Happy New Years And A Shining Stars Discount!

Happy New Years – almost!  Do you have any special plans for New Years Eve?  Any family traditions?  We normally don’t do much … a couple years ago I stayed up late enough to watch the ball drop, which happened to be 11pm our time, and then went to bed!  This year my younger brother is suggesting that we stay up until midnight watching Hopalong Cassidy … any other Hoppy fans out there? 🙂

Yesterday I wrote a post for Shining Stars about making New Years resolutions.  Since many of you do not always read both blogs, I decided to share it here too! 

We are nearing the end of 2014.  Does it seem to have gone by very quickly for you?  It seems that time goes faster as you get older … I am not sure why that is!  Any thoughts?

Many people like to talk about making resolutions for the new year.  Our family does not make a big deal about the new year since we believe the Biblical new year begins in the springtime, but the world in which we live recognizes January 1st as the beginning of a new year and I do like the thought of putting things into perspective, getting priorities straight, forming goals and accomplishing them, etc.  To think of 2015 as a blank slate and determine how we are going to fill out … that can be inspiring.

Or daunting!

you can read the rest on this post here!


We still have copies of the Shining Stars calendar available for sale and we are offering a 10% discount code to our Radical Femininity readers!  The discount can actually be applied to magazine subscription/sample orders as well as the calendar, so if you have been wanting to subscribe, this may be the perfect time to do it!  Use the code “radicalfem10” in your shopping cart to take 10% off any order.  This code expires January 14th.

Wishing you all a beautiful year filled with love, joy, peace and the goodness that only comes from the Father above!

10906003_1020185408008705_3384435568483143690_nP.S. The January flexi of the month will be available for purchase tomorrow … this is one of my new favorites 🙂  It is gorgeous!  You can order at: http://lillarose.biz/radicalfemininity.

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