Pink, Blue, And Paisley – Using A Mini Dress Modestly

Hey Ladies,

Today I am sharing with you some outfit pictures from my sister Abigail!


She found this dress at a thrift store for around $8.  She already had the blue tee and since the dress was not as long as she preferred, she wore a long pink tiered skirt with it.  The light blue raindrop necklace was borrowed from Lydia.



She wore an original Flexi Clip that they no longer carry (I received it many years ago after winning a giveaway), along with a pink lace headcovering that I bought while in Israel last year.  She was also wearing a pair of my earrings from HFE Jewelry.  Remember me saying in the first post that it is nice having sister who share clothing? 🙂  I am not sure what we will do when we get married and live in separate houses 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post; next time we will be sharing pictures of Ruthie and Lydia in matching skirts that Ruthie sewed!  Stay tuned to see those fun spring/summer skirts!

10 thoughts on “Pink, Blue, And Paisley – Using A Mini Dress Modestly

  1. Really pretty !
    Very creative to take a dress that needs more length and add a skirt to it . It’s still so light and airy looking .
    great post ! I would love for you and your sisters to swing by on June 3rd at and share your cute and modest outfits on Wearing with Wisdom .
    blessings ,

    1. Thank you for your comment! Abigail is great at being creative and I also like how light and airy this outfit looks! Sometimes I ask Abigail if she will shop for me as she is always finding cute outfits:) Thank you for your invitation and have a blessed day.

  2. I love these blogs!! I found a really cute denim skirt at a thrift shop, but it was too short. Next to it on the rack was a really cute short skirt that matched the denim, but was cotton. I bought both of them and a friend who is a seamstress sewed the cotton skirt onto the denim one to make one long one! It worked fine. I love the idea of wearing another skirt under one that is short, too. What a clever idea! I found a pretty dress at a yard sale that is too snug for me across the chest. I think I’ll cut off the bodice, put elastic in for a waistband and make a skirt of it. I think Father blesses us when we want to dress modestly but don’t have much money. I actually prefer getting my clothes second-hand. Let someone else pay full price, wear it gently and give it to a thrift shop for me to find! I love it!!

    1. Oh … your denim skirt sounds SO cute! I have seen this done before and it is so creative. The only thing you have to be careful for when layering is that your layers go together comfortably and are not so thick that they make everything look bunchy! Being able to adjust clothing is a wonderful talent as well. I have found things in the past that I REALLY like, but they might not fit correctly. So, just a little adjusting … and then it works!!! Thank you for commenting Miss Charlene! Blessings.

  3. I love the fact that Abigail used the dress she loved and made it modest. And she looks so cute. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Raising Homemakers Link Up.

  4. I’ve worn a dress over a dress for winter but never thought to wear a dress over a skirt! I only wear dresses and since my weight gain after my baby many of my dresses are SO short on me now. I don’t mind showing a little leg but not THAT much!! LOL! Now I know what to do to help me get back into my old wardrobe!!

    1. Hello Hollie, thank you for commenting and I’m so glad we could inspire you! Have a blessed weekend!

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