Women In Need Of Prayer

Shalom y’all,

This is Annie writing.  I would like to bring something to your attention that I hope you will prayerfully consider.  YHWH has allowed me the blessing of meeting with the female inmates in the local jail, once a week.  It has been an awesome opportunity to get to know these ladies and spend sweet times of fellowship with them.

Each week when I go into their cell, I write down the names of any new ladies and I also write down the names of their children, if they have any.  When I get home, I make an index card of this information and hang it by our table so we can pray for these ladies and their families throughout the week.  This blesses them greatly and they are truly thankful.

This is what I am seeking help for.  Would you be willing to pray for an individual lady and her family on a regular basis?  Please do not volunteer unless you can truly commit to spending time doing this.  These are real people with real and difficult situations.  Once they leave the jail, they often have nowhere to go except to the same setting they left … broken homes, alcoholic and drug-dependent family members, no jobs, no cars, etc.  It is truly a vicious cycle.  And sadly, there are more “men” waiting to help these ladies out, rather than followers of Messiah.

If you are able to commit to praying for one or two of these ladies, please comment or email us and I will give you a list of the ladies with a brief description.  You pray about which one you would like to lift up to the Father and then let me know.  I will then keep track on the list of who has prayer coverage and who still needs it.

Thank you and shalom to your home.

17 thoughts on “Women In Need Of Prayer

  1. Annie, I felt I had to comment. I do not know you, nor you me. We do not share a ‘religion’, but undoubtedly share a faith. I found this post incredibly touching as I have a close family member facing some true challenges at the moment, and I could only imagine the impact of prayers from a gentle stranger on their life just now. Will you allow me to join in? Please feel free to email me. Mimi xxx

  2. Hi Annie!
    I would love to pray for one/some of these ladies! Please email me names and how I can pray specifically for them. Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. Dearest Annie, how my heart was blessed by this post! I was so encouraged to see your desire to bring women together through prayer – what a beautiful opportunity! There is power in prayer and I am praying that the Lord greatly blesses this endeavor and uses it to work in the hearts of many.

    Hugs to you! And I’m so glad you shared this with Roses of Inspiration.

    1. ​Thank you for your prayers, Stephanie. I have actually had very little response to my post and am in need of more ladies willing to commit to pray for the ladies and their families, so hopefully they will contact us soon.

  4. This is such a great and beautiful thing to do! We are together to pray for the need of others… we are called to do that! I’m here if you need help.

    I’m visiting from Monday Musings Link up. Now following you! Blessings,

    Tayrina from TGAwrites

  5. Hi Annie! I just read your reply to the comment I left last week. I would love to be apart of this and pray for a specific woman. Also, I would be honored to mention this on my blog if that is okay with you…. Please let me know, my dear 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you for your comment with the prayer! I do appreciate you considering the matter and giving a realistic response.

  6. Thank you for sharing your heart with us at Coffee and Conversation this week. I would consider it an honor to commit to pray for one of the ladies (and her family) that you’ve met. I look forward to hearing from you.


  7. I would love to pray for one of these women and her children. Please feel free to email me details. Also, would writing to her be an option? If you would be interested in writing a guest post on this topic for my blog (or even using this post), I would love to host you.

    1. Thank you Annie, I will send you the last update. You can pray for who you would like to cover in prayer, then let me know so I can mark them as “covered”.
      Yes, you can definitely write them. I may not know the last name of the particular lady you pick, but I can find it out and give you the info you need to write her.
      It would be great if you hosted this on your blog, I am always praying for women to pray, since the inmate numbers continue to be added. I would love for each woman to be covered…..especially when she gets out, since that is the hardest time for her to hold on to what she may be learning from our bible times. And of course, there are those who do not want a relationship with Messiah, but my hope is that one day they will, and maybe the prayers of the sisters can be of help for that day!

  8. What a beautiful ministry! My son is a jailor in our county jail here and I hear stories every day that make my heart hurt for those who don’t know Him. Thank you for your willingness to accept this calling. I would love to add these women to my prayer list. Feel free to email me any helpful information about this. I’m happy to have found you on the Grace and Truth link up. 🙂

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