Elsie Dinsmore Review – Books 5 Through 8!

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Hello everyone,

I am so happy to be able to write some more about these fun Elsie books!  Last time I went through books 1 through 4 and told what they were about, this time I am going to share about books 5 through 8.

Book 5 is called ‘Elsie’s Motherhood’ – this was really one of the most fun and exciting books.  In this book, some friends teased Edward Jr. into firing a loaded pistol into the woods and it so happened that his father was riding by in the woods and the bullet grazed his head but he was not severely injured.  A Scottish cousin came to visit Elsie and Edward and brings a special talent with him!  Also, in this area where they lived, there were a lot of Ku Klux Klan raids going on which was very sad.

Book 6 is called ‘Elsie’s Children’.  This book was so very interesting, I sometimes did not want to put it down!  The Travillas spent the winter at Viamede were Elsie was born.  The next child was born there and her name was Lily.  Edward and his family go back to their home in the spring but Elsie and the children spend a nice summer with her childhood friend Lucy and her children. Violet is burdened with a very troublesome secret.  Young  Elsie blossoms under a true love but there is sorrow is in the house when the good shepherd gathered Lily in His arms despite all the efforts to save her life.

The next book is called ‘Elsie’s Widowhood’.  One of the girls who left a comment on the last post said that these books are educational without being preachy, captivating and will make you weep. The last word is fitting for book 7, when Elsie’s husband dies.  Of course we all know these are not real people but you think it has happened to someone, so it was often hard to read this book.  Elsie finds comfort in her father Mr. Dismore but even more in her Heavenly Father.  It is hard to not have Edward her husband and their father on earth but they can hardly wait till they meet him again in the land were there is no crying, mouning or weeping.  Also, her daughter Elsie is saddened that her beloved Lester must go to Italy to study art.

Book 8, called Grandmother Elsie, was so exciting.  When Elsie hears that her beloved Lester has typhoid fever overseas, she and her brother Edward embark for Italy to nurse him back to health. As Lester slowly recovers the two are married in Italy.  Young Elsie wanted her mother to be at her wedding very much but that did not happen.  On the return trip to America, Edward falls in love with a girl named Zoe but does not say anything till Zoe’s father was on his deathbed and Zoe would be left then without father, mother or any friend beside Edward.  So Zoe’s father sees them married before he dies.  At home, a widower named Captain Raymond, who has 3 children, courts and wins the love of Violet.  Elsie and her children and their families spend a happy summer at the shore.

I look forward to sharing about the next books soon!

4 thoughts on “Elsie Dinsmore Review – Books 5 Through 8!

  1. This review was really helpful to me, as my eldest daughter is 11, and she goes through books very quickly! We have not read any of the Elsie Dinsmore books, so I will be having a look at them now. Thank you for writing about them!

    1. Hello Gwen,
      I think your daughter will really like these books. I think 11 is a good age to read them, they are so fun! Thank you and have a nice day!

  2. I just love reaading your thoughts about these beautiful books. It brings back so many memories of when I was a young girl 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration, dear Lydia. May you have a blessed day! Hugs

  3. My oldest was probably about 11 when she read the whole series. Thanks for a great review.
    Enjoyed reading it as part of the #What to Read Wednesday link-up.

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