How Do You Keep It All Together?

How Do You Keep It All Together?

How did you “keep it all together” with a bunch of little ones?  I have 3 and am expecting number 4.  It’s so hard!  I want to be that joyful mother but I’m more of a frazzled mother.

Shalom Chana,

This is an excellent question and yes you are right, it is hard … but you can do it.  Since I do not know you and your family personally, I am unaware of your family dynamics so I will answer this question “generally” and hopefully my answer will help.

To have peace in the home and “keep it all together”, the children need to have peace and the only way this is accomplished is revealed in the following proverb: “Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.” – Proverbs 29:17

The best book my husband and I ever read on the subject of how to raise our children is What the Bible Says About Child Training by Richard Fugate.  There are many books out there on the subject of raising children but this one gives you such a good foundation and explanation of how to apply Biblical directives, that when followed, your children have peace and in turn you have rest.

If you are already aware of the blessing of properly raising your children, then the next thing to do is to put it all into perspective.  Organization and thinking ahead helps tremendously.  We all need good food and restful sleep.  A clean house and clean clothes help us to relax.  How to accomplish these things with your family takes thinking ahead and prayer.

Each family has different things going on in their life and therefore planning ahead and scheduling can look different for each family.  Do you have a lot of company?  Do you leave your home much to go shopping or visiting?  Do you travel as a family?  Does your husband work a regular schedule or does his schedule change depending on what he is doing?  As much as you can, have a “routine” and a schedule but it needs to be one that works for your family.

How Do You Keep It All Together?

If you have too much going on, it may be that you and your husband need to decide what needs to be removed from your lives to alleviate some of the “frazzle”.  Sometimes, it just comes down to needing to pray for direction in what to do next.  There are times that our family has so much going on and I have so many things pulling for my attention, there is no way to accomplish the “need to do” list.  At those times, I ask the Father, “What do I do and what do I let go?” Sometimes, we make our lists without prayer and we add to our load something the Father hasn’t put there.  Work with Him and the work is doable.

In closing, I want to share something I saw recently that was an amazing sight.  An obviously pregnant mother was holding a toddler, while she held the hand of 3 year old.  By her dress and manner, it was apparent she was a believer.  The young woman was walking at a very slow pace so the young’un she was leading could keep up.  She looked like such a beautiful, strong, healthy woman and the thought came to me how rarely you get to see a sight like this.  Often in advertising or other places, young women like this would be seen walking a fast pace with clothing suited for the office, or dressed up in a  sports-type suit running a race or doing some other sporty activity.  But never in these “pictures” have I seen such a look of joy on the woman’s face as on the face of that young mother … who was walking at an incredibly slow pace.

Yes, you are doing hard work right now that often goes against things you may rather be doing (like walking faster) but it is a good work.  May the heavenly Father help you as you seek to glorify Him.

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8 thoughts on “How Do You Keep It All Together?

  1. Thank you so much for this reply Annie! We are striving to train our children in the way they should go, and it does make a huge difference in how things are around the home. You are so right it is a good work and I can do it with His help!

  2. Beautifully and wisely written! This is a great reminder and advice to anyone!

    What struck at my heart was the illustration of the young mother and how she walked slowly for her toddler to keep up. I worked full-time outside the home while my son was a baby/toddler/preschooler and I cannot count how many times I probably told him to “hurry up” because I felt like I could not slow down. (LOL, he is 15 now and all legs and I have trouble keeping up with him!!!)

    I am going to print this post out because I need to reminded that we should always be in prayer about what the Father wants us to accomplish in our daily activities.

  3. Wonderful advice! I am very organized and I think I’m a lot less frazzled because of it. A day without a schedule or list usually feels hectic and scattered. I also find much contentment when I slow down… that’s for sure.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  4. ​Thank you ladies for your kind comments. May YHWH help us all to spend His time wisely as we build His kingdom! Shalom, Annie

  5. Oh Annie, this was such a delightful post 🙂 The Lord has blessed my husband and I with one child at the moment and even though I don’t have several children to look after there are still days when things can get pretty busy and hectic. Your words were a breath of fresh air. I love a clean and organized home and I agree that keeping the home like that really makes a difference.

    Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. May you have a beautiful day!

  6. Good morning! This post has been *featured* this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. We do hope to have you link up again this week. Happy Monday to you 🙂

  7. Thanks for the encouraging words to keep at it and with a realistic pace. I find myself praying the same prayer every day: “Lord help me to have the wisdom to know what to set my hands to today and let all else go.”
    Correcting and training our children takes up much of our time as well as simple daily duties. Sometimes there doesn’t feel like there’s much time for anything else. Sometimes it helps to journal, then we can see we do get special time to do special things, it’s just not all the time. Thanks again for a great post!

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