The General Store – Connecting Like-minded Believers!

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Like-minded fellowship.

It is something for which most, if not all, of us yearn.  Many of us have been led by the Father to walk a path that looks a bit different than most people around us.  Many of us have left mainstream churches for various reasons and yet we desire to have fellowship.  Some of us are privileged to have it … but many of us feel alone.  I often hear from people statements like “we don’t have any fellowship”  “we don’t know anyone who believes like us”  “we sometimes feel like we’re the only ones out there”.

It shouldn’t be this way.  We are a part of the body of Messiah and the body can’t function properly when its members aren’t filling that role that they have been given.  And it’s hard to fill those roles when distance separates us!

A dear friend of ours likes to call our family “the general store”.  He says that one of our gifts is to connect people and it’s true … the Father has used us to bring together different people who have become close friends, as well as people who have been able to minister together.  We have even had the privilege of introducing several people to their spouses!

With that being said, we thought it might be a good idea to create a sort of network for people who are looking for local, like-minded Believers.  This is for people who are looking for fellowship, as well as those who have fellowship and would like to make it available to other in their area!  If this is something you’re interested in, please fill out the form at the link below.  Once you have provided your information, we will send you that of others in your area as it is submitted.

This is not just a pen pal list, or a directory of people from across the globe.  This is to be used specifically to provide information for people local to your area.  And when we use the term fellowship, we’re not necessarily referring to an organized, once-a-week worship service.  This can also be a way to connect with other believers informally as families, or as individuals.

Note: this information will not be publicized on the Internet!  It will only be provided to those in your area who contact us looking for like-minded fellowship.  Please also understand that we do not know all of these people personally and are not vouching for them or their character.  We ask you to use prayer and your own discretion when connecting with others!

The General Store – Connecting Like-minded Believers!

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