How To Get The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle FREE!!

Update: The refer-a-friend special is now over and the bundle is on sale.  You can purchase yours by clicking here!


Last year I purchased one of the Homemaking Bundles … it was less than $30 and contained over 40 ebooks covering all sorts of topics, including healthy recipes, gardening, childcare, bath and body and so much more.  Plus I got free products from different companies.  I haven’t even been able to read through all of the ebooks!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is about to go on sale again!  For $29.97 you can get a whole bunch of ebooks, plus $200 worth of free products. This package is valued at over $1000!

But the best news is … you can get it for free!  Here’s how:

Click on this link and sign up to receive an email when the bundle goes on sale.  You will automatically get a “refer a friend” link.  Use that link to invite all your friends to sign up.

If one friend signs up, you can can get $5 off the bundle.


If five friends sign up, you can get a 12-week healthy living audio course for free.


If ten friends sign up, you can get the entire bundle FOR FREE!!


And the good news is, there’s no pressure to buy.  Your ten friends don’t have to purchase the bundle in order for you to get it free … they just have to sign up to receive the email about it. So what are you waiting for?!  Sign up today and start telling all your friends 🙂

P.S. The September flexi-of-the-month was just released a few hours ago and is available on the website now.  Love the colors!

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