Yes … it really is! Another great thing about those skirts is, just about any color shirt matches with them!

  2. You did a splendid job on those beautiful skirts! Do you put elastic in the waist? With all the wonderful colors, you could wear a different shirt with it almost every day! So pretty! Love ya…Charlene

    1. Thank you for commenting Maria. It is a great skirt and I do believe it was very easy to make! Blessings.

  3. These skirts are absolutely darling and I love how fun and colorful they are 🙂 What girl {young or old} doens’t like to twirl in a pretty skirt…I know I still do 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Blessings!

    1. I know what you mean Stephanie! It is still fun to twirl in a pretty skirt … even if we are “older”:) Thanks for commenting! Blessings.

  4. What a lovely skirt. I have to wear solid dark colored shrits for work, I’d love to pair that with something so bright and cheery!

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