Happy Purim and A Family in Need

Hello Everyone!

Our family just finished celebrating the feast of Purim… a holiday that began about 25oo years ago after the Jewish people narrowly escaped a horrific massacre.  I do not have time to go into the details, but you can CLICK HERE to read an interesting post my sister Sarah did about what happened. Purim is celebrated with lots of special traditions varying from family to family and culture to culture.  One of the best traditions out there though, is giving gifts (read Esther 9:20-28)!  You can do this in so many ways like giving your parents a gift card for them to go on a date, buying a brother some Israeli Source Sandles, getting some wholesome books for a little sister who just can’t read too much, sending a package to friend, making a meal or even little things like painting or drawing a picture or writing a letter.  Just look around, pray about what you can give and then, get to work!

While we are on the topic of giving, I would like to bring a family to your attention.  The husband/father grew up here in the hills and hollers of Tennessee. He went overseas many years ago and learned the native language very well.  Upon discovering that there was only one translation of the Bible in the area (and it was not very accurate), he decided to do something about it.

T– married a beautiful girl overseas and I still remember them coming over to our house and K– (his wife) cooked sticky rice for us!  Ever heard of that?  If not, you have got to try it!


We children had such a fun time … you mean we are SUPPOSED to eat with our hands?!?!  Imagine our amusement when Samuel (a baby at the time) decided to eat “sticky grits” the next morning 🙂  It was quite the mess!

Anyway, I recently was reading an email from them and wanted to share part of it with you.

Pray for us, that God will continue to meet our needs.  Finances have been tight lately.  In fact, after 18 years on the field, last October was the first time we slipped into the red; we had to borrow $25 from our neighbors at the end of the month to keep the lights on.  We are trying to feed our family of twelve, stay involved in the lives of many more, and do projects on less than $2000 a month and it isn’t working.  We have had some supporting churches break up and dissolve, others have been thinned.  Plus, we’re feeling the dollar getting weaker and the increasing inflation as I’m sure you all have.

It gets better!  Currently my business visa needs renewal and two of our children’s passports have expired.  We are in need of updating our computers and repairing 3 printers, plus our refrigerator door has finally rusted off its hinges!  I’m just glad we are all healthy (thanks for praying!).  We aren’t discouraged; K– and I somehow find this all quite amusing and comical.  God’s been more than faithful to us for so long I can’t fathom being forsaken now.

The S– Family with friends/co-workers.

Our printing/ministry fund is printed away as well, which, looking back is quite exciting, but we don’t look back often since we aren’t headed in that direction ;-).  Proverbs and Bi-lingual John/Romans are in demand right now and we have other projects lined up waiting…

So, any help is much appreciated.  We could come back to the States and raise funds, but tickets themselves are frightfully expensive, and K– and I just don’t feel the time is right.  We have our momentum up at the moment and are encouraged.

Again, thank you for your prayer and support.  We are nothing without you!  In Christ, T– for the S– Family


Would you like to help them?  Maybe you have a few dollars … maybe you have a lot.  Nobody is begging but I would like you to be aware of this need.  Yes, our Father in Heaven is the one who provides but should we wait around until $100 bills start falling from the sky?  Or is this one way YOU can be His hands and feet?

If the Father puts it on your heart to help this family, whether it is a small gift or maybe even a regular donation, email me for an address.

5 thoughts on “Happy Purim and A Family in Need

  1. May I humbly direct your precious family to these writings put forth by a Bro in GA concerning aspects of Hebraic worship and their origins which may not always be scriptural.

    There are multiple posts. “consider of it, take advice, and speak your minds.”

    God bless you in Jesus name

    1. Shalom Ren, thank you for sharing this link. We can agree that there are certain aspects of Jewish tradition that have been adopted by believers which may have unBiblical origins. However the author of this article is very obviously at fault in his conclusions about the Hebraic Roots movement and the people who are involved in it. He also presents an incorrect understanding of the Scriptures and the role that the Torah should play in the life of believers in the Messiah.

      It seems very dangerous, almost blasphemous, to have a picture of various symbols that include Biblical things like the menorah, shofar, tzitzit, etc … things that YHWH commanded to be used in His place of worship … and to make a statement like this below it “There are signs, symbols, traditions, even the observance of specific holidays, that are Luciferian and are being embraced by Christians who are seeking a more authentic Christian faith and experience”. To say that those who keep the commandments that were given by our loving Heavenly Father are under Luciferian influence, and that people who have embraced the Hebrew Roots movement are in the snare of the devil … this is just dead wrong and there’s no other way to put it!

      It would take a long time to refute his message with Scripture and I think that doing that would not make any difference to him or those who believe what he is saying, not to mention that we do not have the time to address this right now. However I would encourage you to beware of the fallacies of his teachings and seek truth with prayer-led study of Scripture. I would be happy to forward you a study that our family has been going through … it is titled “Grace, Holiness and the Pharisaic Church” and is a Biblical study of how the Torah should play into our lives as believers in the Messiah. While we may not agree 100% with everything that is put forth by the author, most of it is very sound, Biblically-based teaching and helps to show from the Scriptures what our responsibilities are in regards to the commandments. If you are interested, I would be happy to send it to you. Blessings to you and yours.

      1. Hello! I realize this is an older post but I am curious if I could perhaps have a link to that study you mentioned? Thank you!

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